PORTLAND: Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm is coming!

On Wednesday, February 27 at 8pm, I will join my friends Paul and Storm for a show in Portland, Oregon. Check out the poster we have for the gig:



Now I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: If you’re coming to the show, what would you like to see me perform? I’m working on my setlist this week, and I think it would be awesome to do some stuff by request.

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  1. I and my Significant Other will be attending.

    I’m a huge fan, and I’d like to hear something about your work on Leverage, BBT, or Criminal Minds, if that’s not too much trouble. Honestly, I enjoy most when you talk about the WORK of acting. It’s an interesting view into something most don’t often think about.

    1. Unfortunately, it went over like a thing that goes to the bottom of the sea at JCCC3, and I can’t figure out why it worked in SF and not on the boat.

      1. can’t speak for anyone else, but for me it went over well on the boat. not a lot of whooping, however, because of trying to rein in the feels.

        also? ULTRAWIL!

      2. My wife just came in to direct me to this. We were in the audience on the boat, and we both thought it was a solid, brave piece — but maybe not “whoop” material, if you get my meaning. I don’t meant that in terms of quality at all; reading something you wrote at 21, that helped put you on the road to being a real grown-up, and putting it in that context, all makes for a really engrossing performance.

        But with all the feels, maybe not one people whoop it up after. Do I make sense?

        Also: jealous of the folks who get to see you and Paul and Storm AGAIN so quickly! (Which leads me to another idea: maybe if you expect lots of Monkeys in the house in Portland, perform something else just for that reason alone?)

  2. I think my favorite thing I’ve read of yours that I’d love to hear you perform is Spongebob Vegaspants – more specifically something that got missed in your reading on RFB: There’s a portion where you talk about meeting William Shatner and how (negatively) impactful of an experience it was. It was a very engaging narrative and I think I connected with it reflecting on that teenage time where we’re simultaneously invincible and incredibly fragile.

    I didn’t know you were coming up here, but I’m stoked to see you :)

  3. I got tickets for the show! I am so looking forward to seeing you live. I hope you have a wonderful stay in P-Town, and enjoy the local brews. I assume you’ve made it to a McMennamin’s by now?

  4. I forgot to answer your question: As I rediscovered you through your writing, any reading of your work would be music to my ears. You are a wonderful teller of tales, and you somehow manage to tug at the heart without succumbing to saccharine mawkishness.

    And you speak in a voice that resonates with those of my (our) generation.

    If I know my Portlanders, and I think I do, you are in for a warm reception of like-minded nerds. Take some chances. We can take it!

  5. “with my one piece of lipids, i suck cheap, cheap food?”

    and, sadly, no, from florida i will not be able to make it. however, that new thing you did on the boat? you could do that for them.

  6. You could sing happy birthday to my wife, Tracy!

    It’s her actual birthday on that day. She actually had no idea that she is going as it’s a surprise birthday gift. This will be our first time seeing you or Paul & Storm. Can’t wait!

  7. Final Word Score is my very favorite but since you’ve performed that for us already, I’m going to second the request for Fireworks. After reading it every year for *mumblemumble* years, it would be really nice to hear you tell it live. :)

  8. How often do you find yourself in Portland? I’m unfortunately not going to be able to make it to this show, but would like to attend a future appearance. “TableTop: The Tour”

  9. Dude, it sucks so much that I can’t make this show… is it sad that I’m still really looking forward to seeing the “PORTLAND I AM IN YOU!” post on twitter?!

  10. Ditto on the “Fireworks” piece – I would love to hear you tell that story live. And as for the “In Defense of Nerds” piece, slap on some scuba gear and rescue that baby from the bottom of the ocean! Also, since you’re taking requests, you could say “Joanna K., you’re supposed to be here,” and I promise to whoop. :)

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