After twenty years, I finally got to say this.

A lot of incredible and wonderful things happened at the Calgary Expo this weekend, and when I'm not as exhausted I'll write about all of them.

Until then, though, here is one of them that I really hope you'll spend 5 minutes watching:


If you can't see the video, you can watch it right here at YouTube.

137 thoughts on “After twenty years, I finally got to say this.”

  1. The only thing I got in my eyes are tears! Holy carp, Wil, and rest of the crew, that was amazing and lovely and heartwarming and tear jerky. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was there for TNG Exposed, and it made my cry, especially you. You’re all so amazing and inspire me so much. Thank you for coming to Calgary, it meant more to me then you could ever know. Also, thank you complimenting my costume (I was Codex!) it made my whole year!

  3. I confess that I did not tear up at that. I was, however, affected by Wil’s performance on JCCC2, which is somewhere on the youtubes, I’m sure. I like the Wil Wheaton who is not afraid to express how he feels. I think we can all do with a but more vulnerability like that.

  4. Three things I would like to say about that video:
    1) Very well spoken, sir… very well spoken indeed.
    2) I have that same jacket hanging in my closet and have worn it to conventions from time to time.
    3) How good does everyone still look after all these years? Especially Gates McFadden, who I think look incredible still.

  5. That was great. Thank you for sharing that moment with all of us.
    And how much did I love seeing Levar Burton dropping the F-bomb? A LOT. #bydhttmwfi

  6. That was lovely – how often we get no chance to express our love and gratitude to the adults who helped us in childhood. Really brought tears to my eyes! I’m so very, very glad you got to do that.

  7. It seems like every time I read another one of your posts or tweets, I find yet another reason to like you even more, as a person and a fellow geek.
    As the brits might say, “Well done, you!”

  8. My God. I have this feeling like you just validated my entire childhood. This show was so important to me when I was growing up, and the cast really kind of insinuated itself into my DNA. To know that the family is whole is better than a dose of Mary Poppins’ medicine in a big cup of hot cocoa (with marshmallows) by a winter fireside.

  9. You never cease to amaze me at how open and willing to share you are. That brought a tear to my eye and warm fuzzies to the heart. Now I’m gonna throw some Next-Gen on TV and enjoy. Thank you.

  10. I was there and I cried (as did my best friend and my husband next to me). It was a very touching moment. I loved how close the cast was, that each of you meant something to each other. The bond is incredible. I’m glad you got to share this, I’m forever grateful to have been there.

  11. I’ve actually just recently started watching TNG for the first time and I am loving it (and a lot of it is because of you) and this is just so heart warming. You really are an amazing person, a great role model for the rising generation of “geeks” and this video proves how far you’ve come.
    <3 this!

  12. I know you don’t know me, and therefore my opinion doesn’t mean much, but I have something I’d like to admit to you. I was never fond of Wesley on TNG, but I find that I am constantly impressed with the man you are now. You, sir, are one of the good ones.

  13. At about 2:23, it looks like Patrick suddenly came to a realization and was about to start crying.
    Very emotional moment, Wil. I’m glad you finally got to say this to them in person.

  14. I’m happy you got to experience that.
    I also think it is very cool that they put you center stage with Patrick and Jonathan.

  15. The whole evening was magical. I’m certain everyone around me had snuck in onions to chop, blast them! I felt so honored to witness such heartfelt moments. Thanks so much for coming to Calgary to share it all with us!

  16. I’m a frequent reader of your blog, but I’ve never posted anything before today. I just want to applaud you for your honesty and especially for your years of support to our geek culture.

  17. That was incredibly moving, and uplifting, and hilarious. It was really like a sitcom wrapped in a romcom all in a quick YouTube video.
    And let me just say, seriously, The amount of love I could feel between the lot of you on stage, really was phenomenal.
    Sadly I didn’t get tickets to the event. But I was there early in the day to hear what you had to say in the panel with LeVar and Brent. Not as moving, but equally heartfelt (maybe a little more from LeVar).
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for being awesome Wil Wheaton. Thank you.
    Did I mention Thank you?

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