Is this?

The 15th Anniversary Celebration of TNG was just wonderful today.
I had my talk this afternoon, and though I started out slowly, I warmed up, and eventually left feeling very satisfied. I asked many people in the house how they thought I’d done, and they were all very complimentary.
Then I watched Patrick, who I have never seen onstage…holy shit. If you get a chance to see Patrick, RUN THERE.
I hung out for the bulk of the day, signing stuff for people and visiting with some really cool WWDN readers, one of whom gave me the gift of “The Wesley Dialogues” printed and bound into a little book…it was so freaking cool, I can’t even tell you.
Speaking of books, the week has been very light on entries because I’m nearly finished with mine.
Remember how so many readers have been telling me to write a book? Well, I listened. Watch this space for details on how you can get it in about a week or so, maybe two. Know what’s in it? The end of SpongBob Vega$ Pants, baby!
Tonight, I took the manuscript with me, and I read selections from it for a large crowd, who really seemed to be “with me” for most of it. Having an audience “with me” rather than pissing them off of boring them is always a good thing, and I left tonight feeling really happy. My mom was in the house and she came up to me after the show, crying, telling me how good I was, and what a great writer I have become. Yeah, she’s my mom so she isn’t the most objective person in the world, but making my mom proud is also always a good thing.
I read some entries from the old WWDN, like The Trade, Hooters, Fireworks, and The Wesley Dialogues, along with a new story called “Hooters Revisited,” which will end the book.
I am really excited, guys. For the first time in ages I look forward to each day, and I feel like I’m doing something which really makes me happy.
There was one thing which bothered me, though…this guy was talking to me about how much he admired my guts for putting my life out there, and while I was talking with him, my friend Keith came over, and I got distracted, and when I turned back around, this cool guy was walking away. I bet he felt like I totally blew him off, which is making me feel really bad. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry, man.
I’ll be back at the con for a few hours in the morning tomorrow…I’m hoping that hot porn star shows up again.
…Just kidding.
(well, maybe not)

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  1. You are a pretty good writer, Wil. But here’s a little advice: LEAD WITH THE PORN STAR.
    Besides, you know what goes on in The Champagne Room…

  2. Hey, Wesley.. (I know how you get really mad at that, seeing as how you got mad at the person who called you that at the convention. :)) I got your autograph today. I was the one that went up to you with a 11×10 photo of all of the TNG cast. You signed it above your head in the photo. I said “Thanks” and that was it. I couldn’t think of anything else to say. :>

  3. Dude that’s sooooo Coool that you are writing a book- I can’t wait and I will be first in line to get it signed if you ever come my way!!!! -DFW- “Book Tour” hint hint…..
    Mucho congrats!!!!
    We Love you MAN!!!!!
    *gypsy does a dance— trademark shaking hips bellie dance ~~~ jingle jingle~~*
    Whoo hoooo!!! 😀

  4. The Book. Finally! Pretty exciting news, Wil. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading it. You will have some new stuff in there for us regulars, won’t you? I see you have end of SpongBob Vega$ Pants. It’s been so long, I can’t remember the beginning of the story (there was a beginning wasn’t there?).
    You’ve never seen Patrick on stage before? Are you talking about a convention or not even in a play? If you haven’t seen Patrick in his one-man production of a Christmas Carol, you’ve missed a wonderful experience. There are some people who command a stage, and Patrick Stewart is one of those people.
    And, there really wasn’t a place to put this before, but since I’m congratulating you, congrats also in going over another Walk-a-thon goal. And congrats to your supporters, too!

  5. Woohoo, so, what, six months till publication? I’ll be there to buy it, and perhaps get it signed if you are doing a book signing (you WILL be doing that, right?).
    I need to get to a con when you are doing a thing, almost as much as I need to get to a Patrick Stewart one man show.

  6. OMIGOD! I’m only the 8th person to comment! Usually I’m way down at 156!!! This really makes my birthday! Its actually on Monday but I celebrated today, and finding out that Wil is writing a book is a great present! I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Wil Wheaton (sir!) YOU ROCK!
    Life is good.

