shameless self promotion

It is said that an artist's works sell as well as the artist promotes them.

I struggle with this reality, because while it's simple and enjoyable for me to link to my wife's friend's store, or my friend's wife's Etsy shop, it feels weird and kind of gross to me when I promote my own stuff.

But I have a kid in college, and people frequently ask me where they can get my books and things, so it seems like a good idea to have a post I can point to (or reprint) from time to time that answers that question and pays his tuition.

So here you go, infrequent interrogator! Thanks in advance for your support.


Here's my virtual bookshelf.

Here's my author page at Amazon.

Here's my storefront at Lulu.

Kindle and eBooks



Most of these Jinx designs will be discontinued very soon, if you care about that sort of thing:

Other Neat Stuff

I think that's everything. Wow. It's kind of cool that I've had a hand in making so many things! I love that.

30 thoughts on “shameless self promotion”

  1. Thank you for the checklist – now I know what items to put on my Christmas list for my hubby – last yr I gave him links to several items on one website and he gotthem all plus he picked out a BAZINGA hoodie for me all on his own (yes he’s a keeper).
    Now, where’s the link for “The Complete Works of Me, Wil Wheaton (being an incomplete collection of the audio, video, and textual works of me, Wil Wheaton)”.

  2. Just to follow up with another question :
    Do you plan to follow up on Memories of the Future and/or Memories of the Futurecast?
    I do not expect you to give a date for a continuance, just hoping for something in the line of “I’d like to do that, if I get enough time after higher priorities have been taken care of” or “That is currently a closed chapter.”
    I understand that stuff like family, Eureka and other acting jobs, W00tstock and all your other creative projects take time, so this is just a post saying “I enjoyed the heck out of that, and would be very happy if there was more of it”.

  3. I for one am glad you posted this. I have the Criminal Minds audio whatever and love listening to it, and have been wondering where to find the audio versions of your other books, as I really enjoy your style and have a long commute. So thanks for getting over the awkward and self promoting!

  4. Hey Wil, I suggested this before on Twitter, but it would be great to pay one lump sum and get all of your ebooks in one shot. Maybe a “$30 and you get em all” type deal. I want to read your stuff and have read many items, but the purchases are all over the map and it would be very user-friendly to get them all in one purchase.

  5. Duuuuuude… totally forgot you were involved with Criminal Minds. I’m just now getting into that show (thank you, Netflix), and that just got me about 10x more excited to continue watching it. Odds are, I’m going to be picking up a copy of your production diary and lavishing it with my time in the very near future. :)
    I’ve long been trying to explain my affinity for your chosen projects to my girlfriend (as well as your own personal demeanor outside of your work), but she’s chalked it up to a non-transferable nerdcrush thus far. The armor started to chip away when you appeared on The Big Bang Theory (one of our favorite “watch it together” shows) not once, not twice, but THRICE… and now, your face will be popping up in yet another one of our shared indulgences (albeit posthumously, for lack of my brain’s ability to retrieve a better word that surely exists).
    Keep up the good work! 😀

  6. I wish they made a BAZINGA shirt that wasn't red, because red looks *terrible* on me, and I'd love to wear one, for the metalulz.

  7. eBooks.
    Send more eBooks.
    I bought Sunken Treasure immediately when you released it as a PDF on LuLu.
    I have now bought *all* of your Kindle books – including re-buying Sunken Treasure so I could have it on the go … and to support you.
    But I would like to read the rest of your book – but don’t do that whole ‘paper’ thing. Between the dead trees and the bulk, no thanks.
    So … send more eBooks.

  8. How weird is it that when I saw the domain name capablearts my brain converted it to catoblepas? Of course I immediately clicked on the link and was confused.

  9. Wow, I didn’t know you’d done some of those audiobooks. I’ll definitely have to pick up a couple. I enjoyed your reading on Just A Geek and Happiest Days Of Our Lives, so I know you’ll give a good read on the others.
    Cool to see that you co-read the Boneshaker audiobook. Shame it wasn’t just you (nothing against the other reader, I just prefer a single voice throughout). A friend sent me a copy of the book for christmas, and I’ll admit, having not heard of it, I wasn’t too charged up to read it, but seeing that people such as yourself and Cory Doctorow had given it a thumbs up, it bumped itself significantly up my reading list.
    I’ll also put The Android’s Dream as a must buy. Scalzi has been on my ‘to read’ list a long time (yes, I know, I’ve not read any of his work, shame fills me). This is a good reminder to me. Man, why do to read/watch/play/listen to piles never get any smaller?
    Anyway, useful post, and don’t be afraid to self-promote. Your work is great, and you’re not exactly forcing it down our throats. This was a useful post, and I hope it makes you many shiny rocks which I hear can be exchanged for goods and services.

  10. I know I may get nerd-tomatoes thrown at me, but whatever happened to Memories of the Future Volume 2? The first volume was delightful.

  11. Oh, hell; this isn’t “shameless self-promotion,” it’s just a list the stuff you have on the market. It isn’t any more “promoting” than a library card catalog.
    [Remember those? Yeah, I like the online versions better too, but the imagery wasn’t working.]

  12. If I were more popular I could be the captain of your “street team” and you wouldn’t have to feel like you were eating your own modesty AND you could sell your stuff! As it stands now I’m still happy to do the promotion for you but there are only so many copies of things my Mom and husband can buy…
    To that end I do not think it is bad or icky to say “here’s some stuff I worked on and I’m really proud of it so you should check it out!” (Also? I kind of miss the Cafepress store. It closed before I could buy a hat.) :)

  13. I’m glad you wrote this list, too. Now I get to cruise it and see what I’ve been missing!
    But I can completely understand why it felt so weird to write it, even if it does read like a card catalog and not a brochure. If you ever discover the cure for that nagging feeling that it’s somehow wrong to promote your own stuff, please let me know.

  14. Thanks for the list. Bought “Just a Geek” yesterday and finished reading it by end of lunch today. Helped by your prose that flows (sorry.. had to go for the rhyme there) and the evil traffic of doom yesterday that resulted in a 30 minute bus journey turning into a 2 hour one!
    For what it’s worth I’m still looking for the text editor in emacs.

  15. A) You have a rabid fanbase that whole heartedly support pretty much anything you do.
    B) This is Capitalist America so… get over it already – LOL
    I’m sure you get paid well for TV and Movies.
    What’s the diff?

  16. BTW…
    I know you said you havent been keeping up on it but they just turned off Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars across the United States.

  17. Plug away, Wil.
    I was just catching up on your blog entries after being out of town for a couple weeks and wanted to write you a thank you note. I like your blog, I’ve enjoyed watching the Guild (which I found out about in the first place through your blog), and I appreciate how you’re a big supporter of the nerd and gamer community. You’re a stand-up guy. Nothing wrong with asking for a little support back, and it’s stuff we’re interested in anyway.

  18. I know you are super busy, but I remember you saying you were working on Memories of the Future Part 2. Any idea when we may see it? I’m itching to read it and add it too my collection of wilw books.

  19. Will the Subterranean Press version of The Happiest Days go for a second printing? I wasn’t able to get a copy and I would like to. : ) Will Lulu maybe pick it up?

  20. Rather than a single blog post, you need a url for all things wil wheaton that may be purchased. I fear to say it here, but I’m thinking “”. Ok, nevermind, I grabbed it and pointed it to — speaking of which — that’s I’m talking about except for *everything* that you would get a slice of revenue from, not just books. Then you can link from your various places and watch the bucks roll in…

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