A few pictures from Emerald City Comicon.

I had a fantastic time at Emerald City Comicon. Until I have time to get my thoughts together and share some of the more awesome things that happened, I want to share the following pictures that I took while I was there:

Keep Calm and Don't Be A Dick

A girl made me this T-shirt. I'm so geeked out about it, I'm going to make some of my own.

Soft Kitty

These girls were totes adorbs in their Bazinga T-shirts. This Soft Kitty sings the song when you squeeze its little paw!
Sparks McGee Cosplay at Emerald City Comicon

This is the first Sparks McGee Cosplay I've ever seen. I love it. She made the entire thing herself!
Shut up, Picard

…and this is the tattoo Sparks McGee has.

Gameboy Cosplay

This girl was cosplaying as a classic Gameboy! She made it herself. It is awesome.

Super Nails!

The world doesn't have nearly enough superhero-themed nail art.

Nyan Cat Cosplay

Probably my favorite cosplay, ever: a couple who cosplayed as Nyan Cat!

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, because my line was pretty long the whole weekend. I figured that if I was stopping to take lots of pictures, it would probably result in at least a few people not being able to make it through the line (which some people told me took three hours, in spite of my efforts to move it along as quickly as I could. Holy crap, that's a long line. I would never wait three hours to meet me. Hell, I wouldn't even wait one hour.)

I used the Vignette app on my Android (HTC Inc. CM7) to take these pictures. I think you can clicky-click them if you want to see them in all their epic huge glory.

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  1. That Nyan Cat cosplay is awesome! It reminds me of the Nyan Cat running around Gen Con last year. It took about five or six people: one at the head was holding the cat (a cardboard box, I think) and the others streaming behind him with the rainbow fabric on both sides. They literally ran around the con that way for a day, I think.

  2. I didn’t get a picture, but I did see Darth Vader on a unicycle playing the bagpipes.
    I saw you early on Friday and saw you still meeting and greeting nearly five hours later. I have no idea how you kept that up all weekend.
    That’s what she said.
    In unrelated news, I did meet Anne on Sunday just as I was giving up on meeting her. Hi Anne. Hope you both had fun this weekend. I did.

  3. Nyan cat! Dang. I took a picture of him, too. I couldn’t remember the meme.
    Also – It was great seeing you at the con, Wil.
    Double also – hey everybody, I got to meet (and get my picture taken with) Mrs. Wheaton. She is even more awesome in person, if you can believe it.

  4. I actually waited over 4 hours to meet you with my 13yo nephew, and I waited 2 hours on sunday too. And I would do it again. I also was geeked out that I got to touch your phone! So awesome Wil, you are the greatest ever!

  5. I sooo wish I could have chatted more on Saturday. I had a black cowboy hat and a mustache. Mustache was so totally your fault. I did it because of the whole Sparks MaGee thing. I just didn’t have time to make a shirt and I really wanted to wear my Cpt. Tight Pants shirt. I waited in line for 3 hours and had to pee so bad I really didn’t say much to you. (and your so awesome I forgot everything I wanted to say). Thanks again for being you . You were my highlight I will fly on for quite some time.

  6. I am jealous of that girl’s nails; those are pretty awesome.
    (Also, my boyfriend and I were both Minions, so he texted me loling about the Nyan Cat in Wil Wheaton’s line while I was off herding people for panels. XD At least I got to see them wandering around later, though I did miss getting down to Wil’s line.)

  7. Yes, long lines but worth the wait! Nice to thank someone that has provided so much entertainment. And happy you liked my birthday drawing so much… I haven’t actually signed any of my work for a looooongbtime!

  8. I totally almost tripped and fell up the escalator when my husband pointed you out standing in a corner at comic-con people laughed but it was totally worth it cause I saw you LOL.

  9. Just out of curiosity, what pieces were read by Wil? I was not lucky enough to go, and I was wondering if there are any great posts I have missed in the past.

  10. Hey Wil! I was there at Emerald City and saw your panel. It was the first time I’ve seen you speak. You did a great job! It was extremely entertaining. I’m going to be getting your book, Memories of the Future, because I really enjoyed your excerpt from vol. 2 you did during your talk. I’ve seen those shows so many times I can replay them in my mind and quote lines of dialog (I know, I know). Your perspective on it was hilarious, and I’ve had many of the same thoughts! Anyway, I’m yet another geek who grew up in a place where being into science wasn’t “cool”. I’ve definitely been inspired by your role in Star Trek. I’ll soon be working in biotechnology. I also appreciate how genuine you are as a person. I’ll be following your blog and your new show with Felicia Day. Keep keepin it real!

  11. I, my husband and my JLA nails (yes, that’s my hand up there) were super-happy to meet you this weekend, Wil! Your panel was my favorite of the whole weekend. Hope to see you next year :)

  12. Thanks so much for doing such a great job as a presenter, and a media guest. It was my best friend’s sister’s first time at comicon and they both loved your panel. My best friend and I were two of the people crazy enough to wait 3 hours in line to see you (it was a SUPER LONG LINE) and we appreciated that you stuck around to sign everything and still mustered up enthusiasm for every one of us.
    We were the girls with the stuffed two-face bunny. He’s now at home sporting a sweet new nerd-tat and I’m going to make him a Wesley Crusher sweater to go with it. Just for giggles. Thanks for everything and hope to see you next year!

  13. Aw, thanks so much for sharing con pics, Wil!
    I need a visit to nerdvana soon, but I don’t have any planned for a while, so this helps tide me over! 😉
    I love the Sparks McGee cosplay, and Nyan Cat ones are always a blast. I saw a few of those at Dragon*Con last year, but this one is just adorkable! The Game Boy wins points for originality, though, for sure.
    Best of all is the “Keep Calm” shirt. Replacing the crown with the Wheaton eight bit crest is just genius. I have a “Get excited and make things” shirt, but I think I’d have to get another one of this theme if you did make these real.

  14. I heard you on TBTL, and you were great! I kind of like the mix of nerdiness with not-nerdiness of that show.

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