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Let’s do a Flashback Friday

Yesterday, I blew it all up. All the websites I maintain on my server, including this one and Anne’s, blew up when I did … something.

I exhausted my knowledge, and I exhausted my patience searching forums and documentation to figure out what the hell I’d broken, and how to fix it.

So I asked my friend for help, and he saved my bacon. (He probably saved some of your bacon, too. I bet you never even knew your personal bacon was at risk; that’s how nefarious today’s bacon mafia is. THANKS OBAMA.)

While I was trying to solve it myself, I saw that my /public_html directory was a shitshow that needed massive attention. Imagine the directory is a room. In that room are shelves, and on those shelves are the books and drawers where website content lives. This room should be nice and neat, so it’s really easy to find what you need. When something is out of place, it’s super easy to see, because the rest of the room is so orderly.

Now take that imagined room, and replace it with a teenage boy’s bedroom at the end of the week. Into that room, I dumped like fifty bags of website bullshit with the intention of cleaning it all up …. someday.

So that was like ten years ago. I know. It’s so embarrassing. As soon as my buddy finished saving the aforementioned bacon, I went into this appalling mess, and cleaned it all up.

In that process, I came across some old images that made me smile.I’m going to be promoting Still Just A Geek soon (YOU CAN PRE-ORDER IT HERE AT A DISCOUNT PLEASE DO OKAY THANKS) and these images from the time Just A Geek was written are going to be relevant and fun to share during the promotion.

One of those images is a screenshot of my website from 2005, when I had done all of it on my own. The layout, the php includes, the PERL, the whole thing. It was a lot back then (it still is, at least to me) and I’m proud of what late 20s/early 30s Wil was able to accomplish.

This very website, in September 2005

It’s all so much easier today (yesterday’s blowing up notwithstanding) and I love that. I love that the distance between “I want a blog” and “I have a blog” is a few clicks. When I did this back in the early aughts, there were at least two HTML books and months of studying to understand gzip, ftp, chmod, mod_rewrite, and holy shit configuring an Apache webserver in 2001 between those two things. I’ve compared it to owning a classic car in the 70s. It wasn’t enough to keep it the fluids topped off; you needed to be some level of a mechanic to hold it all together. It was just part of the price of admission. It was a lot, but I don’t regret it for a second. I learned a lot then (which I’ve clearly forgotten) but I am so happy that some of us who did the heavy lifting back then decided to develop tools and methods that would make it so much easier for everyone who followed us.

Turns out that I was one of those people who was always under the hood then, and I’m one of the people who just want the damn thing to work, now. Thanks, me from the past!

Another August 23rd

August 23rd is the official birthday of Wil Wheaton dot Net, which went live on this day way back in 2001, in all its ugly hand-coded glory.

I didn’t know then that this blog would change my life, begin a new career for me as a writer, and eventually give me a second act in my life. It’s been one hell of a journey, and this is one day that I stop for a moment to both enjoy and celebrate the success I’ve had, while recommitting to take nothing for granted, and keep doing my best to earn good people in my life.

This year, I don’t much feel like taking a victory lap, because I feel like there’s still so much to accomplish and so much that I want to do, and after all this time I am more fearful than ever that I’m going to wake up and find that it’s all gone.

August 23rd would also be River Phoenix’s birthday, and while I don’t think of him often, when I do, I can’t help but wonder how he’d be doing right now, and if we’d even be in each other’s lives. It’s so weird to know that I’m 43 with two adult children, and he never even got to be 25.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m a complicated mix of emotions and thoughts today, and I can’t find the right words to express them.


Welcome back to WIL WHEATON dot NET

After six long years, I can finally say:

Massive thanks to Mysterious Kevin for all his help making my return home easy and painless. I couldn’t have done this on my own.

Please note that the first time you comment (whether it’s with a WordPress account, or your Twitter, Facebook, or Google login), you’ll get tossed into moderation while it waits for me to ensure you’re not a robot or a dick. This should only happen once.

mv /mnt/exile/wil /home/

That moment when, after over six years in exile, you push the Big Red Button™ to go back to your original blog…


…and find yourself too overwhelmed by the personal significance of the moment to say anything meaningful.

So, um, here’s a picture of me feeling  happy:

The Hover Wil
Usually reserved for Kings Stanley Cup wins, the WilHover is a close cousin to the WilFlail.gif

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for coming by.

EDIT: We’re having some strange issues with commenting and building the RSS feed. Don’t worry, it’s being taken care of right now by top men.

…Top. Men.

I’m gonna go ahead and put this back here for the time being:


SECOND EDIT: The best thing about having Top. Men. work on a thing is how quickly they fix it.

I’m leaving the GIF, though, because it amuses me.

WIL WHEATON dot NET is once again officially open for business!