  7. Hey Wil, “U R my friend.” I know that blonde chick you’re talking about. She got really depressed that you blew her off, and now she’s a skankhoe in the finest LA sense. Way to go, Wes.

  8. Hey, Wil, cool cover. Looks, well, kinda familiar, doesn’t it? But Wil, you gotta be taller than 5’4″. Or was it your personality that made you seem taller to me?
    Do you know that the Creation site mentions this site twice in its schedule for the 15th anniversary convention? Damn, now we have to share you with even more people. I’ll never be this close to the top of the comments again.
    Didn’t you say you were going back to that convention for a few hours on Sunday? Get to bed, man! Have fun tomorrow, er, later today at the convention.

  9. Wil, you were frickin awesome tonight. Im not sure if you noticed but you got a standing ovation from about half the croud (neither Gates McFaddin or the comedian got that). Also, your words were very moving – I found myself leaning in, listening intently and kept thinking how you have come so in realizing exactly who you are. Anyways, I had a great time today – Patrick (despite your kind words) was thoroughly boring.. Honestly, dude, you stole the show. Had you not been there I would have been pissed about spending $52 – but I am not thoroughly glad I did.

  10. Just wanted to say you were awesome in both the afternoon talk and the night show today… well, I guess yesterday now. Now it’s time to not set my alarm clock and go to sleep. :)

  11. Dang! Never have I wished to live near the West Coast before now. Sorry to be such a parrot, but-can’t wait for the book! Glad to hear you had a good convention experience. You are lucky to have an understanding mate, dude, or is she forbidden to read WWDN? Porn Star, Ha! :)D

  12. Congrats on the success of your con appearance and most enphatically congrats on the book! Can’t wait to get a copy!

  13. sneaky. with the end of Vega$ in ze’ book.
    Well won’t it be an extra treat when people start bringing a copy of your book to be signed at conventions instead of pictures of you 15 yrs ago? :)

  14. It may seem trite coming from someone you don’t really know at all, but it’s good to see you energised and happy. Even better times are in store for you.
    Hey, it’s a bit early, but if you watch the Discovery Channel on December 7th and 8th, I’m playing several roles in “James Cameron’s Blood and Iron” about the sinking of the Bismarck. Between that and a Japanese Television version of “Believe It Or Not” where I played a real-life guy who survived having a piece of rebar lodged through his head, I’ve been busier this year than I have in a long while. The stunt driving was the coolest part of that production.
    That all seemed rather random, huh?

  15. Um..NO the porn star is not the way to go…Do the words USED and WORN OUT mean anything? Just wanted to pop in and say hello…I am glad the show went well…One question though…How come you took out the picture gallery? I was really digging that…Show us some pics of some of the events you attend..Anyways for the sake of your wifey…JUST SAY NO TO PORNSTARS WHO LOVE TREKKIES..its bad for your teeth.

  16. *Yay* for Wil! Good job. I’m so happy that you’re feeling so much better about your life now. :)
    I’m sure you were fantastic yesterday!

  17. COngrats, Wil! It sounds like this weekend was just totally awesome. I sooooo wish I could have been there, but all my money goes toward school, bills, and the occasional candy binge. 😉
    But anyway, back to the con and the book and stuff. I’m so happy that you’re happy (I know that sounds cheesy, but I couldn’t think of any other way to word it)! And don’t worry about that dude that you accidentally dissed…I’m sure he’s probably read your blog and is like, “Dude, I was mentioned in an entry! Rock on! All’s forgiven, Wil!” :-)

  18. Hi. I’m a new reader of WWDN, I’ve been spending the past few days poking around and whatnot. I must say, Wil Wheaton (if you’re reading this commentude) you are surprisingly clever and cool. (But, ya know, cool in the way geeks think other geeks are cool.)
    I enjoy your blog.

