And now, for something completely different:
Several readers have told me that TrekWeb has linked to this group wedding picture of all of us from Nemesis.
I’m the guy who looks like a complete dork.
Looking at that picture, I can clearly see how happy I am –to the point of goofiness– to be there with all of them. It was a great time.
Here is Star Trek Dot Com’s write up of the rest of the TNG con, including a brief mention of the Saturday night program, where I read some stuff from WWDN, to a very wonderful, warm, appreciative crowd.
When I saw Brent backstage Sunday at the con, he asked me how I felt about being cut. I told him what I wrote here, and he was surprised and happy that Rick called me himself. He told me how upset they all were that I was cut, and he asked me if I’d be at the screening. I told him that I would, and he says to me, “You know, Wil, you should still be involved in all the press events.” He gets this impish glint in his eye…the same glint that I lived for when I was sitting next to him on the bridge, the same impish glint that I knew was going to end up getting me in trouble when he made me crack up, and he continues, “I think you should sit there, answer as many questions as you can, even if you don’t know the answers. I’ll see you in Europe. It’ll be fun.”
Before I could play the “yes, and…” improv game with him, he was whisked away to go on stage, but not before he says, “Hey, you’ve got my number, right?” I tell him that I do. “Use it when you need it, man. It’s great to see you.”
It’s great to see me?!

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  1. Nice pics. πŸ˜‰ That’s so cool of Brent to make you feel so included in the Trek family. You don’t give yourself nearly enough credit that people look forward to seeing you and/or meeting you. :) Rock on!

  2. Wil,
    It seems like you had a great time. It must be fun to be a part of a project that brings that much happiness to everyone involved.

  3. I realized something after reading this entry: how fortunate you are to have so many people not only like but admire you.

  4. Well, on the treknews pic, you look more like Wil Wheaton than Wesley Crusher. All the others typically mimed their characters BUT you were yourself!! And it’s ok, when you just were happy to meet each other again! I looked into my dictionary to find the word “dork” (you remember? I’m German…bad english etc.), but didn’t find it. It seems to have a negative meaning like “idiot” or so…however, there’s no reason to judge yourself in such a way!! Just think of the words of Spiner and Stewart. They like you and give you the feeling of still being a part of the TNG “family”. I hope at least we will see you on DVD!!!

  5. Neato. And you never know, they might just invite you back for a larger role in the next movie (and we all know there WILL be another).
    I still think you should do a UK convention :)

  6. The Hitchhiker wrote:
    “42 is the meaning of life”
    So whats the question?
    Sorry couldnt resist.
    Anyway, WIL, its cool that you were clearly chuffed to be in that scene with all the rest of the crew.
    When are you going to get it into your noggin that we like you, and that the cast and crew of Trek, like you?
    Always remember where your towel is, you can’t go wrong.

  7. “Bellboy! Take these bags to room 702!”
    Nice jacket and pants.
    Looks like Spiner was getting Whoopy’s damn hat in the face (notice he is leaning backwards in the shot).
    Sounds like Mr. Spiner looks at you as an equal. What’s so surprising about that?

  8. Aww. That’s so sweet! :-)
    See, I told you you’d have fun if you went. :-)
    I bet it meant alot to Brent and the others that you came.

  9. Dear Wil:
    This is my first time to your site, and I’m sorry. I should have come sooner. I’m sorry to hear your scenes were cut, but I guess not everyone can make it in. It would have been nice to see you in a uniform again. πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, just stoppin by, will continue to stop by in the future.

  10. haven’t been following as closely as i could be, so maybe this has already been discussed, but mightn’t wil be in deleted scenes if a collector’s edition dvd is released? . . .

  11. Wow, hopefully i’ll get to read a post about you being a goof over in Europe at a press conference sometime soon. You should take Brent up on his offer, even if it’s just to get everyone together for a bbq or whatever you celebs do. Everyone likes BBQing in the fall…and the spring..and summer, but i seem to be one of the only ppl i know who does it in the winter. Guess it’s an eastern-canadian thing.

  12. my boy lollipop
    you make my heart go giddy up
    you are as sweet as candy
    your my sugar dandy
    o my boy lollipop
    never ever leave me
    ’cause it would grieve me
    my heart told me so
    isn’t that song so groovy? it brings back some great times!

  13. Don’t boycott the movie people. I’m just as upset that we won’t get to see our favorate wiz kid and blogger in the movie, but if we’re to see another movie we need to go see it. Let’s just hope they’re smart enough to put everything into the extended DVD. I see nothing wrong with a 3 hr movie πŸ˜›

  14. boycotting is a bad idea.
    They’re not putting me back in, no matter what. While the gesture is not lost on me, the better thing to do is see the movie over and over and over again on opening weekend, so it opens big and they decide to make another TNG movie. If there’s another TNG movie, it’s almost certain that they’ll put me in it.

  15. Hrm…and de Lancie would like to play Q again. It’s settled everyone watch Nemesis at least 8 times, so Wil can get in it and maybe a Q too. πŸ˜›

  16. I agree, go see the movie lots. With The Two Towers barreling down right on its heels, it’s very important for Trek-aficionados to put as much love into this movie as possible. Remember, a lot of Paramount’s decisions to make movies hinge on filling those seats.
    Now I just have to get van Citters to put my stuff on the top of the submissions slush pile. As if he weren’t overworked enough . . .

