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  1. It’s an odd thing when a TV personality becomes an important online icon, and in this case it’s way cool.
    Your Mother’s day quote quite truly helped me understand my mother’s dismay at my wayward life, and helped me reconcile with her.
    And, I intentionally came here to see what you might say today.
    At first I was disconcerted with the brevity and commonality of your post; then I realized that it was just right. It is the most basic hope of almost all of us, and the most elusive of all realities.

  2. …today was tough…when i saw your clip art it made me just stop and review the day, there were so many hurt and so many who became heros…i stand in awe of what we as a country have been through….i remember what i was doing 1 year ago today and i still hurt over it…and i do agree with you, may there be peace on this earth, may it be so for america…

  3. Peace of mind and hope to my family and the residents of Rockway Beach, Queens who will have one more one year anniversary to tackle before the year of the 11th is really over for them.
    Love to my cousin Deputy Chief Pete Hayden… my personal hero and the hero of many in the north lobby that day.
    Looking forward…

  4. Humanity of this small world should know no hate.
    Humanity of this fragile life should know no violance.
    We are all like fingerprints in each others minds; We know each other for our distinctions and identifying marks we leave yet know the comfort when grasped and held tight.
    We small few….We individual dreams shall hopefully indevour to find ourselves at each others doors and know it for home in our hearts. Home is where we are all safe.
    Love Artisticspirit 9/11/02

  5. The one song from one of the many Cowboy Bebop soundtracks’ and Yoko Kanno’s best work. Just this song “Gotta Knock a lil harder” sums up 9/11.
    I recommend that everyone should listen to this.

  6. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, positive or negative. Today is definitely a day to reflect with open hearts on all points of view as we remember the sadness and loss of 9/11. Together, we can get passed this and make a better world. Peace, Rob

  7. Through some miracle, may we (the USA) step back from the brink with Iraq and come to see war as a last resort – not the first.
    Some quotes (sorry, left to myself I’m quite unprofound).
    I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.
    –Mohandas Gandhi
    It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, more desolation. War is hell.
    –William Tecumseh Sherman
    Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind… War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.
    –John F. Kennedy
    Much violence is based on the illusion that life is a property to be defended and not to be shared.
    –Henri Nouwen
    See other peace quotes at http://www.quotelady.com/subjects/peace.html

  8. that flash movie those blue headed fellows did was pretty lame, when it started i thought it might be touching and clever, but it was really just kind of pretentios and useless.
    oh well,
    happy 9/11 to you all.

  9. I’ve been numbed by terrorism here in Ireland, and an emotional detachment that I think I used as a kid to escape, blah blah.
    What I want to say is just because I don’t feel anything about 9/11 (and I was to fly to San Francisco the day after) I am not oblivious to your grief.
    I think the TV stations should hang their heads in shame, but I think Wil’s mark of respect has to be one of the most fitting I’ve seen. The internet version of the Vietnam memorial, to the point, simple, no flags.
    Hang in there America, keep your heads. You DO have friends.

  10. “Let’s start mourning the thousands of deaths that your government is responsible for around the world every year first.
    Posted by Andrew at September 11, 2002 10:56 PM”
    You’re absolutely right. /Peter from Sweden.

  11. i pray for an end to the cycle everyday
    revenge for revenge is a no win way
    if only unhardened hearts could rise to the light
    and like brothers and sisters, end the fight…

  12. As much as I hate to try to hold people accountable while we’re all feeling so warm and fuzzy, where is the substance behind your rhetoric, Peter? Where is the proof that the US government is responsible for thousands of deaths per year? I know we’re all supposed to nod mindlessly while the drool runs from our mouths, but I actually like to see substantiated claims.
    Of course Sweden’s government, that allows child pornography among other things, is perfect, right?
    And now back to your regularly scheduled thinly and not so thinly veiled America Bashing…

  13. I printed out that image from yesterday and
    taped in in my car window. Also had it posted in the lobby where I work as a receptionist.

  14. Zeno, he’s not bashing America.
    We are your buddies from around the world trying to say “hey my friend, you are big, respect the rest of the world some more, and things will be fine”

  15. No matter how badly a government acts, no one deserves such a horrible fate. I wouldn’t wish it on my greatest enemy, not even Bin Laden himself. These were innocent people, and the only thing they did wrong that day was go to work or board a plane. While we look in hindsight knowing why this happened, the people who lost their lives had no idea. The world lost many lives, and 10 times more people are personally and directly affected because those were people they knew. If only people could learn how not to hate, and learn to live for their cause, instead of dying for it and taking thousands of people with them. If only…
    I’d like to give my condolences to the people who are now left to suffer this horrific event, and the people of New York that are reminded everyday of what happened.
    I want to send out my love and comfort to my Aunt Luz who worked in the South Tower 97th floor, who is still beating herself up for arriving to work late that day, and blaming herself for her best friend dying alone. Aunt Luz, you are alive, and I am thankful for that. Live in the memory of your friend, and continue her legacy of always fighting the good fight, which is what you always hold true in your heart. One day, maybe not any time soon, but one day peace will come, and you will begin to smile once again. I love you, Aunt Luz.

