EUREKA: Glimpse

Last night's Eureka, Glimpse, was my first episode as a non-enraged-by-the-enraginator-device Doctor Parrish. I had completely forgotten about Fargo's commercial for the Astraeus project at the top of the show; when I saw that, the excitement of shooting the entire season came flooding back to me all at once.

We filmed it so long ago, I don't remember much about it, but what I do recall, quite clearly, is how worried I was about finding the right "pitch" for Parrish's arrogance and irritation with everyone around him. He's supposed to be a guy you love to hate, a thorn in Fargo's side, and if he's just a straight out dick, I think we get tired of him really quickly.

The first scene I shot was actually at the beginning of the episode, in Café Diem, when I present the banana slugs to Fargo and Holly.* I was actually performing Parrish for the first time (remember, in All the Rage, he was only "normal" Parrish in two brief scenes before the enragenation enraginated), and I didn't really have a feel for his character beyond the notes I'd made in my script. Luckily for me, our producer Matt Hastings was on set that day, and I asked him to watch the choices I made during rehearsal. Matt assured me that I was portraying Parrish the way the writers and producers intended, and over the course of that day, I settled into him. Watching it last night, I saw a couple of moments I'd like to change, but that's just part of being an actor; I have to watch my performances with a critical eye, or I'll get lazy and stop learning.

Wasn't Felicia magnificent? I remember having so much fun with her and Neil when we shot the stuff in his office with Stan Lee**, but I had no idea that the three of us would grow so close over the next couple of months. I can't wait for Eureka viewers to see how the relationship among us develops in the weeks to come.

I also remember shooting the scene where Colin gets all that slug gel dumped on him. It was at the very end of a very long day, and none of us expected as much slug gel to come pouring out as we saw on TV. Erica and I were off camera for dialog, and I remember laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my face. He kept improvising lines like, "you — you're a bad, bad person" and "I … I thought we were friends," and [mournful sobbing]. By the time that take was over (and we only got one), the entire crew was laughing as hard as Erica and I were.

My favorite scene in this episode, though, is the scene with Carter and Parrish in the police station. Colin and I found this relationship between the two of them where he is patient and understanding, while Parrish thinks he is just a stupid hick who doesn't know a damn thing about anything. That relationship plays out in future episodes, and it's something I just loved discovering.

Did you notice that Parrish set aside his arrogance and irritation and tried to work with Fargo when it was clear that GD was about to get all explodey? If you blink, I think you'll miss it***, but it was an important, if subtle, character modulation for me. Parrish thinks he's the smartest guy in the room (and he's usually right), but even he knows that there's a time to set personal bullshit aside and stop the world from blowing up.

If you watched the show last night, I'd love to hear what you thought about it. I'll also do my best to answer any questions you have about it … and I hope you'll join me on #TeamParrish.

*For those wondering, the "slugs" were actually made out of figs and dates. You never really got to see them up close, but they looked totally gross, like they really were dried slugs. Parrish ate some in one scene that was cut, and they actually tasted pretty good.


*** Don't blink, you fools! The Angels have the phonebox!


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  1. Dude, that is EXACTLY what Parrish is doing. I decided that he has no respect for anyone who does LETHAL weapons, because anyone can make something to kill someone, but it takes a humane artist to make non-lethal weapons that can actually make people safer.

  2. Is it really a “phonebox” ? I thought it was a “police box” I like your blog. You can tell because I read it. Thanks for all the work creating and maintaining it.

  3. It was an awesome episode, indeed. By the way, I started watching Eureka because I read here that you’re appearing in the 4th season, so I was #TeamParrish even before he showed up 😉
    Please keep up those posts, we really appreciate them.

  4. I was really looking forward to the episode last night, but had to wait until after roller derby practice to watch. I got home late, but made sure to watch it on DVR before going to bed. Both you and Felicia were great! I’m sure it’s trite, but seeing “Don’t be a dick” Wil play a dick is always fun.
    I did catch the bit at the end when Parrish put aside his dickish ways to help out. I even got a hint of respect from Parrish when Fargo said he would go down with GD. I don’t know if that was intended, but that’s what I took away from the scene. Not enough respect for Parrish to stop being a dick to Fargo yet, but just a hint. :)
    Looking forward to many more!

