Misty Mountain Hop

Looks like winter has decided to take the week off…it’s already 74 degrees here, and all the trees are blooming and blossoming, thinking that it’s spring. Didn’t that damn groundhog say there were 6 more weeks of winter? If this warm weather keeps up, I will have no excuses for my yard looking like Beirut.
Actually, I love spring. It’s warm, beautiful, and the perfect season to follow winter…problem is, spring doesn’t like me, or my wife.
At least, the pollen doesn’t like us. We’ve been sneezing and itching for the last 48 benedryl-hazed hours, with no end in site. And I have to do yard work today. Oy.
Last night, Anne and I watched “Amazon Women on the Moon“, the sort-of sequel to “Kentucky Fried Movie. I saw “Kentucky…” about 2 weeks ago, and, unlike a lot of topical 70’s comedies, it really holds up. And I’m not just talking about “Catholic High School Girls In Trouble”, either.
It was the first time Anne had seen “Amazon…”. It was cool to watch something that I’d seen so many times, with someone who hadn’t ever seen it before, and see her laugh out loud that jokes that I just smile at now, because I know they’re coming.
Speaking of stuff I’ve seen a million times, I introduced Ryan to “The Prisoner” day before yesterday. We sat and watched “Arrival” on Friday night, and “Free For All” yesterday afternoon. Ryan is really smart, and he totally gets the symbolism and deeper meanings of a lot of the themes in the show, so far, and he has come up to me a few times saying, “Wil! I totally know who Number One is!” I can’t wait to talk with him about it when we finally watch “Fallout”.
In other news, I finally finished judging the Something Awful vs. FARK photoshop contest. I’d check both sites on Monday for the results, and for SA to take some seriously nasty digs at me.
Oh, and WWDN has been reviewed at Epinions. Thank you to Tammy who wrote the review, and let me know about it.
Well, it’s time for me to grab a rake, crank up Zeppelin 4, and attack the yard.
Have a great Sunday, everybody!

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  1. Hey-isn’t Angus Scrim the guy from the Phantasm movies? I don’t know why I know that (or think I know that.)

  2. Did I fail to mention that I’m allergic to most every plant that grows in California. And its where I chose to live. Benadryl is my best friend although it knocks me out in 20 mins. So I just suffer with hives. I’m also allergic to my cat. Isn’t that great but how do you give up a cat you have had for going on six years? You don’t and just suffer.

  3. Benedryl is definetly not MY friend. I took some once to counteract an allergic reaction, and it knocked me unconscious for five hours. Oy.

  4. Hmmm… should’ve posted the “slithery-thing” and “racoon humping” under the Rats! post.
    Drat. Must be more observant and professional on Wil’s board. Must not be lame.

  5. Hey, Roughy, if you’re still about, try it again..Blogger is known to go down at odd moments of the evening, and it was having all sorts of hiccups earlier tonight…
    It’s my bestest buddy’s site that’s really the sponsor, but as I’m his partner in the business venture I count, right? (after all, they’re *my* creations.)
    *smooches* We all want Unka Willie’s money. If only Unka Willie had some….

  6. Has anyone ever tried Tylenol max-sinus in the green it’s non-drowsy -works for me and keeps me from sleeping the day away.I never used to have alergies but somehow they caught up with me.
    I Love “Kentucky” it’s so funny, how bout the couple going at it on the couch-when the news is on and the news people are watching them through the t.v.- now that’s funny!

  7. Everyone….
    Don’t get your underwear in a bundle.
    If you bother to read back through the comments a few posts back, you’ll see that the ‘nuts is (are?) on vacation for a few days.
    Spudnuts will undoubtedly be back forthwith, filled with stories about his trip to the Big City.
    And why didn’t ***I*** get mentioned in the Epinions review???

