I’m hosting Falling Skies: Second Watch


Wil Wheaton hosts Falling Skies Second Watch for TNT

Two creators, one geek.


Remember when I said 

I don't cancel convention appearances lightly, because I know how disappointing it is for the people who are attending. I assure you that this isn't a ploy to win a game of Mystic Warlords of Ka'a, or even a bowling match… this is just something that happens from time to time when someone like me is lucky enough to land a dream job that conflicts with a planned trip out of town.

This is what I was talking about:

TNT announced the launch of a new web show, 2nd Watch, hosted by Trek and Leverage star Wil Wheaton. The show will air on http://fallingskies.com with a live premiere episode on Sunday June 17 at 11pm ET – following the two-hour East coast season premiere of Falling Skies.

I love Hardwick's show Talking Dead (even though I wasn't crazy about last season's Walking Dead), so when TNT asked me if I was interested in hosting a similar show for Falling Skies, of course I said yes.

I mainlined Falling Skies over two days, watching every single episode from the first season and everything that they gave me for the second season. Also, [REDACTED]. 

I'm really excited about this for a few reasons: Number one, it's online, so you can watch it anywhere in the world whenever you want to see it. I believe that this is a fantastic step in the right direction for TNT (and all networks) because — let's face it — online is the future where everything is happening right now, and making it easy for fans to gather in one place and geek out over the shows they love just makes sense.* (Now if HBO would only listen to all the cord cutters who want to give them money… but that's slightly off topic.) Number two, I get to spend a ton of time geeking out with writers and actors who make a show that I love, and I get to ask them pretty much whatever I want. Number three, I'm standing on the shoulders of Chris Hardwick, which is always a nice place to be**. 

Most of the episodes are taped, but the season premiere and season finale will be followed by a live show (this is why I can't go to the Denver Comicon, and why I may have to miss GenCon this year.) I really want to say a lot more, but the NDA I have with TNT is terrifying, so I'm going to err on the side of shutting the fuck up, which is a new thing for me.

* I see in comments that you have to be a cable subscriber to get access to the show. Damn. Well, baby steps, I guess.

**I love this guy!!

50 thoughts on “I’m hosting Falling Skies: Second Watch”

  1. This is great to hear, Wil. I just finished catching up on all the previous seasons of Mad Men and Falling Skies will be a welcome addition to the brain space. Was very much looking forward to meeting you at Denver Comic Con, but now it looks like I will be attending a family reunion that weekend. And this way I’ll still get to see you.
    PS I love the “I love this guy!!!” reference. I Wil flail every time you or Ten-Pin Hardwick mention it.

  2. As I’ve moaned about before I’m in Denver, blah blah blah, sad, blah blah blah, happy blah blah blah.
    Considering Falling Skies is one of my favorite new programs and I was completely addicted to it, I give you my sea lion of approval.
    Kick Ass.

  3. I’m not going to lie to you Marge, I was unbelievably excited that you were coming to Denver but this is definitely a great opportunity for you! I can’t wait to watch and hopefully meet you some time in the future at a different Con (or maybe next year at Denver Comic Con???) ; o )

  4. QFT. Also all grown up and professional, which is inching towards catching up with your endearingly fun-and-sometimes-goofy on the awesomeness scale.
    Am still disappointed that it’s not Dr. Horrible 2, but there’s a [REDACTED] there to hold my breath for … ;)! hehehe
    (seriously, though, I have no idea what Falling Skies even is but you can bet good money on the fact that I’m going to slavishly watch 2nd Watch anyway.)

  5. Awesome! Congrats! I loved the first season of Falling Skies and can’t wait for the start of the next season. Keep up the good work.

  6. I’m sorry to tell you this, but TNT has sold you a bill of goods.
    If you want to watch TNT’s content on their website, you have to have a key to “unlock the drama.” You get that key by subscribing to one of 13 cable providers. So while you can watch their content online, you’re still just as tied to the cable companies as before.

  7. CArose is right. TNT sucks for online content. If I had cable, why would I be watching on my LAPTOP instead of my much bigger TV? Still, I’m happy for you. Not everyone gets to have a job and love it too. :)

  8. Dang it! I was scheduled to be in the audience for that a couple of weeks back, but then they rescheduled and I couldn’t go but I heard they canceled the entire thing. Maybe they’re planning on just doing it live now. Man, I REALLY hope I can make it next time!

