Is this?

The 15th Anniversary Celebration of TNG was just wonderful today.
I had my talk this afternoon, and though I started out slowly, I warmed up, and eventually left feeling very satisfied. I asked many people in the house how they thought I’d done, and they were all very complimentary.
Then I watched Patrick, who I have never seen onstage…holy shit. If you get a chance to see Patrick, RUN THERE.
I hung out for the bulk of the day, signing stuff for people and visiting with some really cool WWDN readers, one of whom gave me the gift of “The Wesley Dialogues” printed and bound into a little book…it was so freaking cool, I can’t even tell you.
Speaking of books, the week has been very light on entries because I’m nearly finished with mine.
Remember how so many readers have been telling me to write a book? Well, I listened. Watch this space for details on how you can get it in about a week or so, maybe two. Know what’s in it? The end of SpongBob Vega$ Pants, baby!
Tonight, I took the manuscript with me, and I read selections from it for a large crowd, who really seemed to be “with me” for most of it. Having an audience “with me” rather than pissing them off of boring them is always a good thing, and I left tonight feeling really happy. My mom was in the house and she came up to me after the show, crying, telling me how good I was, and what a great writer I have become. Yeah, she’s my mom so she isn’t the most objective person in the world, but making my mom proud is also always a good thing.
I read some entries from the old WWDN, like The Trade, Hooters, Fireworks, and The Wesley Dialogues, along with a new story called “Hooters Revisited,” which will end the book.
I am really excited, guys. For the first time in ages I look forward to each day, and I feel like I’m doing something which really makes me happy.
There was one thing which bothered me, though…this guy was talking to me about how much he admired my guts for putting my life out there, and while I was talking with him, my friend Keith came over, and I got distracted, and when I turned back around, this cool guy was walking away. I bet he felt like I totally blew him off, which is making me feel really bad. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry, man.
I’ll be back at the con for a few hours in the morning tomorrow…I’m hoping that hot porn star shows up again.
…Just kidding.
(well, maybe not)

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  1. I just wanted to know… there a Goonies 2 comming out? because thats what ive heard someone had posted it a few monthes ago and i got really exited about it!

  2. Wil
    I’m happy to hear about your book.I work at a libray and your book will be on our shelves.(I thought you should have been a writer)Now if we can get you to write a Star Trek novel.(My wish) Which I think you can do a better job,than some of your fellow Star Trek mates have done.

  3. Hey there! I’m glad to hear the convention went so well! (I wish I could have made it out there – but the whole doctoral student lack-of-funds syndrome sort of prevented it…that, and a promotional exam for kendo.)
    Actually, after you encouraged anyone who came to come over and introduce themselves to you, I and a couple of the other IU-UE-ers joked about putting together a video and sending it you at the con…to introduce ourselves in abstentia. (;
    Good luck with the book, and maybe someday I’ll make it to one of your appearances.

  4. Great to hear you’re writing! I’ll look forward to getting a copy of your book someday soon.
    I missed Patrick Stewart on stage when he was in Minneapolis the other year (I live in the Twin Cities), but some friends of mine in the local Starfleet chapter saw him & said he was wonderful. If he ever comes again, I’ll have to try & get tickets.
    We have some pretty good theaters in town here. I hope you consider coming to MN for something other than the Creation Con & doing a play someday. Maybe you & Patrick could be together on stage? Now there’s a thought. :)

  5. Fantastic that things are shaping up so well for you. It’s been a while since I last got to read around your site. I’m looking forward to your book, and doesn’t look like you’ll have any problems selling it, eh? :)

  6. It’s like that time Mr. T was at the mall, and I kept saying “I’ll go a little later, I’ll go a little later” and when I got there, they told me he just left. And when I asked the man if he was ever coming back, he told me he didn’t know.

  7. it must be nice to know that you can just get the book published with a snap of semi-celebrity status

  8. Hey, Wil. Congrats on nearing the completion of your book! Do you already have a deal with a publisher, or are you printing it yourself? If you ever need an agent…

  9. Wil, I myself am trying to do things to be happy. This is a difficult concept for me since I have spent a lifetime being a wundermartyer. However, I am figuring it out and am really happy you got it beat! You go boy. Becky

  10. hey! you took our not-so-discreet hinting and wrote a book! sweet! and if i actual have money in the next weeks, i’ll buy it, you crazy kid.

  11. The TNG 15th anniversary report at cited by anamarylee even mentions the manuscript. Hope Wil prints up enough copies of the book for all of us to get a first edition. Or maybe he’s doing ‘print on demand”?

  12. omg, i laughed my ass off at the previous link, took like 5 mins for the page to load, but fuck it was funny! Check it out! Oh yeah, i wanna buy your book blah blah… ;P

  13. I think it’s too bad that you weren’t in the latest Star Trek movie. I am hoping that you’ll be in the next one! I am a fan and I think it’s awesome that you attended the conventions and your fans apperciate you.
    Great site. I think Gates Mcfadden’s comments were very sweet about you.
    Take care!

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