Support EFF

EFF is auctioning off the boxing gloves I wore when I boxed Barney last month.
The cool thing is, my buddy Ben drew these BADASS cartoons of me and the Purple Menace on them, and they are signed by me and “Barney” himself. =]
All the money will go to EFF, so bid early and bid often!

52 thoughts on “Support EFF”

  1. Please note 4:59 am your time is 12:59 am in the U.K. I wouldnt normally be surfing the net at that time!

  2. When Will Wil be back?
    Ill just fill this up while he’s gone with mindless chatter…… Maybe I could triangulate his position using my super-powered sattelite….Tapping into MI6 Database…….Ah he’s in a strip club in Cleveland. Or perhaps he’s been strung up by international terrorists. Does anybody have a clue? Surely he will be back soon.

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