to boldly go where no clown sweater has gone before

Greetings from Vancouver, where the local hockey club is still in the playoffs, and the sky above our heads is the color of television, tuned to a dead channel (in 1980).

I am having a wonderful time on Eureka, keeping notes in my notebook so that I can write about the experience of making these episodes when they finally air, sometime just before the heat death of the universe.

My brother told me that the Endeavour crew made their own Star Trek poster, which is probably the most bad ass space shuttle poster ever.

He also told me that he felt like I should be there with them, on account of me being in Star Trek, so he made me this:


I win at having the best brother in the world.

29 thoughts on “to boldly go where no clown sweater has gone before”

  1. this is such a MEGA LOL! he could have made it cool, but no he took THAT pic! cant stop grinning.
    and ur right wil its a cool poster. with or without u in it.

  2. Speaking on behalf of Vancouver, we’re really sorry about the weather. FWIW, it’s supposed to not totally suck later this week.
    Actually, we’re just trying to make the rest of Canada hate us less. A team in the playoffs AND great weather would be rubbing it in.

  3. I officially get the dumb blond moment of the day because I looked at the pic and thought “weird, why is one of those astronauts wearing a red and white shirt…and why does he look like Wil Wheaton…oh wait a minute!” *wanders off to drink copious amounts of coffee*

  4. Awesome. Simply awesome! Thank you for bringing some much needed laughter to my semi-dreary workday. It is not supposed to be raining in Northern California in May! There’s got to be someone we can blame for this…

  5. Did anyone else go to the source article and read what gave him the idea to use the JJ Abrams Star Trek theme?
    “That movie came out basically the day we launched and we were fortunate to have that movie uplinked to us on orbit,” Feustel said. “I really liked the movie. I thought it was pretty neat.”

  6. Wil, you will soon be at the head of the picture.
    Almost done… your lottery ticket will soon enough be here.
    It’s always great to have a good family and hold true to your values!

  7. uhhh Wil, I hope that is a really old picture and you have not shaved off the awesome beard. perhaps I missed the memo about your shaving it off.
    You do have an awesome brother as he does too.
    oh, and I just bought Memories of the Future v1 on Kindle

  8. *Very* cool thing your brother did for you. Epic win, for sure.
    Enjoy your time on the Eureka set, and we look forward to reading your ‘notes’ in the future.
    Now, about GenCon ….

  9. Michael Fincke, the guy to the left of center, was on the final episode of Enterprise as an engineering officer. Greg Chamitoff, to the far right, is also a huge Trekkie. So yes, your brother is WAY cool `cause YOU SO BELONG THERE!

  10. Did you ever see a picture of something that made you laugh so hard you snort and things come out of your nose?
    This picture does that for me.
    And I’ll keep looking at it all day and laughing hysterically so that they might have to actually comitt me.
    Straigh jacket FTW!

  11. I think you’ll find that rather than the colour of a television tuned to a dead channel, the sky in Vancouver instead looks like this:
    “It rains a lot, up here; there are winter days when it doesn’t really get light at all, only a bright, indeterminate gray. But then there are days when it’s like they whip aside a curtain to flash you three minutes of sunlit, suspended mountain, the trademark at the start of God’s own movie.”
    (Opening lines of “The Winter Market”.)

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