  8. Way back when, when cartographers would draw maps, they would use the phrase “Here be monsters ” or “Here lie monsters” to designate lands unknown. Terra incognito. Whatever the hell is beyond Bakersfield or Terre Haute. Usually done with fanciful drawings of monsters.
    And as for Angus Scrim , well……strange looking character actor. And Phantasm rocks.
    Wil, I hope you do not have a leaf blower. I hate leaf blowers. I really, really hate leaf blowers. People, just buy a big plastic rake and get some exercise.

  9. I had to quit my job at an art and craft store because of allergies. I had a real bad asmatic reaction along with broncitis and strep. The doctors put me on three different types of steriods. I hate allergies!

  10. It was 32c here in East Timor so I took the one hour drive down the coast to the check out the beach. We have some nice beaches near Dili but the one I went to was nice with a long sandy beach and no coral to climb over or walk on to go for a swim. The water is warm but was starting to get a litle choppy as it is still the wet season here and the rain clouds were starting to form and roll down the mountains. On the way back I stopped and bought some bananas from a roadside vendor. Back in Dili I went to dinner where there was some live entertainment, then home to watch Snow Dogs. All in all it was a nice Sunday.

  11. thanks for the mention, Wil.:)
    And the first time I went to southern California and marveled at the weather, some taxi driver kept saying “70 degrees AIN’T HOT!” — but then again, that was in May.

  12. Hey Wil,
    I am a big fan of yours and all…(mostly for being rather balanced and cool in the face of being a child star, and coding your own website), but after checking out the winners, you really missed the point of a *PHOTOSHOP* contest. I mean, its still your call, but I checked out both the fark entries and the SA entries as people were pumping out Jpeg’s and SA truly Ownz Fark. Next time though, bring Arstechnica into the Photoshop contest, and Sykus will own everyone :) The point of a *photoshop* contest is for stuff to look totally photorealistic first, and then funny as a result of it looking totally believable image wise but totally absurd concept wise. Yes, reading rainbow six is funny for .05 seconds or so, but the truly horrid photoshopping kills it. I mean, if this were a “windows paintbrush” contest, sure its awesome, but considering what photoshop is truly capable of, SA ownz fark so bad its not even funny and I am no fan of those SA goons… but it was your call. No hard feelings

  13. So, I read that review at epinions, and I have to tell you that it really irked me that the reviewer didn’t *get* the 50,000 monkeys reference. I was going to find the precise quote and post it here for her and the rest of the semi-literate masses who didn’t know that 10,000 monkeys at 10,000 typewriters could eventually write the Great American Novel.
    Or would they eventually write the entire works of Shakespeare?
    Or would they eventually write the Iditerod?
    Or would they eventually write the Encyclopedia Galactica?
    These are some of the references to the 10,000 monkeys quote that I found in a google search. And only one person kinda sorta attributes it to Thomas Huxley. So there you go.
    I did find this one to be amusing:
    We’ve all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true. — Robert Wilensky

  14. Totally offtopic…
    Did anyone else catch Wil in “Lifestories: Families in Crisis” on HBO Family last night? I think it was on around 9 or 9:30 central time. I only saw part of it, but it looked like basic after-school special fare. It was based on a true story. Wil plays a guy whose friend commits suicide. I think it was released in 1992.
    Seems like it would be a somber shoot. Nevertheless, any comments or amusing anecdotes from filming, Uncle Willie?

  15. Gotta “leaf vacuum” meself. Sucks the leaves up, shreads them into powder, packs a cloth bag with ’em, and then I have a nice mulch.
    And that’s something to sneeze about.

  16. I’m torn between congratulating you on getting a good review and contemplating exactly what the benefit is of getting a review from what is, as far as I can tell, a complete moron. He/She sure seemed excited about the site, but half the comments were followed by “I don’t know what that means, but it sure is funny!”
    Is that reviewer real? It’s not some sort of post-modern comedy piece, is it?

