Episode Seven Jitters

When we visited Stoopid Buddy Studios earlier this season on my show, Seth Green showed me some works in progress, including this song about Star Wars Episode VII:

The Wil Wheaton Project moves back to 10pm tonight. I love this episode a LOT. We have Kevin Smith, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Skeletor.

14 thoughts on “Episode Seven Jitters”

  1. I’m enjoying the show, just wish there was more “Sci Fi type news” and less “Fake Sci Fi stuff”. The internet is awash in fan made openings and fake interviews and stuff, but I’m always eager to hear about stuff I didn’t know before, such as your opinion of various shows/movies, news about authors or upcoming events, etc…

  2. I’m know I’m a little late to be commenting on this (delayed in my DVR watching), but I loved that the clip you showed from The Strain on your show was of Andrew Divoff (aka Luis Cali) getting his head bashed in by the creature… Nothing against Mr. Divoff, but I loved the Toy Soldiers connection

  3. Dude… moved back to 10? Last show I knew that got moved around a lot was Firefly, and while I wouldn’t give up the Browncoats for anything, I certainly would love to see more than 14 episodes…. o.O Granted, they also didn’t show your show in the wrong order, I don’t think…

  4. Thanks for the recognition of the third best Ninja Turtles ripoff show ever, Street Sharks- (the voice of Doctor Paranoid)

  5. That’s Pirhanoid. And in the same episode another Classic DIC entry, Archie’s Weird Mysteries!

  6. My husband and I are currently cooped up in a hotel room near a hospital, where I am on strict bedrest following an operation causing us the loss of one of our twin expected babies. Nothing about the past several weeks has been very good. We don’t have cable at home, so we were channel surfing and came across the show. “Hey, Wil Wheaton!” I said, and we watched it. Thank you so much for this show. We haven’t laughed like that in weeks. Don’t know how we’ll be able to tune in once we’re home, but so glad to have this diversion while we’re here. I feel like the lady from the Walking Dead should be a Daily Show correspondent. And Skeletor was also hilarious. Thankfully my belly did not get sore again from the laughs.

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