Advantage: Left Paddle

All Pong, all the time.
It sounds like one of those joke commercials from GTA 3, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s not quite “Fernando’s New Beginnigs,” but it’s a close third after
Well, G4 went on the air yesterday, and we’re broadcasting all Pong, all the time, for 7 days.
It’s what they call a “Launch Stunt.” They program something silly for a week or so, and it gets people talking about the network, and builds audience. I think it also lets them test the signal and stuff, and work out any problems before the “real” programming goes up.
Well, we’ve already gotten lots of press, including this story at Slashdot, from this morning.
Best thing about the comments so far? People saying, “Man, if they did a show where I could watch people play UT, I’d watch that!” Well, that is EXACTLY what my show is! If you look carefully, you can find my post all about it.
This is how much of a nerd I am: I didn’t care about The Wall Street Journal (I’d link, but those bastards want 50 bucks from me), or Reuters… but I got all excited when I saw the channel I work for in a story on Slashdot. Yep, news for Wil, stuff that matters.
A cool thing happened last night: I was going to pick up dinner, because Anne and I realized at about 7:30 that we didn’t have anything in our fridge, and I asked Nolan if he wanted to come with me. He said that he wanted to stay home and play PS2, but when he saw that I’d taken the cool games back to work, he decided to come with me.
On the way there, we were listening to Incubus in my car. I know that he likes to see the CD case for what is in the player, so I passed it back to him, and I told him that there were many things about our relationship that I loved, and many things about him that I loved, but it was very special to me that we can share an interest in music. I mean, he likes all the same bands that I do, especially the super indie stuff. So I go on and on, telling him that, and he says, “Wil, when you gave me the case, and you said there was something you wanted to tell me, I was going to say everything that you said.” Then he says, “I love you, Wil.”
I just thought that was so cool. Parents don’t always have things in common with their kids, as much as they’d like to, and it touches me deeply that I can share something like music with Nolan.

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  1. Wil just think maybe you can get a hooker with your son when he’s old enough. :)
    my dad’s advice on masturbation “Just don’t do it”
    The bastard had tons of porno videos and tells me not to masturbate???
    Ya wil it’s good u get along with your kid.

  2. Hey, I am new here but as I am reading this, my 5 year old just did something that requires me to post. As I am reading all of these child/parent bonding stories, my son is upstairs “pooping”. He of course is incapable of doing this without speaking the entire time. His choice of conversation this particular time is to call down to tell me that various race car drivers are sitting on his bed. Ahhh kids are great. My son, by the way, has great taste in that he always wants to listen to Cake and can pick out a Cake song anywhere.

  3. I have three stepchildren myself, and the middle girl is now 4 months pregnant. Their father hasn’t been involved in their lives since a bit before I came into the picture, 10 years ago. So… when she frst learned she was pregnant, she considered giving the baby my last name (the sperm donor isn’t involved with her now). The baby’s going to have her last name now, but the thought was there…

  4. Your kids give me a bit of faith in the human race.
    Sadly, I don’t know if it’s enough to counteract the Olsen Twins.

  5. I love reading comments about you and your kids. Too often these days, kids are left to the wayside, especially in second marriages. But reading about how involved you are with your kids, and how important they are to you, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :-) And it’s awesome that you have kids that are willing to return your love. Anywayz, have an incredible week, and remember, your funny is always in the last place you look.

  6. One of the most amazing and incredible things about coming to your website is the strength I see grow in you at every downturn thrown at you.
    I dont know whether you realise it or not but one of the best things in life is getting over the bumps in the road and being able to tell people about it.
    Your venting is very healthy and helpful to alot of us I pray you dont stop.
    I have realised alot of things about family, life and getting over the stupid things than yo know by just reading the goings on in your life
    sharing these things is not being to personal
    cause we all go through the same loves tragedies
    sharing shows that you hav a truly big heart and thats awesome.
    If you are cut out of STAR TREK a bunch of us
    are at the ready to protest!!!!
    Oh, and BTW I think you would’ve made a killer
    peter parker in SPIDER_MAN
    Keep it goin Wil,
    You are da MAN!!!!!!!!