  5. *** Don’t blink, you fools! The Angels have the phonebox!
    FOR THE WIN!!! perfect random reference, lol!
    Missed last night’s episode, but definitely watching it tonight! Can’t wait =)

  6. I liked the episode a lot and you did a very good job with the finite balance of Parrish’s ego and confidence factor.
    One of the things that few people realize is that with a lot of “Parrish like” people, is that the perceived arrogance is not actually on purpose. It is a LOT of confidence that they know what they are talking about mixed with the ego of being “the guy” for the job always. The two look like arrogance but it isn’t, and the way you know that is that when the s**t hits the fan the “arrogance” drops to get the job done.
    The fact you picked up on that subtlety and played that out makes you a very good actor and shows the depth you understand the character. Your knowledge of geeks serves you well.
    I look forward in watching you develop this character.

  7. I’m not quite on #TeamParrish yet because I have long affection for Fargo but I liked old random Fargo better than new mostly confident Fargo, the “masticate” bit cracked me up AND I just watched the preview of next week’s episode on the website and I think I might switch soon. :)
    I love how the writers/producers put in those little references that make us nerds happy while making them unimportant enough for the plot/scene so that the uninitiated aren’t confused. My favourite this time probably was the Pale Blue Dot reference.
    I wasn’t sure about Parrish in the first ep you were in because you have this strange tendency to smile underneath your glowering or condescending look. That smile looked a bit too nice. You improved on that, though.
    Oh, and I hope we’ll see some of Parrish’s non-lethal inventions soon.

  8. I love it! I hated Parrish in precisely the way that makes it so you want him to return so you can hate him some more. I think he balances Fargo pretty well, actually. Sort of reminds me of Rodney McKay, if you were a Stargate person.

  9. I just wanted to say that my crazy, busy geeky life needed a little down time so I turned on the TV and let it run through the end of Alphas.
    Then Eureka came on and in short order I looked up from other distractions to see Wil Wheaton on the screen. My reaction was just like running into a surprise appearance of an old friend in some local news broadcast; I was like, “Hey, it’s Wil!”
    I don’t watch much TV and don’t slavishly follow Wil on Twitter or Typepad, but running into someone whose writing I have really come to respect during random TV watching was a delight and a reminder that I enjoy the work of talented people.
    Glad to hear that you seem to have as much fun making the episodes as people do watching them.

  10. one thing i am curious about
    why is this a continuation of season 4, as it has a totally different overall arc?
    the other thing im curious about is how the security system at gd is incapable of detecting a foreign implant in the hawt doctor

  11. Ok I’ve been a sucker for Eureka since it’s debut, and last night was one of my favorite episodes by far. I forgot about the Stan Lee appearance even though I had known about it and I totally Squee’d. In fact at each commerical I squee’d. So great to see the geeks pervail! Your portrayal of Parish was excellent! You were smarmy and cocky without being hateable.

  12. I did not see the episode. My brother who got wore out on Sci-fi by my Type A/OCD fangirl self decades ago watched it though. I did not know he even knew how to find Syfy Channel. at any rate he came upstairs and said all excited like “Dude… you will never guess who I saw on Eureka.”
    ME: [big sister duh voice] “Dude,Wil Wheaton.”
    HIM: “Uh… [disappointment set in *]how did you know?”
    ME: “Uh… you watch Eureka?”
    HIM: “Well… uh… ya know he looks nothing like that kid in the sweater.”
    ME: “I know. He looks like you now.”
    Me/HIM: [in Fargo voice] “Creepy”
    And then I told him all the episodes you were in on the shows he watches. “Dude! That was him?”
    Congrats. You are no longer “the boy Wesley”. And I do not know if I feel like my Sci-fi kingdom is being encroached upon or the borders of said kingdom are porous enough to allow immigration… have to see how this goes. But he’s also watching SG-1. Which I think was a Killer Bunny thing and not so much the “oh wow its MacGyver” thing.
    *we often play a game where he sees how long it takes for me to guess the 6th degree of whatever is top of mind in his head at random moments. I can scare the jebus out of him… and I like it that way. It’s the most malevoent big sister thing I can do. :)
    BTW: You sir need either an entourage to seperate the Wheaton from the riff-raff or a working phaser… though that little gizmo Claudia cooked up for the Warehouse would be nice….

  13. I really enjoyed last night’s episode. I especially liked the scene of Parrish, Fargo and Holly in Fargo’s office. The way you had Parrish react when Fargo denied him anymore time to speak on his project was great. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

  14. I started watching Eureka from your first appearance as Parrish/Angry Parrish. Of course I immediately went back and got the whole show as I had clearly been missing out. It’s kind of funny to think that I’ve been waiting for last night’s episode almost as long as I’ve known about the show.
    That wait for this week’s episode: completely worth it.

