Various things I want you to know

A few things before I forget:

1. Memories of the Future Volume 1 is available for your Kindle. It's also at, and It's temporarily out of the iBooks store, but I'll get that fixed in a few days. Hey, if you liked it, would you leave a review?

2. Yes, I'm working on Memories of the Future Volume 2 RIGHT NOW.

3. I don't know when Volume 2 will be out. I will likely have a preview of at least one episode from Volume 2 with me for my performance at Phoenix Comic Con.

4. I will be at Phoenix Comic Con in just a couple weeks. I'm doing a Eureka thing, and I'm doing a special STORYTIME WITH WIL WHEATON performance thing. I'm really excited about it. More on that later.

5. It was my great pleasure to perform John Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation for Audible. (Here's a sample! Yay!) It's recently been released, and is getting great reviews (both the book and my performance.) At Whatever, you can hear some of it, as well as the OMG AMAZING power ballad by Paul and Storm that John commissioned to celebrate the release of the book.

6. 100.3 The Sound is my new favorite radio station in Los Angeles, because it reminds me of the glory days of KMET. It delighted me to hear a drop on the air the other night that explicitly referenced the Mighty Met. I believe that you can tune in online, and suggest that you do, provided you enjoy that sort of thing.

7. Fear Itself is not disappointing me, even a little bit. In fact, I kind of love it. Same with Invincible Iron Man and Thor. The next time I see Fraction, I have to kiss him. It's going to be weird.

8. For some reason, I never really publicized my Tumblr. Well, here it is. I put shit there all the time that amuses and enrages me. So now you know.

9. I have decided that this list needs to go to eleven, because it's one more.

10. Logan Bonner introduced me to a really fun iOS game calle DungeonRaid. Because Logan decided to destroy my life by telling me about this game, I have decided to destroy yours. Pay it forward.

11. My belt, which has served me well for many years (holding up not only my pants, but many onions) finally cracked and broke in twain while I was at Legoland last week with some friends to see the Star Wars miniland stuff (more on that later, also too and like such as). I was thwarted in all my attempts to find a replacement belt, until I remembered yesterday that I have Fawkes' wardrobe in my closet, and Fawkes owns a pretty sweet belt. So I got it out, and for the near future, I'll be wearing Fawkes' belt. I say this as a warning to any gas tanks who think they're going to go ahead and tell me when to fill them.

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  1. Wish I knew what a Fawkes belt is. And wish I knew if Annie is still blogging. For some reason her initial blog on a bet flashed before my eyes yesterday. Is she out of the biz?

  2. Glad to hear that Memories volume 2 is in the works! My copy of volume one is so lonely. It has The Day After to keep it company on the bookshelf, but you know how it is….

  3. Little bit of heaven, 94.7, KMET, tweedle-ee. Listened pretty much the entire decade and never missed a Sunday with Dr Demento. Met him years later, but that’s another story…

  4. Hmmm, that Dungeon Raid looks kinda sorta like Puzzle Kingdom for Wii…may have to give that a try when the iPad gets here tomorrow…

  5. I know you have zero control over this, but I’m just so bummed that I’m telling you anyway. Sorry.
    I have a pass to go to PHX ComiCon for Saturday. While buying it I saw the special event line item for your StoryTime for Friday night. I was happy and filled with much glee. I thought “That would be awesome and I’m sure my friends would agree.” But, alas, I also have to have a pass for Friday in addition to the ticket for StoryTime. Total bummer moment. Money is not free flowing enough ’round here.
    So, yeah. Nothing you can do. Other than feel my bummed outness. *wafts bummed outness towards the west*

  6. LOL – reading others memories of their favorite radio stations caused me to stumble back down memory lane – our local station was WACI & yes they pronounced it Wacky

  7. A few responses to your few things:
    1) YAY! More Memories from the Future! Hopefully that means more Memories of the Futurecast before this decade is out! (please note that I am giving you the same amount of time that JFK gave NASA to land men on the moon. If NASA can do it, you can Wil!)
    2) Yes!!! Another John Scalzi audio book read by Wil and available on Audible, just when I got a new credit to use this week!!! It can keep my audio file of Agent to the Stars company. Love your read of ATTS, btw. Your Chicago “accent” cracks me up every time!
    3) Onions on your belt! *snort, snicker* That comment would almost make me think you are a Stephanie Miller listener who enjoyed the Grampy McCain clips.
    Travel safe to the wilds of Canada!

  8. Star Wars Legoland is one place i hope to visit soon. Would you happen to have taken pictures? I squee’d with delight when i visited Disney’s little Lego store with all the models they had built…

  9. You are always introducing me to new music or new places to hear music. Through futurecast I found some bands like Mike Doughty. You tweeted about Dead Can Dance on Pandora, through that I found ES Posthumus (give them a listen if you haven’t already).
    Quite awesome sir, keep them coming!

  10. Reading that Volume 2 is in the works made me do a little happy dance. Which made people look at me a little funny. Which you think I’d be used to.

