in other words…

Marketing email I just got: "Do you ever wonder which apps influencers (like yourself), celebrities, or Jersey Shore castmates have on their phones?"

My response:


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  1. Careful, Wil, they might call you a moron and then completely and utterly destroy their already non-existent credibility with the entire internet.

  2. Anyone who sends me anything with "Jersey Shore castmates" in it that isn't immediately followed by "strapped into a rocket and launched into the heart of the Sun so let's have a party" clearly knows nothing about me.

  3. I don’t think i’d show as much restraint, was I included in the same sentence as the Jersey Shore cast members. Apparently, you’re not a celebrity either, according to this PR firm.

  4. So they’re asking you if you know what apps you have on your own phone? Or they’re asking if you want some brain dead reality whore to drop around and tell you? If so, do you get to keep brain dead reality whore as a pet and/or science project?
    Poorly thought out marketing email is poorly thought out.

  5. I enjoy being furiously happy, but am also way too broke to enjoy being furiously happy at conventions. They would have to be here in Los Angeles, I might have to drag my husband who may or may not be kicking and screaming, and I would have to find the money for tickets. Sad. :(

  6. Something of a tangent, but what brand of paper are you collating? I’d love to purchase some, as any paper that can look that white next to Wil Wheaton must be quality stuff.

  7. I like to imagine those pages are a flip-book animation of someone stabbing Snookie in the face with an iPhone… That’s the only app I’d have on MY phone…

  8. Genius idea: An app that scans your email for irritating PR pitches and auto-replies with this photo. Perhaps we could ask other former Star Trek cast members to perform office tasks as well so there’s some variety. Patrick Stewart filing? George Takei watering plants? Lenard Nemoy Xeroxing? As amazing as the original photo is, I’m surprised The Blogess hasn’t thought of this …

  9. So. Much. LOVE for this. You and Jenny win at the internets! (Hey, anyway you can get your new friend @NathanFillion to pose while holding twine? Jenny and her BloggessArmy would be in your debt forever.)

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