  15. I was actually surfing SyFy looking for ST:TNG when I came upon Eureka, which I do not usually watch. You were great!! Your voice sounds different from Wesley–more mature of course. You were definitely not wearing a muscle suit. And a voyage to Titan? How primitive. Looking forward to seeing you again next week. “Live long and prosper” \\//_

  16. What season is Eureka currently at? Here in Singapore they’re showing season 3. I only started watching it because of your and Felicia Day’s blog posts about it (love it btw) but now I want to see your episodes :(
    (I could of course google it but then I wouldn’t have an excuse to comment here.)

  17. EEP! It was SUCH a fantastic episode. Here is how it went down at my house:
    A. credits- Will Wheaton! HAZAA! He’s back. Was your hair redder in your last episode? It looked darker this episode.
    B. STAN LEE! Like THE Stan Lee? Does Stan Lee like Eureka?
    C. I love Ms.Day, but I need my Fargo and Claudia
    D. I would totally try your slugs, I loved how it “tasted like chicken”
    E. Glad Fargo is giving Parrish a second chance. I thought he was prematurely shot down!
    F. I cannot WAIT for more Parrish.
    PS…Parrish reminded me of Sheldon. I hope if you come back as yourself in Big Bang he wont make fun of you for that. 😀

  18. Team Fargo or Parrish? Seriously, dude, was Codex and Fawkes getting together not enough for you? Should Anne be concerned?
    A friend at work recently turned me on to Eureka, and I blazed through the entire catalog in a few weekends. The overall tone of the show is great, and the cast is awesome! As a geek, though, the shout-outs to other geek shows and such always has me rolling with laughter (e.g., the Stan Lee guest appearance, the nod to BSG when James Callis said he was seeing a hot blonde in red dress in the episode where everyone was seeing people who weren’t really there)!
    Okay, now that I have that out of the way… as of this episode, I’m “Team Neither Guy Is Worty of Holly Yet.” Parrish has shown little to no genuine interest in Marten (he’s just been focused on his career), and Fargo made the all-too-common guy mistake of trying to show the girl how impressive he is that he has totally ignored her opinions on things (like that she thought Parrish’s food slugs might be a good idea for the space mission). The guy who stops acting like an asshole trying to win a prize and instead starts trying to get to know the actual women behind the pretty face will be the one to get my support.
    As a fan, though, I want to see lots more of you and Felicia! Perhaps you two could become series regulars? Hmmmm?

  19. Great ep & the PALs were interesting enough to be brought out again later. Glad to hear Parrish is coming back & maybe his expertise extends beyond what we’ve seen so far to justify him being in even more episodes. Hey, if he gets picked for the Titan team, who’s up for pushing for a Eureka:Titan spin off series?
    And not only was it incredibly cool to see Stan the Man, but even with layering in the old Hulk TV show theme in the background and even using the x-ray from the opening ep/credits behind “Dr. Lee” was all amazingly cool and shows how much trouble they go into to provide detail.
    Congrats & looking forward to future appearances by Dr. P

  20. My husband and I watched it together, and both of us loved it. :)
    We watch Eureka regularly (since the beginning) and have been enjoying how the Eureka ‘verse keeps expanding with awesome/interesting characters. Dr Parrish is one more in that group, and I cannot wait to see how the Holly/Parrish/Fargo triangle goes. (3…2…1…emotional implosions!) I’m impressed by the entire cast, you included–I love a character that’s so much fun to hate. But you can’t really hate Parrish, can you, ’cause he’s usually right! 😉
    And: Stan Lee. STAN LEE. IT’S STAN LEE, PEOPLE. (I am so jealous.)

  21. It was cool to see that dick Parrish go a little soft.
    Slugs that taste like chicken?
    And Stan Lee? 30 years older and he still looks better than me.
    I remember when comics cost half of my 2 bit weekly allowance.
    See ya next week.

  22. Got a huge kick out of Stan Lee, but I feel that inserting “Excelsior” would have completed the experience.
    Was getting a bit frustrated that Parrish was a running joke of “Oh I hate him so much and his little dog too!” I look forward to more character development.

  23. I *loved* last night’s episode! I’m looking forward to more of you and Felicia on the show, and I didn’t know Stan Lee was going to be in the episode, I loved that bit a lot (especially how they incorporated the theme from The Incredible Hulk tv show into the score at that point).
    I commented to my friend that for someone whose motto is “Don’t be a dick” you do a great job with dickish characters! :)

  24. “less than 3″ Eureka. What a wonderful thing that you have found one another. Your contributions as Fargo’s nemesis (sort of) is perfect. Parrish is a far more substantial and worthy character than Larry. This story arc looks like it will be great fun. Good casting and good chemistry come through in the finished product, making Eureka one of the few shows our whole family can enjoy. Thank you for making it even better.

