in which i am grateful

Los Angeles totally turned out for our show at Largo last night. I think the house was about 80% full, which is incredible for a show on a Tuesday, anywhere, but expecially in Hollywood.

We all had a great time, and the new material I did with Paul and Storm seemed to play as well as we hoped it would. Some of it will definitely make it into w00tstock 3.0.

A little earlier today, I was reflecting on the show, and I kept thinking about two things. One, how relieved I was when my set was finished. I didn't run too long, the audience seemed to enjoy all of it, and I had a lot of fun while I performed. The other thing, which is why I wanted to write this post in the first place, was how awesome the people are who come to see us perform. If you've ever come to a w00tstock, a Coulton show, or to a Paul and Storm show, I think you'll recognize what I'm talking about: the audience is always full of fun, relaxed, friendly, generally happy people, and the this atmosphere before, during, and after the show is incredibly positive and inclusive. I don't want to ever take for granted how lucky I am to have this kind of relationship with an audience, to work with friends I admire and adore, and I hope this never changes.

I'm so grateful to perform for audiences like these, and I'd like to believe that one of the reasons we get the same kind of people wherever we go is somehow related to the atmosphere we work hard to create and maintain. We work hard to give you a good show that respects the investment of time and money you've made, we want everyone to have a good time, and after tons of shows, I don't think we've ever attracted a statistically significant number of people who would qualify as not-awesome, let alone people who qualify as dicks. I'm really happy to be part of something that is so consistently positive. I also love seeing so many parents bring their teens and tweens to the show (and sorry about my foul mouth, guys; I am a little too in touch with my inner dirty pirate hooker.)

Though I am completely exhausted after every show, when we've signed the last poster and photobombed the last picture, I can't wait to do the next one. If our audiences weren't so awesome, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't feel that way, so thank you. 

tl;dr: Thank you for coming to our shows, and thank you for consistently being awesome audience members. Maybe it's silly to say it out loud, but I'm grateful for it, and it's important to me that you know that.

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  1. I was in the audience last night, and I can tell you, my two friends and I laughed until we cried. Your set was wonderful, and you really hit a balance between touching, meaningful, and hilarious. I don’t think we can ask for too much more than that. And Paul and Storm, well, they’re just genius, aren’t they? And then to have the two special guests you had just put it all over the top.
    So I guess all-in-all, well done! And thank you for all the effort all of you put in to making sure we had such a wonderful time.

  2. Also there last night. Laughed so hard I couldn’t breath for short periods of time.
    Probably my favorite line from last night:
    “Worf it up, Dorn!”

  3. Thank YOU for putting on such entertaining shows!
    Last night at dinner, I told the Jaroness that we were missing the @wilw vs. @paulandstorm show and she got angry. We’re just a couple of tenderfoot Orange County nerds, so the big scary city is big and scary, but that got us talking about the great experiences we’ve had at the two w00tstock 2.x shows we attended (SDCC with ninja Molly show, and Dr. Demento Halloween w/Chris Hardwick as Wil Wheaton).
    Even from the audience perspective, it’s exactly as you say: overwhelming positivity, inclusiveness, and happy celebration of sharing a few hours with other geeks and nerds enjoying the things that geeks and nerds enjoy. It’s an incredible vibe, and the Jaroness and I both found that we left each show with major life-affirming self-esteem boosts.
    So again, thank you (and [P] & [S] & Adam Savage, not to mention all the amazing performers and other attendees, and of course Dammit Liz) for consistently delivering the awesome.

  4. I was there last night as well and I had a fantastic time. The audience at your shows are always very friendly and very fond of you and Paul & Storm.
    There was a couple behind me where the guy was trying to explain the makeup of the crowd and what a ‘meme’ was to his female partner. She didn’t quite understand, but once the show started she laughed hysterically the entire show.
    I look forward to your next LA performance!

  5. It was so worth coming out to see you guys on such a lovely (no, really) March evening. I had the pleasure of sitting in front of Anne, and it was great hearing her laugh at everything, too. I figure this was all old hat to her, but she seemed genuinely amused and entertained throughout your part. You know you did well when your spouse still laughs at your jokes. By the end of “Lament” my cheeks were hurting from all the laughing I did. I wonder if anyone did a count of how many “‘…’ is my ‘…’ tribute/cover band” jokes you pulled off in one night?

  6. I wholeheartedly agree, Wil! It was tremendous fun and Yeshmin told me he had the time of his life. He’s never felt this way before. He swears it’s the truth, and he owes it all to you. And Paul. And Storm.
    Behind the scenes videos coming to YouTube tomorrow… ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Thanks dude, that was awesome! I hope Wil’s okay with you posting that. Living on the other side of the pond I don’t get to go to these shows, it was awesome to watch Wil and co. perform like that.
    Monsieur Wheaton, that was pure, undiluted awesomesauce.

  8. It’s your own darn fault for being awesome, Wheaton! That statement also includes all your co-performers.
    It is incredibly cool that you guys are just as excited about sharing your work as we are to witness it, and that type of enthusiasm creates a recursive feedback loop only matched in intensity by the “many Wheatons” shirt.

  9. Wil, when A Decent Guy such as yourself takes the time out to express genuine appreciation for his fans, that’s not silly at all. It just makes him All The More Awesome.
    Thank you.

  10. A hearty thanks to you, P & S and the guests for a great show. Having gone to Wootstock 2.0, I knew what I was in for, but my wife didn’t. I caught her wiping tears from her eyes at several points last night, so you guys just got another fan. There really is a connection that you guys have with the audience, and the energy just takes off. A fabulous evening, and the effort that you guys put in to create these works is well worth it to those of us privileged to see it. We absolutely love what you guys are doing, and will keep coming back for more.

