Hotter than July

I've spent most of today working on my setlist for w00tstock on Thursday, and reviewing all of my notes from Falling Skies, so I am prepared to moderate that panel on Friday.

Normally, I take extended breaks on a workday and go for a walk in my neighborhood, sit with an iced tea on the patio and read a book, and do other things that I wouldn't be able to do if I didn't work on my own schedule in my own house*. Today, however, it is 96 degrees in the shade.** In the sun, it's literally 681 degrees.***

So I've gotten much more work done in much less time than usual (there's a lesson here, if I'm willing to pay attention t– hey! Fallout New Vegas is almost done installing on Steam!) because it's just too goddamn hot to do anything that takes me out into the Sun****.

My dogs, who usually accompany me on my walks and sojourns onto the back patio, have been handling the ungodly heat the way all good dogs do: sleeping on the couch.

Seamus and Riley sleeping on the couches
Sleepy Seamus Face
Seamus renders sheets useless
No, really, I'm comfortable like this.
These couches are in our front room, and we don't really use them that often, because our TV is in the other room*****. Still, when we have people over for fancy grown-up things like playing games and drinking homebrew, we want them to be nice and free of dog fur, so we put those sheets on them. As you can see, the dogs have done a spectacular job of rendering them useless.******

Some of you who are particularly observant may notice that the colour scheme and interior decoration is very similar to Evil Wil Wheaton's house on the Big Bang Theory. This is not by accident; I've had friends from Big Bang over for dinners and things, so when they wrote Evil Wil Wheaton's house into the script, Bill Prady and Steve Molaro described the colours and interior decorating to the art department. It's pretty amazing how close they got it, without ever seeing it for themselves.

* Gotta take advantage of all the perks while I can, you know.

** Too hot, too hot, in the shaa-hay-ayayayay-ade.

*** Literally.

**** The Sun is the Nerd's natural enemy and greatest predator.

***** Where our beds and TV… is.

****** There are a lot of footnotes in this post.

This isn't a footnote, really, but I couldn't call this post Hotter Than July and not link to this, right?

Also: Sir Duke. You're welcome, Joel.

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  1. As a native Texan who attended PennState, I think it’s a bit mean to laugh at Texans when winter weather strikes. Depending on what part of the state you’re living in (and Texas is *huge*), it may not be common for your local county to keep salt on hand in the event of a winter storm.
    While I find it a bit different that homes in PA don’t come with central A/C, I don’t laugh at Pennsylvanians for being unable to tolerate the higher temperatures.
    Laughing at people because they’re used to the weather in which the grew up is a bit rude.

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