  25. I got the sense that there is more to the Parrish/Fargo relationship. It seems more than just “he think he is smarter but I is the smarter one” for Parrish at least. Perhaps they were friends and Fargo screwed him over in this universe???

  26. I enjoyed the entire episode. I thought Parrish’s appearance was a good mix into the story with the right amount of tension. I did notice the “wait, the world’s going to end?” moment where he got serious, not competitive. Unless I’m mistaken, I also noticed a hint of respect for Fargo after Fargo stated he would go down with GD if that’s how it had to be. A good hate/respect relationship is one of the better formulas for enemies IMO.
    And, +1 for your “***” footnote.

  27. I loved the episode last night! I look forward to seeing more of the dynamics of Fargo, Holly & Parrish! I nearly lost it when I saw Stan Lee… I loved watching Fargo dance around the fact that he might be a little old to go to space!
    Also LOVE the Weeping Angel Reference! I love me some Doctor Who!

  28. Simply put, this was an excellent episode. I think you’ve done an amazing job in achieving the perfect Parrish. He is most definitely a character that I enjoy not liking, but then I find myself saying, “But that’s Wil! No one can dislike Wil!” The interactions and dialogues that Parrish has right now truly form a character that tells me, he’s more interested in making the Astraeus project a safe and successful one. It also seems he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. Class A Acting man, and congrats on it!
    I’m also loving the Holly Character! (Now it’s awkward) Felicia is doing a great job there and as always, I absolutely love the rest of the cast. I’ve been a Eureka fan since day 1 and have always hoped that Science Fiction channel it is on would keep a great series running long and strong. I can say they have delivered very well thus far and I look forward to many seasons of Eureka.
    I’ve personally enjoyed a great deal of your work (I remember wanting to be Wes when I was growing up) and think Eureka is a perfect fit for you. Where better to do the geeky things we all do, than to be a professional geek in a town full of geniuses. Good luck in the future and keep being “just a guy.” Also, I’m wondering, does Parrish sometimes forget about Wheaton’s Law?

  29. I’m in same boat! Syfy and Hulu are both behind in updating this week. I finally gave in a bought it off iTunes but the download I got was horrible. I enjoyed what parts I got to see fluidly, sadly few an far between!
    The Stan Lee dialog was magic!

  30. The episode was amazing. I’m actually studying at the University of Leeds in England (born and breed Oregonian) and doing my masters in Quantum Technology and Cavity QED based Quantum Computing and I just love this episode. Dr. Perrish is SO much like some of the professors I know. Just straight up arrogant because he knows that he’s smarter, but you play him extremely well. I just love nerding out to this show and just how amazing and great it is. And having you, one of my absolute favourite nerd icons on it, just makes it 100 times better.
    And this isn’t about the show so much as just a fan raving but you are just so incredible to listen to and fallow. Its all the small things. Like you’re blink reference, my single favourite(bloody brits and their Us) Doctor Who episode. Thought about putting Dr. Who, but remember the Penny Arcade D&D podcast where you were very, expressive, about what kind of person does that. And I can’t even express the level of respect I have for you and the Don’t be a Dick campaign. You’re an good actor, but I watch you because you’re an incredible man and human being.
    Also hope to have a picture tomorrow from the lab that should make you smile. Will be a twit from Samperdog.

  31. OMG I wasn’t going to comment until you wrote about “don’t blink, the Angels have the phone box”. You rock at level 11 of Geekyness!!!!
    The Ep was wonderful and I can’t wait to see more of you and Felicia on Eureka. Love that show and I’m glad you are on it!!!!!

  32. Yes sir, definite genius there, I was literally rofl… (loved that theme so much as a kid I picked it out on the piano).
    Great job sir, and yes, I really did see the change in Parrish’s demeanor during the “Why are you still here” bit when Fargo was redirecting the gel. Nice.

  33. I love that you are a Doctor Who geek too. :) River Song is a treasure and I can’t wait to continue her origin story this fall.
    “I am a BBC American”
    On the subject of beer (so fond to your heart) have you enjoyed any of James’ May’s new series?

  34. So who would win a battle of wills (no pun intended…at first) between Dr. Parrish and Evil Wil Wheaton?
    Also, I liked how getting into the background of the suspended explosion reminded me of “Blade Runner”.
    I didn’t use to like Mondays — until Eureka and Warehouse 13 came back. :)

  35. I loved this episode (especially the music in Stan Lee’s cameo) and can’t wait until tonight’s new one!
    Keep up the good work!

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