  11. Does said belt have any magical powers? +1 Charisma? Made of Mithril, etc?
    Funny thing, I realized today that my current belt that I’ve had for more years than I can remember needs to be replaced. I made a goal to lose weight after the holidays…and now after shedding 30+ pounds even the last notch is not sufficient to hold up my britches properly. Of course I also took a closer look at it and realized it wasn’t even real leather (a very good fake)…so it will feel good to toss it in the trash. πŸ˜‰

  12. Yeah, thanks for tweeting about DungeonRaid earlier Wil… that’s hours and hours of my life I will never get back…. Although I’m not sure I mind, cause it is awesome! πŸ˜€
    I should be spending those hours doing productive things, I know… but hey, prioritize right.. and DR is pretty high up on the list right now πŸ˜›

  13. I was pretty neutral until I saw item #6.
    Are you becoming like Anakin Skywalker and turning to the “dark side”? It’s not about the music, but who owns the station. How could you support a radio station whose owners are anti-gay and helped pass Prop. 8? The station’s owners are Bonneville Broadcasting. And, Bonneville Broadcasting is owned by the LDS Church. It’s one of the many business entities the LDS Church owns, including 2 malls in Utah. Why do you think the station’s HD ‘sister’ is Mormon programming?
    I hope you’ll rethink your decision of station. I’m sure you can find one that plays music you like without taking away the rights of LGBT, many who are fans of yours.
    Here’s proof to what I said, as per WIKIPEDIA:

  14. Hmmm… I love John Scalzi and especially his books; I love Wil Wheaton and especially his everything; but I hate the stupid, matricopulative DRM that Audible slaps on all their books.
    Why must you torment me so, world?

  15. I can’t freaking wait for Memories of the Future Vol 2! Your first one was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Me and the hubster were laughing our collective asses off HARD while watching the episodes along at the same time. A great bonding experience, that was.
    Inquiring minds must know: Do you have Fawkes’ kilt in your closet too? Does it get worn out of character? πŸ˜‰

  16. 8. For some reason, I never really publicized my Tumblr. Well, here it is. I put shit there all the time that amuses and enrages me. So now you know.
    And knowing is half the battle!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist, Zanzibar made me do it.
    Also: MST3K post? EPIC. “Watch the hands Cal!” and as always WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES!

  17. Yah, I have all of Fawkes' clothes, including two kilts and the only two Axis of Anarchy T's that don't have branding on them anywhere.

  18. Hey Wil,
    I read Memories of the Futurecast on my Ipad and it was such a treat in many ways.
    First of all, TNG is what made me love Star Trek more than any other show. Even with those first rather weak episodes where the show and the cast had to find its place, I feel very nostalgic. I have read a lot about the series and I don’t dare mentioning how often I watched it. Your book has given the whole experience a new layer, humorous, heartfelt and just a description that I as a reader could identify with and feel connected to. You are right with many of the rather critical, yet amusing, insights you give but you don’t make it sound like you wanna diss the show. That is just great. And the background stories you tell from behind the scenes are a joy.
    To me, that book – and I soaked it in in two days – was a trip down memory lane with someone who loves Trek, someone who has experienced it and does not take the whole thing too serious. Plus, I am pretty much your age, so for me it is also a trip back to the days when I was young … er!
    Very much anticipating the next one!

  19. Ohhh, I see the next four weeks of my life swishing by in a haze of Dungeon Raiding. Thanks a LOT.
    I did this to a friend of mine about two months ago. I got obsessed with POCKET FROGS, I told my friend about the game, and then she posted on Facebook a few days later that she was addicted and that she hated me.

  20. Indeed, much of yesterday was consumed by Dungeon Raiding. I’ve been playing Pocket Frogs for quite some time, and was starting to look for a new game… Wil Wheaton, you’ve won… this time.
    (Also, yay for MotFV2!!!)

  21. To further connect The Sound to KMET, Jeff Gonzer was a DJ on The Sound for a bit, shortly after that started this format. Haven’t heard him on there in a while, though…

  22. Dungeon Raid is so catchy. I think it’ll cause nightmares like those we got in the days when we first got into Tetris.

  23. You mentioned Memories of the Future volume 2. Is there any chance that you’ll do any Memories of the Futurecasts when you finish writing it? T’would be awesome, sir.

  24. Yes. I had so much fun with the first series, doing it again is pretty much the primary motivation behind the construction of Volume Two.

  25. >5. Someone needs to take (part of) that preview and/or book and edit the line “Shut up, Wesley” in.
    To be clear: I don’t hate you reading a book to me, far from it even. It just seemed like a funny idea that I can’t execute πŸ˜€
    >11. Are you keeping the clothes so you can cosplay as the character? It would very likely be the best cosplay ever!

  26. Dear Wil,
    Most humbly may I ask if your Memories of the Future et all will be winding their way to the Nook?
    Sorry to be a pest if you answered this before, luv ya.

  27. Morgan,
    I’m not sure if this will make sense, but I can’t HELP but play this game. Even though it is insanely hard to level up and I keep getting killed. I repeatedly think, “If only I play one more round…”
    And so it keeps going, every free minute of my day.

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