  7. Now that’s the cream filling!!!!!!! That is such a great moment to have. The next time you’re feeling low remember that. Hell I’ll remember that. I had a moment like that today. An unexpected happy to remind me that I’m loved and not all alone in this big bad world. Unexpected happy’s are way cooler than birthday happy’s or stuff like that. :-)

  8. Anyone ever see that game “Mortal Pongbat”?
    Combines Mortal Kombat with Pong. So you can throw fatality moves at the other bat while it’s trying to slide up the screen for the ball.
    how the hell can this shit be addictive?
    it is, though.
    had to trash it off the desktop.
    wasn’t getting any work done.
    speaking of nostalgia, I might go download that sucker right now.
    got some work due monday, so why not?

  9. Hey Wil – what kind of freaky lucky son-of-a-bitch are you to have teenagers or kids around that age in general who will actually say those “horror” words: “I love you.”
    Aren’t all teenagers supposed to hate their parents with an almighty passion when they hit that age??
    Lucky, lucky, lucky!!
    oh – and 24-hr Pong? What in the world is cooler than that?!

  10. I learned to like the same music as my parents (and my brother) through osmosis. My mom played Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond. I actually like to listen to them. My brother listened to KISS, constantly. I don’t listen to them now, but I remember most of their songs. Hey, this is a great website!

  11. Whoa… the world must be comming to an end…
    Spudnuts had an on topic comment.
    And what’s up with this Matsya guy stealing your style Spuds?
    Three words.
    Steak knife time.
    Wil- Congrats man. Having a near teen- or a teen say those words and mean it… it’s awe inspiring put the faith back into humanity even make Harlan Ellison smile kind of moment.
    Thanks for sharing.
    for sale- Bob Hamel’s luv- cheeeap!

  12. Wow…this story makes me feel all mushy inside. As a new father, I can totally relate. But you know, now I really want to slpa the crap out of my kid to get him to talk…jeez man, he’s already 14 months old..I want him to tell me he loves me…NOW!
    OK..for you people that can’t take a joke…I’m sorry in advance…please no moral backlash.

  13. I’m glad that you are starting to ‘bond” with Nolan, but i have one word of advice: RADIOHEAD!
    Get the boy hooked on radiohead. he thank you forever. that is all
    *rabid radiohead fan*

  14. Wow… spiffy!
    I don’t think I ever had moments like that with either of my parents…. although I’ve noticed that ever since I went back to graduate school, that I don’t mind it when my mom gets all sappy when she sees me twice a year. (; (I’m going home to visit this weekend, and she sent me an email today saying that she’s making strawberries and cream for me when I get in… how about that!)

  15. What did I tell ya Wil-san? Kids are very theraputic. Grind ’em up, put them in your tea and you’ll grow hairs on your chest. Really, it’s true.

  16. Well, Wil, you’ve done it again. I’ve gone all soft and mushy inside. That was really a beautiful story about you and Nolan. He sounds like a great kid, and you sound like a great Dad. How old is Nolan? I’m glad you both realize how lucky you are. As a musician, it also makes me feel good (because I know that was your whole point, right?) that you feel that music is something special to share. My whole family, but especially my dad, is musical. I remember many nights of my dad and I staying up ’til the wee hours, him on guitar and me on keyboard or piano, playing all the oldies but goodies. Now that I’m all grown up, hubby and I (who are in a band together) have a music room in our house, and when Dad comes to visit, that’s the first place we head to. We spend hours out in the music room, and if hubby’s family, who’s also musical, comes over, forget it- we’ll never get out of there! :) Also, my fave band is the Monkees, and my family was subjected to hours of the Monkees blasting through my bedroom walls. Luckily, my sis and Dad like them too, so the whole house would just be dancing and singing! Anyway, Wil, thanks for sharing. I’m glad you’re feeling better. :)
    Love, Alicia

  17. Reminds me of my six year old boy the other day:
    “Dad, you’re my best friend. And my best Daddy. But you’re my only Daddy, which also makes you my worst Daddy and my middle Daddy.”
    He was so earnest about it. :)

  18. How come I can play Halo so well and suck so much at Pong??!?!?!? Can you actually score points playing against the computer? lol

  19. That’s so touching, Wil.. it really is. I love those kinds of stories; they always make me happy. When I have kids, I want to listen to Fairview with them!

