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EFF is auctioning off the boxing gloves I wore when I boxed Barney last month.
The cool thing is, my buddy Ben drew these BADASS cartoons of me and the Purple Menace on them, and they are signed by me and “Barney” himself. =]
All the money will go to EFF, so bid early and bid often!

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  1. I thought you were gone for the week-end? Let us know the final bid on monday. I wonder if people are bidding because they like you or if they hate barney that much? I think we need to find out the winner and ask them.

  2. What th-?, as people in comic books are wont to say. What’s this about Wil boxing Barney? I check out wwdn pretty regularly, and I’ve heard nothing about this. If this was an actual boxing match between Wil and the big purple dinosaur, I can’t believe it didn’t become a bigger story… I mean, that’s the event that web geeks have been waiting for for YEARS! Does anybody have a link to where I could find more info?

  3. Wil
    You were suppose to take the weekend off. Now step away from the computer! Have a great weekend, and enjoy your wife and kids.

  4. Wil
    just saw the gloves, and the bids, thats over a weeks pay for me. I wish I was a talented stage and screen actor like, that way I can afford items like that.

  5. Wil,
    Did you see what these were going for? I just looked and it was $476.00. WHOA!
    Your autograph is worth a shitload…can you feel your head swelling?….lol
    until your next post, best to you and your family……

  6. Shoot, man, remember when ebay woulda paid you to get those things off their site? Talk about a comeback.
    You DA NERD!
    C’ya, pal. Have a great weekend.

  7. Well, that was a fast auction.
    Perhaps it’s just me, but I want to take that little caricature of Unca Willy, and tickle its nonexistent cheeks, while making googly noises.
    “Aren’t you just a cute widdle boy? Who’s da cutest widdle boy on all the boxing gwoves?”
    Yeah, it’s just me.

  8. I’ve now come to realize people will pay just about anything on Ebay.
    At least it’s going to a good cause.
    I’m still holding out to buy your signed underware from that night, but alas those will probably go for $10,000 or so.

  9. The Wil cariacture is sooooo great! You totally have to get a t-shirt made with that. I’d buy one in a second.

  10. Yeehaw. That kicks ass. I wish I would have seen the auction sooner. The images are dead now. Did anyone save them for some bizarre reason? If so, will you email them to me…
    I’m glad I got to draw on your gloves. That was really fun.
    On a sidenote, a really strange thing happened today. We went out yard sale shopping this morning and we met this guy who had a big signed poster of you in his garage. He said it was from when you came here (to DC) many years ago to speak at some event on the mall or something. He said you came with your mom so you must have been really young. It was quite strange though finding it in this guy’s garage in Laurel, Maryland of all places. It wasn’t for sale though. He still really wanted it. I wish I had my camera on me today…

  11. I heard the coolest sugestion today on slashdot….
    They were discussing how Keanu Reeves might be playing the role of Superman…Well someone else suggested Wil to do it instead and think about it. He WOULD be perfect!

  12. wil would be perfect for a superman movie…especially as clark kent!…with all the c.g.i. used in movies…wil with superman muscles is not an impossibility…failing that…how about a live action UNDERDOG movie!

  13. Way to go Wil… I do hope that you won. I can’t imagine anyone losing to that purple stuffed bastard. My kid watch him all the time and I do kind of hate him. How hard did you hit him? Is there any chance that you will be beating on carrot top any time soon? I would pay to see that.
    Peace Wil

  14. OMG?! Is Wil really 5’4? Really?? I’m upset. If he’s that tall (or short), my dreams have just wilted away. No longer wil I be able to dream about looking up into those eyes. I’ll have to look down. Somehow, it doesn’t have quite the same affect? *sob*

  15. Re: Superman
    Personally I beleve anyone whose last name is Reeves (or some other spelling of it) should never play the part of Superman, i.e. Keanu. Yes, I know that is weird of me to have that feeling.
    Re: Jacob Nielson
    He has a very narrow view of the web and usability issues. Everyone has an opinion and he is entitled… However, I don’t feel sorry for people who lack the interest to learn how to use their web browser. (I can say this, I live with one) I can see his point on some issues, it just seems he takes usability tooooo far sometimes.
    Re: Wil’s Acting
    Liked watching you since were a little kid. (I am a bit older by more than a couple years.) Recently saw you on TechTV and thought you were very interesting. I check out your blog just because you seem an interesting person.
    Reading things here awhile back you were mentioning career choices, turning 30, your acting career… Barney fights and all that are good for giggles and raising money to help others and keeping your name out there I guess. ( Being a celeb is so NOT something I would have a clue about) It is also probably much fun and lots of work at the same time :-)
    I guess I want to say that 30 is a turning point in life, especially for a man. I don’t mean that in a rude way. I just mean that especially for a boyishly handsome guy like you, I think being in your 30’s will allow for more range for you in parts and film styles.
    A recent example that comes to mind would be Anthony Michael Hall. Cute kid who grew into someone handsome. Good kid actor who (to me anyway) grew into his own good adult acting shoes so to speak.
    Sorry to go on… I’ve just thought of those entries in your blog on this subject more than a few times. I guess it just touched me and I’m all sensitive today, so I finally made a comment in your blog. Which, btw I really do enjoy reading.

  16. Right, another mission is afoot… Us Trekkies/trekkers/whatever in UK are missing out on all the good stuff, but OMG, Creation have just decided to do an official Convention in London next Jan, I wanna go anyway, but if Wil is there, my ass’ll be there twice as fast.C’mon wil, you love England, now’s your chance to come back. I already e mailed creation to try and get you there, any more Brits here? Get mailin damnit!

  17. i was just thinking the same thing..
    most likely he’s writing away, doggedly trying to finish, whilst looking at screen like this…
    “christ…just gimme a minute…i’m almost done…”
    i’ll check back later..
    you better be writing, dude..
    the natives are getting restless….

  18. checking back.
    nothing new.
    hide disapointment by mocking wil
    mock! mock! mock!
    turn and run away before he sees me.

  19. Need new input………..waiting. I know Wil is with his family. They come first……but could we have just a little? Please?

  20. Hey I’m sure you want to forget Star Trek but are you in Star Trek Nemesis? And why the hell is it releasing in Germany before us in the motherland?
    Well im sure Brannon Braga or Rick Berman know. And why is Picard French he is SO British. And one more thing….What does the scroll lock do?
    Does ANYBODY know?

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