Home Again

Anne and I are back from the AVON 3 Day.
Our feet are as sore as you’d think, Anne hyper-extended her knee, and I really messed up the arch ofmy right foot…but it was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. It was absolutely life-changing, and I can’t wait to write all about it.
It will be several days before I can, though, because when I got home, I found out that I had been cast in a movie.
That’s right.
Just when I decide that I’m not going to be an actor any more, I go and get cast in a movie.
As the lead.
I am number one on the call sheet, and everything!
I had my first day today, and I will work every day on the production, right up until my anniversary in November…so I fear that entries in the old WWDN Weblog will be shorter, more diary-like, some updates on the movie and stuff.
Right now, I am exhausted, and I have to go to sleep. More updated information about the film and the walk when I have some time.
Oh, I am going to be on Screen Savers on Wednesday. It should be a really funny segment, so check it out.
Unless you’re not into funny tech stuff, and babes. In that case, you’d probably be better off watching Maisy.
Know what’s weird? I had Chinese take out with the kids a few weeks ago, and my fortune said:

“All your hard work is about to pay off.”


122 thoughts on “Home Again”

  1. Hey wil,
    Just caught the segment on TSS. It looked like it was lots of fun to tape that segment. Congrats on the film part. I will be watching for it.
    Richard j Smith
    La Crosse, Wisconsin

  2. :O *gypsy does happy dance*
    -Like the angry angry Beavers-
    Dude very cool that you survived the walk, hope you recover soon- give my best to Anne- :)
    The movie– VERY COOL!!!! hope all goes well, many blessing upon you!!! can’t wait to hear about it- but I guess I will have to- har har har!

  3. This is waaaaaaay cool news! Congratulations. Can’t wait to use the insider information on HSX. What ever happened with the John Doe audition?

  4. Here’s a flavor of congratulations you probably haven’t seen yet: Congratulations on being disciplined enough to hold back the news until you knew it was really for real. I probably would have crowed about it a lot sooner and jinxed myself. :-)

  5. I got a fortune cookie once that said “Your luck has completely changed today.”
    I got the same fortune again 10 years, two jobs, and one wife later.
    Then I got a cookie that was empty.

  6. just adding my voice to the list Wil…
    way to freakin GO man!!!!!!!
    i’m really happy for you..
    patience and persistance.
    my old man said if you have ’em both, you can conquer anything..
    and he was absolutely right…
    way to go man….

  7. “Good things come to those who sit and wait”
    BULL SHIT!!!
    You worked hard, perservered (sic?) and it paid off. You earned this now run with it.

  8. Congratulations on your walk. My wife walked also (in fact, she believes you gave her a Cliff(sp?) bar at some point) and did very well. It’s too bad about Palotta, hopefully Avon can put a successful walk together next year.
    Good luck on your movie

  9. I don’t know what to say that won’t sound trite. I’ll just be sincere:
    I’m truly excited that you have been given this opportunity. Maybe some day I’ll move beyond the Japanese television productions and get a shot like that. :)

  10. hey – i did the 3-day, too. one of the crew members had said you were there, so i wandered on over to the site to see what you had to say about it. it was pretty cool, huh? well, congrats to you, anne (i assume your wife?), and me all for a job well done =)

  11. Well, that’s great news! I’m so glad you got cast…. as the lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!The only problem is, I also ate at a chinese resturaunt not to long ago and my fortune cookie said “don’t turn around, deaths knocking on your backdoor”.

  12. Congratulations, Cowboy. I will be waiting for the movie to be released. Be sure to keep your fans informed.
    PS Don’t ask about the “Cowboy” thing. It is a habit now. I started calling my son that and now I call everyone “Cowboy”.

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