  11. *sigh* I happily join the crowd of people begging you to come to the east coast, and what happens when you do? I forget. JoCo was in Ashville last week, and Id been looking forward to it since it was posted. The date snuck up on me and I wasn’t able to make it down. Stupid midterms.
    One day, I will actually be able to see you all live, and perhaps make some non-internet friends that I actually have stuff in common with.

  12. My hometown is near LA, alas my spring break was one week shy of allowing me to come to this show!
    I thoroughly enjoyed wootstock in San Fran last September; so please, come back to the Sacramento/San Francisco area!

  13. It’s not silly to say it out loud, Wil. I think that the fact that you don’t take it for granted, that you’re grateful for the specific opportunities that you’ve created in your career in recent year is one of the things that your fans love. If you were a dick, you couldn’t create what you do, whether that’s on the stage or on the page.

  14. Thank you very very much for posting that. (Hope it’s ok…) Up here in the frozen Canadian wasteland, I haven’t had a chance to see Wil’s work in person. The story was fantastic and brilliantly humorous. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Wil for the very entertaining reminisce. (BTW, wonderful Frakes impression!)

  15. I thought for sure that show would sell out instantly. I didn’t even try to think about going. :( Now I am sad. Next time…please tell me there will be a next time?

  16. William “Fucking” Shakespeare wrote dick jokes (interspersed with tragedy) for a living, and liked to share them, on stage, with like minds. Four hundred years later I’m teaching those dick jokes to teenagers, and getting paid for it.
    I hope, and frankly expect, that someone will say the same thing about you one day, Wil.

  17. Aw Wil, who can’t help but grin whilst reading this? Sounds like you’re having a lovely happy attack, wish I could be there but the commute from Australia is a bit of a bitch …

  18. If thou wouldst forgiveth thine intrusion…wouldst thou so kindly share what works of Sir Willie includeth said dicketh jokes? Studied many of thine plays in thine youth, didst I, but neverth dideth my Drama teacher explaineth such interesting parameters! :)

  19. You are funny! and nice, you are nice, Wil, which is awesome, even if you have some unwholesome connections to knitter with a hook.
    Come to Toronto (maybe? no? please!?)
    Today, in responce to one Yahoo news article, somebody named Zenon David left a funny comment, I wanted to share it with you, it is funny, (I think):
    “This just in: Japanese scientists have determined the Earth will crash into the Sun. It should not impact human health, and the heat levels should be about normal for the Sun. Exposure will be about the average daily amount of sunlight. Moving to the darker side of the Earth may become an option for children and pregnant women, but is by no means mandatory. Western media Sun experts concur with the Japanese findings, but have not found consensus on Bieber’s new haircut. President Obama has offered to inject 100 billion dollars into Wall Street Bankers’ accounts to help offset the possible loss of flat screen TV availability, and has said ‘going to war with Canada has not been ruled out.’ Bieber had no comment on Obama’s statements, but did hint at a stint on Dancing with the Stars.”

  20. Ah, thou art fortune’s fool! ‘Tis sad, indeed, but it shall be remedied!
    Some examples:
    Porter: …[alcohol] makes him stand to, and not stand to (Macbeth 2.3.30-31)
    Sampson: Me they shall feel while I am able to stand; and ’tis known I am a pretty piece of flesh.
    Gregory: …draw thy tool…
    Sampson: My naked weapon is out. (Romeo and Juliet 1.1.27-32)
    Juliet: What’s Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot, Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part Belonging to a man. (R&J 2.2.40-42)
    Romeo: Why, then is my pump well flowered.
    Mercutio: Well said! Follow me in this jest now till thou hast worn out thy pump (R&J 2.4.59-61)
    Peter: I saw no man use you at his pleasure; if I had, my weapon should quickly have been out. (R&J 2.4.150-151)
    Aye, ’tis what I had… in hand… there is far more lewdness within the leaves of this fine flower:
    Be-WARY! NSFW! :)

  21. Aye, but the pics shouldn’t be lewd, they should be arrrrrtistic!
    Btw, did you know what his inner dirty pirate hooker’s favourite dance is?

  22. The show was so great! The Scrabble story reminded me so much of my husband and I that we both nearly fell out of our seats laughing. My friend, Alex, was so excited to meet you that I thought he would pee his pants. He’s been a fan since he was a kid. Seeing him beaming when I took his picture with you just made my night. I just can’t get over how much joy you have brought to my life since January. I wish I had known about you before JoCo Cruise Crazy. Alas, I was raised by so-called “cool” people, and therefore tragically uncultured in the nerd world until late in my college years. I have a lot of catching up to do. You, Paul & Storm, JoCo and that entire group have been so welcoming. You really are the nicest, most down to earth famous people I could ever imagine. Thank you for being totally awesome!

  23. Please bring wootstock to the KC/St. Louis area!!! I can justify St. Louis, but much farther, my wife won’t let it fly! Please come, I’s will watch you’s!

  24. Many thanks, kind sir. Fortunes smile on me that I worketh from home. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Ah, I recall only one of these…but damn my prude of a teacher anyway for not discussing this aspect of Willie’s Works. However, what can I expect from a guy that yelled at a class full of teenagers who giggled when they saw boobs in Zeferelli’s R&J and also told us to avoid reading The Miller in Cantebury Tales at all costs. Like that stopped us anyway. ^_^

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