I’ll be having Fun With Flags on November 8th

I spent way too long trying to come up with a clever title that wasn’t so damn literal, but here we are.

One of my many moles deep within the publicity department smuggled this picture from the episode out to me. Many Bothans were mildy inconvenienced to bring it to you:

Wil Wheaton and Sheldon Cooper have Fun With Flags on The Big Bang Theory

The Habitation Configuration airs on November 8th!

40 thoughts on “I’ll be having Fun With Flags on November 8th”

      1. Dumb question; since you play yourself on BBT (albeit evil) would they normally have put you in costume??

  1. Awesome! BBT is the one “geek” thing my wife and both enjoy – me being a science nerd (scientist) and her a music nerd (elementary music teacher). She’s like the TableTop games I’ve bought, but can’t get her into the Geek&Sundry thing. Still working on it though…

  2. Wow, it’s great to see you back on the BBT Wil! Thanks for another great Tabletop as well. My family will be playing Last Night on Earth soon, and there will be cheesecake!


  3. I’m new, but I have read your blog for a while Wil. I really enjoy it so I decided to sign up (which I didn’t realize I could do until recently).
    I am looking forward to seeing you on the Big Bang Theory!

  4. Last night’s episode was pretty great, but I’m sure your’s has the potential top it. You, Beverly Hofstader (Christine Baranski), and Mary Cooper (Laurie Metcalf) are my favorite re-occurring characters. November 8th can’t get here fast enough!

  5. Because my English it’s really crappy, i’ll write this comment in Spanish:

    Estoy seguro que el nuevo episodio de Fun with Flags será genial. Supongo que la figura de acción de Wesley Crusher también cumple un papel importante en el episodio 😉

    Saludos desde Argentina!

  6. this is boss- though i have to think- did you ever think you would want to work on dr.who and be cast as one of the americans they sometimes cast on the show? O.o
    ps. love your work- starting from stand by me up to now:)

  7. Chalk me up as another “The Guild” shirt lover! I think a Tabletop shirt would have been a little obvious, but a “Guild” shirt is as about as perfect as a STNG shirt…both were families you were a part of instead of something that was your own like Tabletop is. Very classy of you Whil Wheaton. :)

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