io9 really liked Glimpse! Go Team Eureka!

Alisdair Wilkins at io9 really liked this week's episode of Eureka:

"Glimpse" is my favorite episode of the still young season 4.5 – it had a great central threat, it did some nice, light work on the various relationships, it had some good jokes, and it gave plenty to do for the two main guest stars.

Yay! Go Team Eureka!

Oh, there's also this (he said, as nonchalantly as possible):

But really, this episode was almost completely stolen by Wil Wheaton, making his return as Dr. Parrish. One of the best ways to shake up a show like Eureka is to bring in a character whose energy completely contrasts with that of the cast. In previous cycles, that's generally meant bringing in someone mysterious and possibly sinister – James Callis last year, Eva Thorne before that – but Dr. Parrish is something else entirely: he's just a massive asshole. Wheaton is pretty damn brilliant in the role, giving no quarter to Fargo or Carter in his interactions with them while also revealing just why he's so thoroughly antisocial. His brief flirting with Holly was also great, being charming in the way that only a dude who is a total dick can be, and bodes very well for the mooted love triangle between Fargo, Holly, and Parrish.

Thanks, Alasdair! I think you're going to be very pleased with the rest of season 4.5.

21 thoughts on “io9 really liked Glimpse! Go Team Eureka!”

  1. I always get a kick out of the fact that the man who invented dickfreeness plays such great dastards in the moving picture shows.
    You are going to have to add a couple of words to your motto: “…(except for pretend!)”

  2. Go Wil! I watched it last night and really enjoyed the episode – and you really stole it as Parrish. I look forward to seeing more of him in upcoming episodes – the DVR is now set for the series as a whole, you totally convinced me to get into the show.
    Seeing you and Felicia butt heads in character again is also really fun to see – you have great chemistry on screen and bounce off each other so well. Love all the relationships being set up!
    Enjoy the praise, it’s richly deserved.
    Rachel :)

  3. His brief flirting with Holly was also great, being charming in the way that only a dude who is a total dick can be, and bodes very well for the mooted love triangle between Fargo, Holly, and Parrish.
    THIS! … though the whole episode was great, but that scene was one of my favorites! From what you & others have said, I really can’t wait to see how the rest of the season pans out! This show has quickly hit the top of my television hitlist πŸ˜‰

  4. I’ll have to read here less often, I think. I looked Eureka up in Netflix after you mentioned you were in it and I’m streaming season 2 so far. Don’t want to get any juicy delicious plot hints just yet. Keep having fun, or break a leg… whatever the kids say these days. Oh, and Thank You!

  5. First, I’m a big fan of yours. My first exposure to you was when you played in Stand By Me, which really stuck with me – I was a little kid at the time. Years later I saw you on Star Trek (my whole family loves that show), and I was just the right age to develop a MASSIVE crush. I hope that doesn’t come across as creepy or stalker-ish – now that I’m like 30, I’ve outgrown the crush, but my respect for you as an actor and a writer has only grown, and I wish you well in all things. (But I gotta say, some tiny part of the leftover 13-year-old-girl residing in my brain still envies your wife!) XD
    I own two of your books and mean to get the rest. Your appearances in the Guild are amazingly funny, and I neeeeed to go back and start watching The Big Bang Theory, so that I can see you playing Evil Wil Wheaton (why can’t Hulu show that show? It’s freakin’ hilarious but I don’t know anyone who owns it so I can borrow the DVDs). I caught one such episode on television at a friend’s house, and I know I’ll enjoy more.
    You are the entire reason that I started watching Eureka, because you blogged about appearing. I’m glad – it’s a really fun show! I can’t wait for the latest episode to come out on Hulu (c’mon, Hulu, what’s the holdup?!).
    Anyway. Keep up the good work. I’m a big fan, and I always will be. Maybe some day I will be able to afford to come to a convention where you’ll be signing autographs, and be lucky enough to get 30 seconds of Awesome Wil In Person! :)

  6. My absolute favorite moment of the episode was when Carter looks at Parrish holding his fingers thisfar apart in the international “Use small words!!” symbol… the look of absolute frustration on his face was awesome. And Parrish was a complete dick. I’m glad it was a Parrish-heavy episode, he is the perfect foil to the sweetness of Holly.

  7. Thank the Flying Spag Monster for On Demand. Just finished all 3 episodes. ‘The Glimpse’ was amazing! It was definitely one of the best episodes I’ve seen. There’s nothing better than you, Felcia Day and Stan Lee in one show. And when I saw the part where Carter got splattered with slug shit, all I could imagine was you laughing your ass off. So glad I have a new series to watch on SyFy during the week. Especially since they canceled Stargate SGU. Heaven… I’m in heaven… Btw, you still need to find some way to get back to Minneapolis, MN so I can give you that BrainPal Inside shirt. It will be yours, oh yes, it will be yours…

  8. Wil-
    This post just made me realize just how many “jerk” roles you’ve played in the last couple years, especially given your motto (though admittedly, they’re all awesome jerks)! Through you’re blog, though, I’ve learned that you’re an exceptionally nice guy.
    Is it hard for you to do these roles that are so against your nature? Or do these roles allow you to free the “Jerk” every so often and let off some steam so you can be that nice guy the rest of the time?

  9. It's actually a lot of fun to play roles like Parrish, Fawkes, and Evil Wil Wheaton, because they're entirely unlike who I am in real life. It can be a bit of a challenge to keep them grounded in reality, but finding the most real way to do that is a big part of the joy of being an actor.

  10. Wil,
    I know this is totally off topic, but have you seen The Captains by William Shatner yet? And the Parrish character is totally great on Eureka :)

  11. I loved this episode and you were awesome Wil! Looking forward to seeing more of you on Eureka. (and I believe your going to DragonCon this year? Can’t wait to say “hi” in person)

  12. Dear Mr. Wheaton,
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  13. Wil, happy birthday tomorrow. As President Reagan always said when asked his age, “I’m 39 and holding.” So hold on to that age as long as you can. Live long and prosper. \\//_

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