  16. just to head off any ‘I’m anti-american-comments…
    i just want to say that:
    1) i love america, visited it many times…
    2) the americans that I’ve met have been excellent folks
    both abroad (while visiting us in Canada)
    and great hosts while I’ve visited the states.
    3) you country has Wil for chrissakes…how bad can it be?
    4) It’s not just America…it’s the western world in general…If you read a bit of mid-east history…the folks there have been getting royaly screwed by the west for over 60 years….
    the west has a vested interest in keeping the region unstable…(for easier access to the oil) and has done a remarkable job at it….
    but it’s a balancing act….unstable is good for the west….but too much instability leads to problems….
    so every decade or so we have a ‘crisis’ in the mideast…
    but shit like that can only go on for soooo long untill the people that live there will have had enough….
    looks to me like they’ve had enough….
    so once again….
    it’s not the american’s fault (though they’ve sure taken the beating for everyone involved)
    the fault lies with all the nations of the west, including England, France, Canada ….all of us….
    next time you hop in a gas guzzling SUV….remember what all this fighting is all about…..

  17. I’m hoping that this is the first and last display of gratious delf pity that the U.S. will show the world over the events of last year. Honestly, how on earth do you expect people to move on in a POSITIVE way if they are constantly reminded of last years events?
    By all means, mark the year anniversery of Sept 11, but let it stop here. There’s nothing to be gained but ill feeling if this goes on.

  18. I can’t help but get depressed on many sites reading all sorts of anti-American bashing comments, and am glad its been civil here. Ordinary American citizens have no more control over what the govt. does, once officials are elected, than people overseas do. We supposedly have freedom of speech, but even that is fast becoming freedom of speech as long as we support everything the President does.
    I do not support violence, but for the sake of the world, Saddam has to go. I’d much rather see him go peacefully than violently, but we all know you can’t reason with him. I pray that Pres. Bush and our elected officials will exercise caution and reason when dealing with the situation, and think twice about using violence as a means to an end.
    Also, not every American drives an SUV — I don’t, main reason being they waste fuel and aren’t economical. Please don’t assume all Americans fit the stereotype.

  19. don’t worry…
    i don’t look at you americans like one vast stereotype.
    there’s plenty of morons in Canada that drive SUV’s too…i wasn’t trying to single out your country…
    and i know what you mean about elected officials…
    seems sometimes like Americans have about as much power to elect who they want for president, as some mid-east nations do…
    which is to say…none.
    anyhow, peace folks….
    and let’s stick to ‘war-monger’ bashing…
    not America-bashing…

  20. Wil,
    Thanks for that. I’m in the finance business myself and recognized the forms from Morgan, Cantor and others. Hell, I’m surrounded by trade confirmations, account statements, financial reports and other tools of my trade.
    One of my collegues lost a brother in tower 2. I still remember the look on his face when he was talking to him on the telephone. He hung up told us his brother was evacuating and then we saw the second plane hit.
    It hit real close to home.
    Best to you and keep up the great work you do.

  21. Folks, regardless of any perceived ills on the part of *any* country, please don’t cite them as a reason. No matter the rationale, the destruction of the Towers and lost lives will NEVER be acceptable.
    Blaming anyone in a way to demean a country or a belief is giving the terrorists what they wanted.

  22. I think my favorit popduo Roxette on their Europa tour had a great message on the big screen ( DO WHAT YOU WANT BUT HARM NO ONE) when singing ” church of your hearts ” for the victims of sep 11 sums it up very well .

  23. Tyson: I read about Chretien’s comments in today’s edition of Toronto Metro. I was quite impressed. I don’t think that his comments or yours can be interpreted as anti-American at all. In fact, I’ve heard/read Americans express these sentiments exactly.
    I came to WWDN yesterday looking for a community for comfort. The white screen was jarring yet made a statement I could appreciate (I didn’t notice that I had to scroll down to see the image until Redfenix pointed it out to me in my blog).
    Classy statement, Wil. I admire you.
    To those who lost loved ones on and after 9/11/01: I am sorry and feel for your loss.
    To the United States: Canada has your back. We are family. We may make fun of you, bicker with you and kick your ass in hockey but siblings do that.
    Peace. Love. Happiness.

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