  19. Wil,
    I caught you just before your 5 minute lunch break (I’m the artist guy) so we didn’t have time for more than “Hi, nice to finally meet you”, but yeah, it was nice to finally meet you.
    I came back last night to catch your performance, and even though I had read most of those stories before on WWDN, they all sounded new as your presentation gave them new life. I realized you were doing something that’s got to be scary for an actor — you were taking off the mask. No fictional character or scripted dialogue to hide behind, this wasn’t about some 24th century space cadet (no pun intended) named Wesley, it was about a 21st century guy from L.A. named Wil who was trying to live his life, and come to terms with his past, the best way he knew how.
    I don’t want to ramble on here, especially since I’ve done so elsewhere (“How I got here, and why I’m staying” in the WWDN forum) but I do want to say bravo, Wil. I believe you have the talent to succeed with your writing as well as your acting, if that’s what you decide you want. Count on your posse to be there for you.
    Mark (elmarco)

  20. Yay! A book I will br proud to add to my bursting shelves.
    And I have to agree about Patrick Stewart. I saw him in The Ride Down Mount Morgan a few years ago and he stage presence was awe inspiring. When it was over, a friend I was with and I were applauding and I kept looking at her, worried that she had hated it cause she was awfully quiet and glaze-eyed. I had picked the play, so I would have felt bad. I asked her and she said she was just so floored by the performance that she was a little dazed.
    Seriously, amazing.

  21. I am awaiting the inevitable lawsuit which claims you stole the idea for the past year of your life, and hence the book, from an obscure 1909 English operetta entitled “Harem Girls In Bondage”.

  22. Dear Wil,
    I’m writing to you from my hotel room in Pasadena,Sunday morning,awaiting checkout time and a short plane ride back to SF. I woke up thinking of you. I’m remembering a short,but exuberent,conversation at your autograph table,listening to tales of your childhood and family life,stories of adolescence as an Enterprise crew member and your coming of age struggle into adulthood as a husband and parent.
    I wanted to thank you for sharing your pain and joy with all of us yesterday. Your incredible talent and willingness to be vulnerable touched me deeply. A stroke of true genius is the ability to be intimate with hundreds of people through the compassion and honesty of your words. I wish you the best, Rachelle

  23. Awesome performances by you last night that inspired me to check your site before returning to the Convention today. You’re right about Patrick Stewart, everything he said made me think about everything differently. Mirror, Mirror was wonderful to me as a packrat and also to hear you find your identity. Shatner’s comment seems true to you…you did get a life. Keep writing, what you know from living it makes the best stories. Also can I get my life back? I was the lady in the parking lot, red VW, who made a dumb comment about your cool car. I know nothing about cars, and I guess I was looking for the car you spoke about. Please forgive me…

  24. I’d buy that book! And a tip for free (I have some experience in this area) — if you self-publish, get a free-lance editor to copyedit for you. I promise you, it will be money well spent.

  25. You sneaky bastard.
    Writing a book and not telling us.
    Cheeky monkey. CHEEKY!
    Right when I have to start saving up for a class trip. You TEASE!

    So why are the DVD sets 100$ bucks a peice. I mean I like Star Trek and some TNG DVDs would be cool but $100 per pack.. that is insane!

  27. Wil,
    Glad to hear you had a great time at the convention. I saw you in the latest issue of the Star Trek Communicator. When I knew you were in there I forked out my 5 bucks to read your article, it was good mostly discussing your life now and your website some, and your scene getting cut from Nemesis. Even Johnathan Frakes talked about that and how much you had grown up, he said he remembered when you got your drivers license, and how fast the 15 yrs had went by, but it was great to have you on the set again even though your scene got cut. I take from what he talked about that your scene had something to do with the wedding scene, at least that is the way he made it sound. Anyway I hope you have fun today at the Con, enjoy Brent Spiner. I can’t wait for your book. I hope I can get it at my local bookstore soon. I just bought William Shatners new book I’m Working On That. It is a very well done book so far. It is funny and witty as I am sure yours is to. Best of luck to you Wil, and best wishes to you and your family.
    Until your next post……

  28. Can you repost that .png of the book’s first page and move it over to the right a little so people can see a particularly moving, and pretty, orange and blue banner… ?

  29. Wil,
    I’m glad you’re having such a good time. Wish I was there to see your performance and your recitation of some of the excerpts from your manuscript-soon-to-be-book.
    You deserve your happiness. Enjoy. :)

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