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Look ma, I’m on TechTV!

I love that I can sit here in a hotel in San Francisco, scan for an open WAP, and update my website.
Now, if I can just have my damn flying car, the future will finally be here as promised.
So this is just a reminder that I’ll be guest hosting Screen Savers on TechTV, tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th). I’m off to enjoy this amazing city with my wife.
UPDATE 12:09 PM 12.17.02: Attention Farkers: I will be wearing The Shirt.
That is all.

Bark at the moon

It’s Sunday, and that means that it’s time for a few links.
The best thing about today? It’s just 3 days until Two Towers comes out. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I started my countdown to Wednesday (well, midnight Tuesday, really) when the credits for Fellowship of the Ring were about half over. The Chicago Sun Times has a really nifty article about the making of TT, along with a swell synopsis of the story so far.
There’s also a very interesting article in Time called “The Business of Star Trek,” which may be of interest to WWDN readers.
This made me laugh really, really hard. I wish you would enjoy it.
If you want to see the blue hair, my lawn, and my dog, look here, but only for a few hours. Those pictures really suck up the bwf.
And now a couple of announcements:
I have completely run out of 8×10’s (!) and there are about 30 requests that are officially “back ordered.” What this means is, on Wednesday, I will pay the “please rush this so my orders can arrive in time for Xmas” fees at the lab, and fill those orders by Wednesday night. Back orders will go out by the end of the week, and should arrive in time for Christmas. This has been a great learning experience for me, and when my books are available, the process of filling those orders will be very easy. GNUCash is a GREAT tool for handling the bookkeeping involved with this silly little operation I’ve got going here. :)
Tomorrow, Anne and I are heading up to San Francisco, because I’m hosting The Screen Savers on TechTV on Tuesday. Guess what? I get to interview one of my biggest heroes, Michio Kaku, author of “Hyperspace,” and “Visions,” two books which profoundly changed the way I view the universe around us.
Happy Festivus, everyone.

May The Force be with you.

Just found out that this interview I did with The Force Dot Net is up!
Thanks to everyone, including Chris (who did the interview), for letting me know about it. :)


Thought For Today:

” Regret is the worst of human emotions. There is no going back with regret. There is no future with regret. Regret is not something I live with. If there is something I wished I hadn’t done, I don’t do it anymore or I forgive myself and try better.
My life is my statement and I try to be true to myself and thusly to other people. Whatever my failings are, they are human and I try to perfect it each day. “

-William Fucking Shatner, at Slashdot

Attention Holiday Shoppers!

I’ve done some work on the store, redesigning all the images to be much higher resolution.
I’ve also added several new products, including thongs for the ladies, perfect for throwing at me while I’m on stage.
If you’re interested in an autographed picture, check out this page, but act fast. I only have a handful of 8×10’s left.
Happy shopping, everyone.

Fun with LEGOs

I submitted this story, which I first saw on Fark, to Slashdot, but since none of my stories ever make it, I’m submitting it here, where I have an “in” with the webmaster:
“A self-proclaimed “dork” has built one of the best models of Enterprise D I have ever seen (and I think I speak with some authority)…entirely out of LEGOs.
I can see my house from here!”

UPDATE: Holy crap! It got accepted! It got accepted! I submitted a story to Slashdot, and it got accepted!!

Iowa. Iowa. Iowa.

Last night, as I was getting ready to hop into bed, I did one last check of the email, to see if there had been any update from Bob in Iowa about his baby girl.
There was.
Read on…

Date: Tue Nov 26, 2002 20:43:06 US/Pacific
Subject: Boodlie-Face update from Bob
I absolutely do not know how to thank you enough. At this very moment,
despite what you are reading, I am at a loss for words. Forgive me if this message is more rambling and incoherent than my last email, but I’m
basically just typing this as it slowly comes to me.
I am sorry for not responding to you until now, but I just got back from the hospital. First thing I did when I booted up my computer was to go to your site. I was astounded, and shocked, and pleased, and happy, and overjoyed that you took the time to a) post my message, and b) send me the mojo. But as astounded, shocked, pleased… is there a word that encompasses all five of those emotions?… as I was at that, I was completely blown away by the huge, and wonderfully loving, responses that it drew.
I read each and every one of them. I felt, in fact I *knew*, that I had to. I am sitting here, a grown man with a wife and child and ALL MAN BABY AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!!!, and I am crying. Not a sobbing, heaving, snot-running-from-my-nose, I’ve-lost-all-sense-of-composure crying. Rather, it is a joyous, thankful, I-cannot-believe-how-incredible-complete-strangers-can-be-in-times-of-need, I-want-to-hug-the-whole-freakin’-world-and-I-just-can’t-hold-it-in kind of crying. To you, Uncle Willie, and to all who sent the love, prayers, and mojo to my little Boodlie-Face, I just want to tell you: you made a grown man cry, and in the words of The Martha, “it’s a good thing”.
I have barely slept since I wrote that last email to you. We had to get up at an ungodly hour to get Her Royal Highness to the hospital on time, which we did *to the minute*, I kid you not. After she went in for the operation, my beautiful wife, my wonderful mother, and I were in the Day Of Operation Waiting Room. And this, well, this is the kicker: all three of us felt, at various times, a little dizzy for no good apparent reason. And not necessarily in a bad way, either. Well, not so much dizzy, but more like light-headed. For no reason, well, no reason that we could think of: remember, I had no idea Uncle Wil had posted my email or that I was, at that time, receiving some MAJOR positive energy from ALL OVER THE WORLD. And, despite my trepidation… and that is an understatement… before the surgery, I was much calmer and my mind much less troubled when the operation was actually happening. I wouldn’t lie or exaggerate about this: it would besmirch the incredible outpouring of awesome good-will that Katie, my wife, my mother, and I received.
Bottom-line it, Bob! Okay, voices-in-my-head, here goes: the operation was
a complete success! No complications, nothing unexpected, everything went
textbook-perfect. Katie and her mother are at the hospital even as I write
this, and if all goes well, my beloved Boodlie-Face will be home tomorrow
But that’s not the real bottom line. The real bottom line is that I fully expect that the post-op stage will be as hitchless… is that a word? hitchless?… as the operation itself. I now believe that fully and completely. I didn’t just see the result of the mojonation in a successful operation; my mother and wife and I actually felt it. I wrote in my previous email that I’m not a very religious person. I am now going to reassess that stance. One cannot feel what I have felt, and am feeling, without being touched very profoundly, and I have Wil and all the
well-wishers to thank for that as well.
– Bob Roth, WWDN fan, and one very happy daddy to one beautiful little girl