  17. Brent…*thud*…gawd I love that man! I met him at a convention on my 18th birthday and when my sister told him the occassion he gave me that impish, and very sexy, grin before planting a big ole smooch on my cheek. *sigh* Now I know how my Mom felt when Frankie Avalon kissed her!
    It’s great to see that pic, Wil! It still pisses me off that you were cut from the film, but I’m hoping that your scene’s will end up on the DVD. But why the heck was Wes in the dress uniform? I thought he and The Traveller were skipping around on “other planes of existance”!

  18. You know — Wil’s got a point. We have a mission people and we have to follow our directives from Mr. Crusher very carefully. See ol’ #10 as often as it takes to make the $$$ it will require for #11 to be made which will most likely be a sequel to #10 anyway — according to Patrick. That way, Wil’s a shoe-in. Maybe Rick had it planned this way all along; wanting to see how loyal and perhaps grown-up Wil’s become through the last decade — a sort of character test. And if I didn’t know any better (and I don’t), I’d bet my last week’s wages (all $.32 of it) that Brent (I call him Brent, too) knows something about it and is sworn to secrecy. Hence, the impish grin. Maybe? C’mon, throw me a bone!
    And then I’m sure Rick WILL write/produce a prime spot into #11 for Wil. Maybe ol’ Wes will save the day. I always envisioned it that way, anyway; an older/wiser Wesley Crusher emerging on to the scene in a heroic presentation during an all but lost moment for the crew of the Enterprise-E. As if to say, “Now how’s that for the punk ass kid, people?!? So step off, BEEEEOTCH!” Well, perhaps something to that effect anyway. Too many people want to see Wes resolved/addressed — yes?
    Good plan, Wil! I know I’m committing to at least 10 viewings before it goes DVD. Let’s see, I’m in the PAC/NORTHWEST, so that’s around $50.00 from my going alone! (matinee prices naturally) But multiply that by at least ALL the viewers of this site and that alone might add up

  19. So I re-read Wil’s comment and NOW I get it. The trick is to see it A LOT on opening weekend. DER! Well, I can’t promise 50 viewings, but I do have a fellow Trekkie friend who may accomany me for a few times if I buy for the additional viewings. (Cheap b*stard)
    Eitherway, I’m on board!

  20. Hey what the hell?? I clicked on the link and it told me I was FORBIDDEN to view that page!
    Damn them, they followed me here too! Stupid gnomes…*walks away, muttering profanites*

  21. My vote is for Evil Anti-Wesley to come back and DESTROY the universe. (You can just imagine the hand gesture his action figure would have.) Hey Picard, Riker, and Data have all had their Evil Science Fiction Twin of sorts.
    Give our pal Wil the opportunity to do his best over the top bad guy in the foot steps of F Murray Abraham, Alice Krige, Malcom McDowell, Christopher Plummer, and the King of all Star Trek Villains, Ricardo Montalban.
    Ends in a brutal scene with Evil Wes and a bunch of … ummm… Klingons looking for parmach in all the wrong places. But we won’t go there. (Now THERE’s an action figure.)
    Actually, I wouldn’t want Wil to go out in such a blaze of ignominy. I’m waiting for him to get his own Trek series. That way he gets to work with Rick Berman EVERY DAY!

  22. You don’t look like a dork there Wil! You just look a little short standing next to Michael! LOL They should have let you stand between Marina and Whoopi >;}

  23. wil: i looked the picture over…and then i looked at it over again…and as far as i can see on my small screen…you’re the only one with teeth!

  24. Know what I like best about coming here? There is ALWAYS something that makes me smile, for being funny or cool or whatever.
    Hey, they just reran a (1996?) Outer Limits you did. Nice work, Wil!

  25. Hey Wil,
    Didn’t some agency that you were with during and after your few years on TNG screw you over somehow? I can’t remember the details. I’m referring to an interview you gave to the TV Guide dudes when they published a Book on TNG just before the last episode. Like I said, I read it from what seemed to be eons ago and some of the info might be innacurate.
    Hope to hear a responce. ^_^

  26. you would think someone would have a petition to sign online that they would send to berman to have your nemesis scene(s) put back in…im sure he really doesnt care…so it wont make much of a difference…but its good to show how the audience feels about certain decisions…

  27. Dude, at least u made some money doin Trek, but you were forced to play this little wuss who thought he was hot shit, but in most scenereo’s, one would have done the same thing in your position. I kinda like Trek, only the original and the next gen, but thats about it, deep space 9 sucked in my opinion, and voyager was only cool durring the encounters with the Borg, and that new Enterprise, well that is just pathetic, look at the enterprise in that show and look at the enterprise in the original Kirk series, it seems the older one looks more advanced than the newer one, (from the Kirk series). Oh well, I am sure Gene would have done it correct, but I am a critic like every single person in this world who enjoys picking out things that are incorrect like my spelling half of the time. Well hope the best for you Will.

  28. well, i doubt anyone will get this, but, Will, you were actually my childhood hero. I used to watch Star Trek every day, and i now own all the episodes on DVD. I have always wanted to be like your character. But now that I’m older, 23, i realize that your character was probably created to suck in a younger crowd, like myself. I also caught you on the Weakest Link, and I think you did not portray yourself well. Oh well,

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