  9. Awesome! The two things I sat in a room for at ECCC were your AWESOME Hour and the Falling Skies panel…this news makes me very happy!

  10. Congrats, Wil! Always pleased when you get to do something cool. Convinces me that karma is a bitch to dicks, but not to the good guys.

  11. Awesome news for you. Not so much for me, but it’s not your fault. Turns out I won’t be able to see this because my cable provider (Curse you, Time Warner!) isn’t on the list of providers they allow access to video…
    But still, wish you luck with this.

  12. Nice! I can actually watch this?! American content providers generally hate expats, so this is very cool! . . . . .
    OK, nevermind, I can’t even watch it after signing in to my US cable account.
    Grats on the gig, though, sweetie!

  13. Hey Wil,
    Superfantasmagratulations! Now here’s hoping Time Warner will eventually see the light and “unlock the drama” for everyone. The world needs more Wheaton!!!
    Best of luck,

  14. Well, I guess it they have the good taste of selecting you for this show, the less I can do is watch that series (I’m waaay behind on TV shows). And let’s hope for alternatives to watch your show!

  15. Thank you Wil!!
    This show is right up my alley. I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of it but I’m watching it now thanks to you.
    Congratulations on your new gig. I am looking forward to seeing you geek out about Falling Skies and any other topics that might come up. I don’t know if you realize this but your energy and enthusiasm is very infectious.

  16. i was excited to see this, until i got to this part: “I see in comments that you have to be a cable subscriber to get access to the show. Damn. Well, baby steps, I guess.” sigh. i do not subscribe to any form of television service…

  17. I agree that, any network that intends to stick around needs a serious web presence. People expect a network to have a web presence, that is interactive & engaging. Users want to be able to watch past episodes of shows, rather than having to hunt for them on sites like Hulu.com Users want to find interactive material, similar to what you would find on a DVD & or Blue-Ray disk, that gives some background on a show, cast & crew interviews, & even behind the scenes video of how various scenes were shot, cast experiences, etc.

  18. Slightly, but not completely, off-topic. I am an enormous Olympics whack-a-doodle, despite not being much for any other spectator sport. I am also a cord-cutter. I cannot watch Olympic stuff on US TV network websites, because they require a cable subscription for access to the content. (Really, NBC? You are a BROADCAST network. If I still had a TV, I could stick an antenna out the window and watch. But even though I am willing to give you actual money to watch online, you will not take take said money.)
    Luckily for me, there’s a very fine VPN service that takes my money, so I can watch on whatever Canadian network happens to have the contract this time around. And the BBC. And the Australian networks.
    You know how WorldCon has non-attending memberships? If the networks won’t do it, why don’t the cable companies offer the moral equivalent of the non-attending membership. I give them money, they give me the codes to the online content of their content providers? I got the Hugo reading packet and the right to vote, even though I cannot go to Chicago this summer.
    Anyway, congratulations, Wil. It sounds like a fun gig, right up your alley.

  19. “Number three, I’m standing on the shoulders of Chris Hardwick, which is always a nice place to be — especially after he just had shoulder surgery.”

  20. *ears perk up*
    Falling Skies?
    Oh yep, that picture confirms it … my fav geek (WilW) talking FS with another fav TV actor (NoahW) … cool … way cool
    Can’t wait, Wil! Thanks for the heads up!!
    who just might forgive you missing GenCon
    maybe …

  21. That is a shame. While I understand the need to promote the Second season, this also helps promote the recent release of the DVD/Bluray as well as any other ancillary merchandise.
    If they are going to start paywalling all content like this, they will hurt word of mouth as well as future growth. After all, while someone may not have cable, or at least one of these 13 cable companies, they probably have friends who do and may watch with them.
    These same people will see the ads that TNT will run during the Sunday night broadcast, and are consumers.
    The only argument for it that I can see is that the staggered airings of the Second Season around the world might make them try to limit these to only the countries that will already see the episode, to try to limit spoilers.
    And Wil, make sure you thank us Philadelphia Flyers fans for sending the team you Richards and Gagne, and in a roundabout way, Carter. While I love what we got in return, your Kings got the best of the deal.
    Now shut down the damn Devils.

