Small Wonder

Today’s title comes from The Vandals album “Fear of a Punk Planet.” One of the true classics, if you ask me.
Doctor update: I have a sinus infection, and the doc put me on antibiotics. I didn’t want to take them, but he agreed to dance around me with a stick chanting the theme to Knight Rider if I did, so we compromised.
I have heeded countless email requests, and I’ve put up an eBay auction. It’s an 8×10 of me in the spiffy red spacesuit. Interesting fact about this photo: it’s the only one of me from TNG that I really like. Of all the publicity photos I ever did, I think I look the least lame in this one. The auction is set for 5 days.
Also, I’ve updated the library selections on the right side over there. I was going to let them stay for another week or so…but when I saw that Hitchhiker’s Guide was out, I couldn’t wait. I am such a geek.
So check it out: if this auction goes well, I can totally buy a GPS, and start geocaching…how cool would it be to make a WWDN geocaching team?
I’m taking the kids to see Spiderman tonight. I hope it doesn’t suck.
Funny, isn’t it? In a post-Episode I world, every time I get excited about a big movie opening, I am reminded of how ripped off and angry I was when I left that movie, and my excitement is tempered…then I recall how much I loved X-Men, and my excitement rises again…and then, while I’m basking in that warm feeling…I remember Jar-Jar, and [whine] “My name is Anakin, and I’m a peson!” [/whine]
Well, at the very least, Kirsten Dunst is hot. :-)
Oh, and speaking of hot…maybe Episode II won’t be so bad after all. Meow.
I’m off to work now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Oh, and….GO LAKERS!

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  1. Hey Wil,
    I saw Spiderman yesterday, and I really liked it. It wasn’t the classic guy-gets-girl-he-wants thing, which rocked, and the superhero wasnt stupid enough to fall for the pity-me trick from the green goblin, which also rocked! I think those crazy movie-makers are finally catching on to what’s good and what’s not!
    Anyways, the real reason I’m leaving a second note.
    I had this really really odd dream about you… and, no it wasn’t some fan-crazed obsessed dream.
    It was actually quite different.
    Me and my friend Shelly were at the front of my geo class, giving a daily report on the happenings of the school, which seemed perfectly normal at the time, and so I looked down at my sheet and it said something along the lines of ‘Giving the weather report will be Wil Wheaton’. And I totally did a double take.And then, in walked you as you are now, wearing that same shirt as you have on in the picture on this site… I couldn’t see your face, but I knew it was you. And appearntly, you were a friend of my geography teacher, Mr. Greg Bell. So I got all worried, cause I had it in my head that you were still sick and asked you if you were okay and all and you wer elike ‘yeah, I’m fine’
    Then, we played this wild game of hide and seek, and we all had to run up and down stairs, and I remeber passing my friend Romith going down the stairs…. you were supose to be hiding, but for some reason, I found you right in front of the office of my school, Colonel By S.S.. But I didn’t chase you, I just stayed there.
    You had put on a desquise…. a costume… now here’s the wierd part, and reme,ber it was only a dream… the costume was ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!!! I mean, and you didnt look like a guy in a girls costume… in fact. it looked exactly like Anne, I wasn’t even sure why I knew it was you!!! A DREAM, REMEMBER? ONLY A DREAM!!! But i asked you again if you were okay and how you felt.
    The game ended after, and you left and I went back to talk to my geography teacher and I asked if he talked to you on the telephone and he said yes and I asked if you could come in again and I think the answer was positive!
    Anyways, that was the end. WASNT THAT SOOOO WEIRD????? I mean, please don’t think I’m some physco crazed wierdo, you can’t control your dream…….. I just thought you would find it funny or something. Sorry if I offended you or whatever!
    Oh and hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Wil, I just have to tell you a funny story. I have been hanging out with my friend’s cousin lately and he looks just like you when you were younger. You know in Stand By Me how your top lip would get a bit puffy and overshadow your bottom lip? His does that a lot. Anyways…before I start sounding too obsessive. I was talking to my boss about this guy (his name is Rob) and I mentioned he looks like Wil Wheaton. And he went…he looks like a chick? I was a little confused and he said…well you said he looked like Wooween. I burst out laughing. I tried explaining who you are and how your name is spelt and what relation you are to Rob. But he just gets overly confused and we just end up saying…Wooween a lot.

  3. Will,
    First Off, I feel weird being on a first name basis, second off ( if that is a term) your message was great untill you wrote “Go Lakers!” I live in Davis, therefore I am a Kings fan, and I just have to say.. GO KINGS! Otherwise, that picture was pretty slick. When I was little and watched Star Trek with my parents, keep in mind I was 6 at the time, I had a huge crush on Wesley Crusher, and that pic reminded me of my carefree childhood days. Oh and feel better, sinus infections suck big time.