Stop for a second now.
That feeling you have? That one that starts in the center of your body, and radiates outward to your fingers and toes? That joy? That astonishment? That feeling.
With just the tiniest bit of effort, you sent kind, loving thoughts out to a complete stranger, expecting nothing in return, and this is the result.
I defy anyone to tell me that we don’t have the power to change the world.

Play for today

To everyone who took a moment of their time and sent positive energy to Bob and his daughter in Iowa: Thank you. There are so many comments in that entry, and so much positive energy…someone commented, quite rightly, that if more people would take a moment out of their day to focus on the positive in life, and share that happiness with others, we’d live in a much better world. Thank you all for making a difference. I mean it.
Haven’t heard back from Bob, yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let everyone know how Katie did.
Today, my friend Kevin and I went down to sixspace to get a closer look at the Glen E. Friedman show, because it closes on Saturday, and have lunch with my friend Sean, who co-owns the gallery. It was awesome. The art scene in Los Angeles has come a long way in the last 5 years, and Sean and Caryn’s gallery is set to be one of the leading galleries in the city. I’m really excited for them, and I can’t wait to go see their next show.
Also, while googling for links to put into yesterday’s entry, I stumbled onto this review of “python,” which would be the worst movie I ever did, if “The Curse” didn’t exist. I just classified it as a “pay the bills while dressed up like a punk rocker” movie, but for some reason, they actually liked it, and gave it a “B-.”
Be gentle.
UPDATE:Some of you masochists have actually talked about wanting to see this movie. Here’s an Amazon link. If you really need to see this POS, and you get it from this link, I’ll get twenty-five cents. Which is twenty-four cents more than they spent on the snake. 😉


I think about things like this all the time…if you had a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, however small, would you do it?
Read on…

“A short while ago, on two occasions I believe, you requested some “mojo” from your website fans, of which I happen to be one (I don’t care what others think, I liked Wesley on ST:TNG). And, upon your request, was one of the people who took a minute to “beam some mojo” your way.
Well, although you really don’t owe me squat, I would like to ask the same favor in return.
You see, my daughter, “Katie” to her friends, and “Boodlie-Face” to her daddy; don’t ask :) is having an operation tomorrow morning. Specifically, she is having a Bilateral Ureteral Reimplantation to fix her Bladder Reflux problem. She needs this done, as she has Reflux Grade 3 on the left side, and a high Grade 2 on the right. At any rate, it’s pretty bad, and without this, her kidneys are almost certain to become damaged.
Understand, this is what everyone tells me is a “routine operation”. But frankly, my mind has been awash with the most horrible scenarios. I’m told that this is normal for a father, especially for a first child. It doesn’t make me feel any better, however. My 16 month old beautiful baby girl is going under the knife, and there is f*ck-all I can do to help, and the feelings of despair and helplessness that a father feels at a time like this can be quite overwhelming.
I’m not a very religious person, although I was raised to be a good Protestant boy. I have found myself silently praying over this, though, in part to try (unsuccessfully) to ease my own mind. I have come to the conclusion, though, that *anything* done is a positive manner can help. I do have my own website, although I get absolutely nada for traffic. Some of us don’t have the name or face recognition of Uncle Willie. I don’t have 50,000 monkeys that I can draw upon to try to get the mojo working for my daughter to help her through her operation successfully. I can only ask you. Could you put a small blurb on your site, just asking your huge fanbase to send the love, the prayers, the positive energy, the white light, the mojo, the *whatever* my daughter’s way tomorrow morning?
Her operation is tomorrow morning, November 26, 2002 at 8:00 am. CST, and is supposed to last for 3 hours. It is taking place at the University of Iowa Hospital, in Iowa City, Iowa. Did I mention it’s in Iowa? It’s in Iowa. You know. Corn. Soy beans. Iowa. :)”

I have been so blessed since I opened this lame website. People have sent me warm wishes and deeply personal stories when they’ve responded to the things I’ve written. Growing up in a medical family, I have come to believe that there is no such thing as a “routine operation” when you or someone you love is the subject.
I hope that you’ll take a moment tomorrow, and spare a thought for Bob and his baby girl, who are in Iowa.
Iowa. Iowa. Iowa.
Mojo. Mojo. Mojo.