  22. Hi! I wanted to point everyone to a place where you can legally watch falling skies online: Amazon Video on Demand (http://www.amazon.com/Two-Hour-Series-Premiere-Part-Learn/dp/B00821OW8K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1339363477&sr=8-1). You can purchase each episode for $2 there, full seasons are often cheaper. I am a cable cutter myself and use them for SciFi, TnT, and a few other channels that aren’t available for free on Hulu or the channel’s own website. Incidentally, it is where I get my Eureka fix…
    Personally, I think it’s a really good in between for premium channels that don’t want to provide content for free. There are no commercials, and at $2 an episode, I can pay for the shows I want to watch (and only those I want to watch, saving me money). All of the shows I watch through them are available by the next morning (so I watch Eureka on Tuesdays), but I only know that through personal experience. There is no language guaranteeing that to be the case.
    Thought that might be useful to those like me.. Now, if you will kindly excuse me, I have a new show to go check out.

  23. Wil curious on your thoughts. I get all the complaints about not being able to pay for just content on demand, but isn’t the whole issue that people will just watch the show they want and then leave. For instance, right now you can watch all 20 episodes of Games of Thrones on HBO go. But if you had an HBO account to watch them over the last 3 months then you would have paid 3 times as much to watch them as they were released. I understand why I like having HBOGO that I can buy or TNT on Demand that I just buy, but isn’t the problem that I’ll just watch the season then cancel for a year and buy it again next year. There goal is to get permanent subscribers because cable needs people to want their stations in their cable packages. Thoughts?

  24. (picking up on this late…) Seeing as how Falling Skies is the only SciFi show keeping my hopes alive for well (and I mean DAMN well) produced scifi on TV, the fact that they brought you in on a “Talking Skies” just restores a little bit more faith that at least someone in the tv/cable world has a brain and some love for scifi programming. (*kicks syfy in the shin!*)
    Gratz on the gig! I will definitely enjoy watching.

  25. Sadly, it would appear so. Falling Skies is on SuperChannel up here in Canada… Maybe they’ll carry Second Watch on their website?

  26. I’ve always wanted to meet Noah Wyle in person, so now I have another reason to be jealous of you! Mr. Wyle attended a fundraiser for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation several years ago, and I’ve always wanted to thank him for supporting research into this extremely rare disorder. So in addition to being a great actor, he’s a swell guy.

  27. Oh man, you had my hopes up then they were dashed when you need a US cable account from specific suppliers to watch.
    When will these people realise that people from all over the world want to watch.

  28. Wohoo! Thank you for pointing out this. I was SO happy to find a good TV show to buy (the whole season).. (Note: I started writing this reply before I actually tried to buy the episodes to season 1 from Amazon)
    Correction: I was so happy to be able to TRY to buy it..
    Apparently I am a second or third class citizen because I live in Europe (Finland to be exact). According to Amazon I need US credit card to be able to BUY the darn content.
    Here we are with a apparently quite decent (well, how would I know since I cant’ buy it) show available from the internet.. Except it isn’t available to everyone. Looks like the US TV industry doesn’t want the money they could get quite easily.
    Thanks anyway to Will for pointing out that there is a show like this. Maybe I’ll be able to get as a Blu-Ray someday. I sure wouldn’t hold my breath waiting the show to be aired on TV in here..

  29. Oh, boo. I’m sorry to hear that. I did some rooting around, and Amazon Instant Video is indeed only available in the US. Sorry to give you hope and then take it away, I was just so happy that it actually was available online, I hadn’t thought about the fact that they might restrict it by country (which I quite frankly can’t understand why).

  30. I was just ranting on Facebook yesterday in a desperate scramble to try and find a subscribed service to stream Falling Skies/2nd Watch that didn’t involve some ridiculous monopolizing cable provider… please tell me you know of some magical avenue of awesomeness that they have on deck to go live tomorrow before the show airs. Please? …pretty please?
    I really enjoyed the first season of this show and would love to see it air for many more years. Ever more so now that you’re following it with 2nd Watch. Sadly, if the number of my friends holding out to watch this until it is available to stream elsewhere is any statistical sampling, it is in trouble. Networks base far too much of a shows success on cable subscribed live viewers. With the target demographic of the SciFi genre being computer geeks and gaming nerds I don’t understand why we’re forced to subscribe to old technologies.
    Either way, I’m very excited for you to have this amazing opportunity. If you are aware of some wonderful pay-per-episode streaming service, please do share. If it really doesn’t exist… Do try and use your mighty powers of anti-dickery to persuade the system to change.

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