in which I am an indirect contributor to Highlights for Children

In february, I wrote about the time that Anne and I discussed Highlights for Children at great length:

"You know what I always hated about Highlights?" Anne said, "some idiot kid had always circled the hidden pictures."

"Seriously!" I said, "fuck that kid, man. That kid's a dick."

"And what kind of parent gives their kid a pen to draw all over a magazine that's obviously intended for more than one kid to read?"

"Asshole parents," I said, "it's called Highlights for Children, you jerk, not Highlights for your Children. Highlights should have done a Goofus and Gallant about that, man."

Well, look what arrived from the fine people at Highlights for Children a couple of weeks ago:

DUDE! That is totally me sitting next to Goofus, expressing my non-profane displeasure! DUDE! DUUUUDE! 

… I know, right?!

After all these years, I am an indirect contributor to Highlights for Children. 

My life is weird.

63 thoughts on “in which I am an indirect contributor to Highlights for Children”

  1. That’s pretty awesome Wil! Nicely done. Definitely better than Some things in life a person can get remembered for.
    You have sex with ONE emu!

  2. Totally off-topic: the video you sent Anne of your daughter dancing to Foster The People is maybe my favorite thing, ever. Anne showed it to me the first day of SDCC, and I replayed it over and over in my head the whole time, whenever I needed a smile.

  3. I love how babies just dance without a lot of thought, like it's such a natural and joyful thing to do.
    She's totes adorbs.

  4. This is awesome. Whenever I go to any sort of physician, I always check on Goofus & Gallant and discuss the latest with the people there. I will point out that previous episodes have shown that Goofus plays chess (and is a dick about it) and computer RPGs (and is, of course, a dick about it), while Gallant is shown in contrast doing outdoorsy things and physical sports. They haven’t entirely nailed him down as a nerd, though… I haven’t seen one of him spoiling the end of, say, Cabin In The Woods while Gallant is at a football game.

  5. I really have to agree. My previous comment aside, having known Highlights since I was a kid, the thought of what it would be like if I saw myself in a G&G comic is pretty mind-boggling. AN IMMORTAL IS YOU!

  6. Of course, now I want to see a G&G in which Goofus is black on the left side and white on the right, while Gallant is white on the left side and black on the right. Are they really so different after all?

  7. That is awesome! We love Highlights, but my kid is only 5 so we get the High Five version, and I don’t think it has G&G. Now I am going to have to find a copy.

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