In which my wife is entertained by our pets, and I am amused.

Anne had minor ankle surgery last week, so she's been at home since Friday, recovering.

Our pets are all incredibly excited that she's been a captive audience for them; both cats and both dogs have happily spent entire days on our bed with her.

Yesterday, our cat Watson got himself all worked up, and spent close to a half hour running around the house, chasing ping pong balls and his tail with equal enthusiasm, and generally cracking both of us up. Just before he exhausted himself, he jumped up onto our bed:


Watson attacking a cast.

Of course, she put googly eyes on her cast before we even left the hospital.


She told me that she was laughing so hard, it was shaking her foot. I guess Watson wasn't too happy about that:


Watson is not pleased

Watson is not pleased.


Watson went to sleep soon after these pictures were taken.

Later in the evening, while I was sitting in my office (in the front of the house), I heard Seamus barking. It wasn't his "HEY HEY HEY THERE'S A THING OUT THERE!" bark, or his "I SEE YOU DOG! I SEE YOU THERE! **** YOU, DOG!" bark. It was his "OMG I LOVE TO TALK TO YOU HUMAN" bark.

I didn't think anything of it, until I saw this video Anne put on the YouTubes a few minutes later:


I was worried that she'd have to be home alone while I was at GenCon, so we arranged to have a couple of friends come and trade off staying with her for the rest of the week… but now I'm pretty sure she'll be just fine while I'm gone, and she'll probably end up having a cast party (HA HA HA) with our friends.

19 thoughts on “In which my wife is entertained by our pets, and I am amused.”

  1. Love photo #2 – Watson looks just plain annoyed.
    Yes, I believe Anne is in good ‘paws’ with the pets. Seems she will have no end of entertainment. :)

  2. Hope a speedy recovery to Anne :) (Been there… oh the memories).
    Watson looks like he has some sort of plan hatched for a future assault on the cast…. he looks oddly confident and mischievous… 2 traits you never want to see in a pet or a toddler…

  3. Two things happened when I just played Anne’s video:
    1. Our Beagle thought there was a dog outside and ran out the front door looking for it.
    2. My wife thought our Golden Retriever was barking, and yelled at him.
    What’s that they say about pets and their owners taking on similar traits?

  4. I love that you have a dog named Seamus and a cat named Watson. These are glorious names for any pet. *takes hat off to you*

  5. Does Anne just carry a stash of googly eyes at all times, so that she can affix them to things which offend her with their lack of googly eyes? That’s… actually a pretty great policy. Maybe I’ll adopt it.

  6. I hope Anne has a speedy recovery. I have been out of comission since March when I fractured both legs- I feel for her but love the googly eyes idea- love the pets. I hope that you enjoy Gencon- I will be miss out this year.

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