  4. Wil, i saw a commercial about this award show that’s going to be on NBC, and that the Star Trek cast will be reuniting again there, are you going to it?

  5. Wow, at $232.50 and two days left to go, you can probably buy a GPS for everyone in the family. Tell Paramount to check out e-bay and see what you’re really worth.

  6. Just wanted to add that I’m glad to see KatieBoo say that she feels odd being on a first name basis, I thought that I was the only one who felt that way.

  7. Hello all!
    Spider-Man was freaking AWESOME!! Im soooo glad it didnt suck. I cant wait to see what you have to say about, Wil.
    Another thing: GO SPURS! I know they lost today they are my team. I hope they win the next game. I never liked the lakers.

  8. All I want to know is how you managed the Las Vegas-like ubertan in that publicity photo.
    And yes, a big ten-four on being sick and it’s level of suckiness. I drove for a half hour to get my guitar player for band practice. Then drove forty minutes to practice. Practiced for an hour (think punk songs sound snotty? Imagine if the lead singer has a head cold.), then another forty minutes to the guitar player’s house, then a half hour to my house. It’s ultra anti-productive when you spend more time in your car then in practice. Yeah, my band’s punk and today we sounded like ish.

  9. Wil, don’t sell yourself short, I have seen many
    photos of you through the years, from just about everything you have done, and except for the
    uncle willie pimp picture, you look great in them
    thought I’d send you a “thought” to think on…
    “The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”
    – Benjamin Mays
    but you already know this, don’t ya
    get well soonest,
    a fan

  10. Wil is selling his “Elvis” picture on Ebay! I feel faint…
    Smeling salts anyone..?

  11. I thought the title was from the 80s sitcom of the same name. Sorry about the sickness. I just got over the flu not long ago. I barley had the strength to take the dog out. I hope I can stay away from the media until I see “Spiderman” next weekend. I don’t want anyone ruining the movie for me.

  12. Holland is shocked. Everyone is complaining about there little illnesses. I even done that but after this I am very quiet. A politician Pim Fortuyn has been killed by a stupid man. Why does this happen?? Should this be happening??? NO offcourse not but looking at television it is happening and it is making me very angry. Desame anger I felt at 11th september 2001.

  13. I was really hoping that the title of this post was related to the short-lived 80’s sit-com of the same name.
    Good ol’ mechanically voiced Vickie and her lame-ass brother Jamie.
    Her love is real, but she is not….

  14. Come on now, The Phantom Menace wasn’t that bad if you took it in the Context of it being an introduction of the characters. They are supposed to be six films not just one. So give me a break, besides it has a really great Light Sabre fight. I’ve read the book for Ep. II and if the movie even remotely goes along with the book, it’s going to be FREAKING AWESOME. But you have to see the first one to get glimpses into why Anakin is the way he is.
    Anyway Wil I recall you not liking it when someone tells you they hate your character Wesley on Star Trek, and proceeds to tell you why. So how do you think Jake Lloyd feels when people gripe about him being in Ep. I. He’s a lot younger than you were and I think he did an amazing job.
    Okay so I’m a major geek but I just thought I’d throw in my two cents. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I do respect yours.
    I hope you get to feeling better.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks that Spider-Man did not rule? Not nearly as much as X-Men anyway, which did in fact rule. It didn’t totally suck like Batman 2, 3, and 4 at least, though, and Spider-Man was damn sexy.
    This is my first time here, and I just have to say that Wil is awesome! And by that I mean totally sweet!

  16. Spiderman was AWESOME!!
    Go see this movie if you haven’t already..
    we all applauded as the movie ended..
    It really was sweetass stuff!
    Hey and Ep 2 will be sweeterass!! hella SWEET!@#
    work calls! l8

  17. {Well, at the very least, Kirsten Dunst is hot. :-)}
    Recommendation, for you and the missus, — another KD movie out: “The Cat’s Meow”. Think of it as “Gosford Park” in 1924 Hollywood.
    Oh, and Eddie Izzard as Charlie Chaplin.

  18. Fear of a Punk Planet is an amazing album. As a lifetime O.C. resident, I think I’m required to love it, though.
    I stumbled upon this site through a link on of all places, and it struck me as really interesting considering the fact that I’ve got basically the same thing myself, albeit with a certain degree less of celebrity status.
    I only wish you were powered by livejournal, so I could add you to my friends list. You’re a great deal of fun to read.

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