The Eternal Struggle

So this happened last night. I told the tale in pictures and captions on Twitter, and I'm putting it here for the ages. For science. You monster.

Seamus Wheaton

Hey, Seamus, you're in my spot.

Seamus Wheaton

Me: Seamus, move! Seamus: But I'm watching Colbert Report!

Riley Wheaton

Me: Seamus won't move. Riley: Well, duh. He's watching Colbert Report.

Watson Wheaton

Me: Sea- Watson: Can't talk. Sleeping. Me: You sleep all day! Watson: And I'm sleeping now. Correction. TRYING to sleep

Luna Wheaton

Luna: I may appear to be sleeping, but rest assured that I will still murder your face if you disturb me. Me: oooookay.

Seamus and Wil "compromise" on sharing the couch.

So this is how Seamus and I decided to compromise on the whole couch situation.

At times like this, I am grateful that I am so easily amused.

57 thoughts on “The Eternal Struggle”

  1. I just have to say this regarding ‘couch of defeat’, here it is: at least you are not Brent Spiner! (that’s from “fresh hell series”)LOL!

  2. Your pets are awesome and you really bring them to life by writing about them. In that photo Riley looks like the happiest dog alive. :o)

  3. Ma’am, I had to log in just to tell you Captain Tinypants has the most adorable cat smile of contentment (in that first pic) that I have ever seen.

  4. Why thank you! He’s such a nudge. On more than one occasion, he’s made a leap for my lap while I’ve had a bowl of popcorn on it (I sometimes sit at the comptuer with a bowl of popcorn between me and the desk) whacked himself on it, hit the floor, and then still tried to jump up. When we brough him home, he sat in my lap in the front seat instead of the carrier, coz he was so interested in everything!

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