Please meet the newest member of Team Wheaton

adorable puppy
We were introduced last week at the Pasadena Humane Society, when Anne and I were there for a tour of the new facility WWdN readers helped raise the funds to build.

We were standing in the lobby, talking about how much we love Seamus, when a worker walked in with this puppy. She had the exact same dopey happiness and demeanor as Seamus, and as you can see, very similar markings.

Just like when we met Seamus, we weren't looking to add a dog to our pack, but Riley is almost 11 and doesn't want to play with Seamus as much as he needs to play, and after a few minutes with this pooch, we couldn't stop thinking about her.

A couple of days later, we made the decision to get on the waiting list and see if we could adopt her. Today, we took both of our dogs to the Humane Society to meet her, and the whole pack came together perfectly.

Riley made it clear that she doesn't want to play, but snuggling is fine. Seamus made it clear that he's a big old dope who just loves to play as much as a 4 month-old puppy.

New Dog (she has a name but we're keeping it secret until she comes to live with us next week) took correction from Riley and respected her limits immediately, and played with Seamus until they were both wiped out.

We love her. She's a little underweight, but the vet at the Humane Society checked her out and said she's otherwise healthy, so she'll be spayed in a couple of days, and come home to her new house and her forever family on Sunday.


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  1. Yay for another Pibble rescued into a loving home! The breed is an addiction, but of the best kind. :-)
    Just so you know, with a nose that color, she may require sunblock if she’s outside for an extended period of time and Burt’s Bees makes an all natural one which is safe for dogs.

  2. She is so cute! It is so awesome that you are able to adopt her and give her a forever home. My husband and I just lost our dog, Watson, to cancer and are looking to rescue this time. Thanks for the adorable inspiration!

  3. Whozapuppehwhozapuppeh? That’s something of an approximation of what came out of my mouth when I saw her. What a beauty!
    You guys just get cooler and cooler. I wish I could come play with your critters!

  4. The pictures you posted of the dogs interacting were so adorable.
    And now is the time where I try to guess the dog’s name.
    I’m going to go with…

  5. Aww, she’s so cute! Anne’s video reminded how big Seamus has gotten! He’s not a little puppy anymore! And Voila! New puppy!
    (All dogs are puppy to me. No matter how big or old. PUPPY!)

  6. D’aw! What a cutie! Congrats on the addition to the family. I’m really jazzed you’re adding a pittie. They’re fabulous dogs and need all the positive press they can get.

  7. I got my first dog twenty-four years ago. Since then, I’ve had as many as five dogs and as few as one, and I can honestly say that the biggest difference in a household is between two and three dogs. Something about the number of dogs being more than the number of hands on one person. 😉
    That said, I have three largeish-sized dogs now, and I walk all three of them together easily. I’m sure you’ll manage, too, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the new girl! I know my hard player was glad when the younger one was added, and I’m sure Seamus will appreciate it, too.
    Congrats on the new addition! Also, thanks for recognizing and responding appropriately to a correction from an older dog to a pup. It’s great to see someone rescuing a dog (a Bully breed at that) and being smart about it. Well done!

  8. I love this blog, I love that you choose to adopt (PHS is an awesome facility, I had a dog transferred to the Humane Society I work at in Spokane from there when I went down for a visit and I couldn’t leave without her!) I also love that you now have two pitties :) So amazingly cute and such sweet dogs!

  9. She is adorable. You guys are so awesome to take in these animals who might never have had the chance to be given a home. What an amazing home she will have now. Pit bulls get a lot of bad press, but they are one of my favorite breeds. It’s all in how they are brought up. One of my favorite dogs was a pit bull. I named her Bounce because she loved to jump in place. :)
    Congrats on your new dog, she is super sweet.

  10. Congratulations on the new puppy. That is one beautiful dog and that face is so precious. Rescue dogs and cats are awesome- they just know they’re loved and wanted.

  11. You have the absolutely most adorable dogs in the entire whole wide world, AND I WANT TO STEAL THEM. Not literally, but I just want to grab them and hug them.

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