91 thoughts on “this is for @thebloggess”

  1. Came over from Bloggess and am following your blog now. Partly due to a love of all things geek, partly because I read your About page at almost the same time that “Zaphod’s just this guy, you know” came out of my TV due to the constant playing of the movie in this house. So cheers to you for being so awesomely dorky to post this pic so I could find your blog.

  2. You are now officially my favorite actor of all time. I say that in a ‘I admire your awesomeness’ way, not at all a scary stalker way.

  3. I do hope so. It would delight me. PS you have made something very special happen, you should be very proud of yourself. BUT I’m pretty sure Wil gets to demand a custom photo from you now!

  4. don’t know what’s the deal here, but the photo is awesome, it’s like Mona Lisa, kind of, the expression is priceless!

  5. what did that paper ever to do you?
    and did you get a picture of that?
    if you did, who took it?
    seriously, you let them watch?
    that’s worth some scratch on the internet, you know.
    i know this guy, in slovenistan.
    he’s what they call a paper pusher.
    it’s not entirely illegal, not everywhere, anyway.
    not as disreputable as a kansas tollbooth.

  6. …and with this pic she thee wed.
    You are now, Interwebs Hubby and Interwebs Wifey.
    You may now blog the bride.

    Looks like you just married two great blogs with one fell swoop. Thou art indeed Wheaton.

  7. Stop being so awesome! Actually, no, don’t. Stay awesome. First your Nerdist podcast appearance made me laugh so much I’m sure I looked crazy to other drivers, now you honor the Bloggess with a picture of you collating.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much praise for a pic of someone holding/collating paper.
    I could take a pic of myself doing the exact same thing…and I’d bet NOBODY would praise me.
    Oh to be famous.

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