  17. My doctor pushes Nasalcrom to fight hayfever type allergies. It’s over-the-counter stuff, so you don’t need a prescription. It’s totally non-drowsy and doesn’t have any systemic effects.
    They claim that it stiffens your nasal mast cells. Your mast cells are plumped up full of histamines, poised to burst and release the histamines when tickled by allergens like pollen and mold spores. (Benadryl and other antihistamines block the histamine receptors throughout the body.) Nasalcrom makes the mast cells resistant to bursting for a time. That’s the good news.
    The bad news is: you have to squirt it up your nose four (or more!) times a day; it takes about two weeks of consistent use before you start noticing a difference; and it costs $13-$16 for a 2 week supply (the 200 squirt 0.88 ounce bottle).
    My doc tells me to squirt some saline spray (like Ocean or Ayre) first, then the Nasalcrom.

  18. Is this a sign that my day isn’t going to go very well? No, Liz, that wasn’t a real review, it was Epinions. And I only said “I don’t know what that means, but it sure is funny!” after six of the comments, not half of them.

  19. quote;We’ve all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true. — Robert Wilensky
    Posted by T at February 11, 2002 04:30 AM
    How true T; But 10,000 monkeys at 10,000 typewriters will eventually make public comments at WilWheaton.net

  20. Roughy…how quickly we forget!!
    Spudnuts and Roughy Show
    Spudnuts and Roughy Show
    You just can’t wait to go
    so give them room to grow!
    Spudnuts and Roughy Show
    Spudnuts and Roughy Show
    They kinda run “the flow”
    They keep you on the go!
    Spudnuts and Roughy Show!
    (or look at past posts for complete verse’s)
    We really do LOVE you too Roughy!

  21. 74 farenheit. Not bad, but I’m one of those crazy
    Canucks who actualy likes the winter. I liked the article in People. If anyone missed it you can just go to their site. Spoot.

  22. Oh, the joys of pollen season. Here in New England that’s still a few weeks away, but my eyes are tearing up in sympathy with you, Wil.
    My favorite yard-work music is listening to the birds in our neighborhood. We live out in the country and apparently our yard is a bird sanctuary. In the spring when the birds and the spring peepers get started, it’s almost deafening sometimes. Right now though, few birds. Snow on the ground, so not much chance to do yard work.
    So, as I sit here at the workstation, I listen to space music, rock, whatever the work environment seems to need.

  23. Two of my favorite movies!
    “Bullshit… or not” – that line is always great when it’s shown on network TV, and it’s censored… becoming an American version of “badly dubbed Kung-Fu movie”.

  24. The mere thought of yardwork scares me, but I don’t think I’m going to have any choice this year now that I own a house. Before I was quite content to let my apartment complex handle it while I stayed inside and avoided an allergy attack. Oh well. Only ten more years until my son’s old enough to mow. :)
    Good job coverting someone else to The Prisoner. I discovered it about twelve years ago and have been raving about it to my friends to it ever since. A few actually enjoyed it. You’ve probably read it, but, if you haven’t, the mini-series follow-up that DC Comics put out in the early ’90s is well worth your time.

  25. Wil, WWDN got a good wee write-up in the review part of the Sunday Herald (good quality Scottish Sunday newspaper). And so did Jill Scott so you are in good company my boy! Apparently you are an “internet icon”. Ooooh! Expect an increase in annoying Scottish folk then! Quick everybody, hide the drink!

  26. I loved “Amazon Women On The Moon”, but wasn’t as keen on “Kentucky Fried Movie” for some reason. But then, I only watched it once. Maybe my problem was that I didn’t like “A Fistful of Yen” as much, and it wasn’t interrupted the way “AWOTM” was, so there was no respite.

  27. So, Wil, did you DEFEAT the yard during your attack…or was this a case of “I fought the lawn and the lawn won”?

  28. CLARITIN D, my friend, is the solution to all my itchy eyes problems:) even though us east-coasters don’t see spring ’til about april….good luck!

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