  20. It was kind of fun to play pong, but an all-Flash web site is a total turnoff. Perhaps I’m too old-fashioned. Perhaps it’s just that my horribly antiquated P2-333 can’t render the useless transitions between garish pages smoothly enough for me to not notice. Whatever the reason, I will not be returning to that web site; not that anyone would care, since I’m not really part of the intended market for that channel — I watch too much TV as it is; I don’t play all that much with my PS1 or Xbox; I certainly can’t conceive watching TV programs about playing games.
    So why did I post this? Perhaps I’ll know someday.

  21. That is just too sweet. Isn’t it wonderful when something like that happens. My god daughter is starting to recognise me when I go over to my best friend’s house. She gets this massive smile on her face and it warms my heart. 😀

  22. OMG that justtoched my heart and I don’t even know you guys. I have a step father and even though I do love him as a father I have never told him that before. I should tell him the next time I see him.

  23. Welp, I downloaded it – it’s called Pong Kombat 3, my bad – and played three games.
    Then my fingers hurt.
    And I didn’t know any of the special moves.
    No fatalities, no babalities, nothin’.
    So I trashed it.
    THE shortest-lived nostalgia hit I ever had.
    Never remember the pain when you’re all nostalgic, do you?
    Oh, but the pain remembers you.
    This weekend I bought seven episodes of Classic Trek at a garage sale and thought it was a good idea.
    Then I watched a couple of episodes.
    Stick with the memories, kids. Stick with the memories.
    Christ that Shatner sucks. Whatever happened to Jeffrey Hunter, anyway?
    I don’t care, because I don’t want to know. I’m happier with my memories.
    See? I did learn something this weekend.
    And what the hell is a babality anyway? “Ooh, I punched and punched and kicked you and now I’ve turned you into a baby”?
    Now that’s just weird.

  24. Aw. That is so sweet. :-)
    Now I want to call my dad and talk to him…
    But he’s always at work. Bleh.
    Heh, I tried to get him to burn a CD of some of the music he has on his computer once. He tried but the burner didn’t work for some reason. So when he wasn’t around I altered his network settings to let me download them from his computer through the LAN. I’ve never even heard Incubus. Must be too new. But I listen to music from the 30s thru 70s with my dad.
    I guess its kind of weird to me when saying “I love you” or hearing it between parent and child seems odd or rare to people. I tell my dad I love him everytime I talk to him. I used to call him at work just to say that. But now that we live in different states and I can’t remember his work number for the life of me, I haven’t been able to do that.
    Keeping in touch is a good thing. Its great that you get along with your kids. And I think its cool that you married someone with kids. Alot of guys I know wouldn’t have the courage to get into a relationship that complicated. It takes alot of love and backbone to do that.
    And it’s extremely cool that the kids don’t resent you for being the step-dad.
    Not alot of people can have that good of a relationship with their family. You’re very lucky.

  25. Just wanted to drop you a random note to tell you thanks for taking the time to put together this site of yours. You’re incredibly fun to read and you’ve done a lot to change my opinions of Hollywoodites. My opinions still lean mostly towards the gist of “goddamn whining egotistic moneygrubbers” but hey, at least you’re not included in that. :)
    And even though Wesley *was* a whining putz once in a while, I always figured that the person behind the ensign was probably a pretty cool individual.
    Well, he was. Still looking forward to seeing his goofy mug in Trek X, though. 😀

  26. BABALITIES ROCK! What better way to humiliate your opponent than turn them into a helpless little diaper-wearing baby? Aw…poor baby! (No, fatalities aren’t better. They’re old, and all ‘slumpy’)

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