This is a real thing that happened.

I'm still processing the whole thing, through a mind that was recently completely blown, but I have to show you a picture, Internet:

Anne gave me a surprise party for my 40th birthday. She spent a year planning it, and gathered 165 of my friends — from around the world — into one room to celebrate with me.

And because that wasn't enough for her, she got my teenage crush, Debbie freaking Gibson to surprise me, and sing Shake Your Love, to me, at my party.


So… I don't even. I have the best wife and the best friends ever in the history of life on this or any other plane of existence.

73 thoughts on “This is a real thing that happened.”

  1. Wil, I am both immensely happy for you and intensely jealous of you.
    As a new father, nerd, geek and of similar age to you (38), I share many of the life experiences that you have, outside of the exciting acting career.
    Your opinions and mine are similar on many topics, we share the same love of games and Sci-fi. And we both had crushes on Debbie (or Deborah) Gibson in our youth.
    I am so happy for you that you had such a special 40th birthday and I wish you much happiness and prosperity in the years to come.
    Wszystkiego najlepszego! Dużo szczęścia do Ciebie!

  2. You HAVE 165 friends??? I didn’t think you had that many people following your blog . . . 😉
    Happy Birthday, Wil!!! May you always be as lucky as you are today, and may each of us find someone who loves us as much as Anne loves you.

  3. Hmm. Four years to go. I’ll see ya then. Do you sing, by any chance? :)
    I don’t think you need to be wished a happy birthday, as it obviously was a spectacular birthday, but happy slightly belated birthday anyway!

  4. Happy happy b’day.
    And you were my slightly-later-than-teenage crush.
    Can you contact some TNG peeps and come to my 40th b’day party, 4 years ago?
    Welcome to the 40s dude. They are awesome.
    Anne? You entirely rock. I am so blocking all info from this coolfest from my spouse. He is still impressed when I bake a cake. :)

  5. Wil, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m straight, I have an awesome boyfriend and Anne is, well, also straight and married to you (also an awesome guy), I would totally court her and make her mine.
    Amazing and mindblowing indeed. You are a lucky, lucky man.
    (Unfortunately my awesome boyfriend knows about this and will be 40 in three years. I really hope he’s not expecting anything like this, especially since he’s not friends with a bunch of famous people.
    Say, Wil, what’re you doing three years from now?)

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