on being thankful

I really like Thanksgiving.
I love gathering with my family, spending the day with people I don’t get to see very often, and sitting down for a massive dinner that I didn’t have to cook.
Is there a better time for a List Of Seven?
Today, I am thankful for:

  1. Creative energy, used to bring Joy into the world.
  2. Seeing my cousin Dustin today.
  3. My invitation to the Cast and Crew screening of Trek X
  4. Finally looking back on my teenage years with more joy than regret.
  5. My wife cuddling me because she loves me…not because she’s trying to stay warm.
  6. Ferris, when she looks at me and says, “What?”
  7. I am thankful for this website, and the readers who have come together from around the world to share in my stupid life, riding the roller coaster of success and failure, triumph and despair. I know for a fact that I never would have grown from struggling actor-slash-has-been to aspiring writer-slash-actor.

Our extended Thought For Today comes from Bob in Iowa, Katie’s father:

What I Am Thankful For
I am thankful that my daughter’s surgery went smoothly and successfully. Her kidneys will not develop horrible problems later in life, and a small scar is indeed an easy price to pay for her health.
I am thankful for the skill of the pediatric urology surgeon and the team that worked on my daughter. Their skill has proved in her case, as in many others I’m sure, that disciplined modern medicine is something that we should all be glad for. I am thankful for whoever the person or team was that invented the careful system of moving around and passing instruments in the modern surgery room. I am thankful for whoever the person or team was that sterilizes those instruments at the University of Iowa Hospital, and indeed in all hospitals.
I am thankful that my daughter’s recovery has been as impressive as the surgery itself. She is home now, running around like a precocious 16-month-old should, and she will be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner with her family.
I am thankful that my daughter is running around like a precocious 16-month-old, and I will try to remember that the next time she gets into something that she knows she shouldn’t or knocks something over. I am thankful that she will continue to grow up healthy. I am thankful that I have a daughter.
I am thankful to Wil Wheaton, who responded to an email I wrote at a time when I was at my worst, my most desperate. That simple request, which was fulfilled despite Wil’s having absolutely no obligation to, lead to an outpouring of love that not only affected me very deeply and helped my daughter in a very real way, it seems to have affected everyone involved in some way.
I am thankful to the complete strangers who, upon reading the entry in Wil Wheaton’s blog, made a simple choice to take a moment from their day and send some love my daughter’s way. I swear to God that I felt it, and I believe in my heart that it helped both with the surgery and with the swift recovery. I just wish there was another word to describe a person whom I have never met besides “stranger”, because that name is so ill-fitting to the people who took the time to help my daughter.
But most of all, I am thankful that despite the horrible things that we see every day on television and read about every day in newspapers, there is enough love in the world to selflessly help a little girl in need of love, and that we really are a loving and caring race. More often than not, we seem to forget what we really are. I am thankful that this opportunity arose to remind us all.
Thank you all for your compassion and kindness. Katie is recovering wonderfully, and I don’t doubt for a second that all of your goodwill and love is a MAJOR reason for that. I really cannot thank any of you enough, other than to say, “Thank you.” May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.
– Bob Roth, WWDN fan

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  1. Beautiful Bob! Glad to hear all is well. Props to all involved especially Katie..Way to be a tough girl Katie! As for the people bitching about hearing about someone else’s troubles. Shame on you. Welcome to the holiday season. God forbid someone take a minute out of their busy schedule to think about another’s misfortune and actually care enough to send out a message. Nate, you premised your comment with, “I know I’m being a dick..”…Don’t be a dick Nate…No one likes that. As for good thoughts being grounded in reality…I feel sorry if you feel that they aren’t. Spread a little cheer Nate. It might even make you smile.

  2. Bob…. You were looking for a different word for “Strangers”.
    I like to call them, “Friends I havn’t met”.
    hope you find that useful and glad to hear things are going well.
    flip (not a regular reader here)

  3. Thanks for the thoughts. I should note that apparently I read this site more closely than some of you. Here’s how the whole thing went down:
    1. Bob sends email to Wil.
    2. Bob goes to hospital, w/ no net access.
    3. Wil posts Bob’s email.
    4. Many nice people reply and “send mojo”.
    5. Bob gets home from the operation, reads WWDN, sends report and thanks.
    Now, I understand and agree with the thinking that patients or people close to patients who have a postitive state of mind are far better off in medical situations, but what you seem to be missing is that according to Bob, he had no idea that Wil had posted his note and that people were saying nice things until the operation was over. What gives me the creeps about this is that people apparently think that by thinking nice things about someone who had no idea that people were thinking those things was of service here.
    I submit that this is not only silly, but it could be downright dangerous to live your life this way. This sounds like the plot of an[other] overwrought ballad by the guy who sang that awful “Butterfly Kisses” song, and I’m truly sorry if it bothers you that that bothers me. I’ll believe in ESP, telekenisis, Miss Cleo, or sending nice thoughts to an unwitting recipient making a difference when I see it.
    I’m extremely happy that Boodlie-Face made it through the operation OK, and it’s important that she and her family maintain a stiff upper lip. But WWDN didn’t have anything to do with that–except to the extent that Bob sending the email made him feel better before the operation. Believing otherwise–and claiming that you feel sorry for me because I don’t–well, let’s just say that we’ve gotten and digested the good news, and now I’d rather read about Wil’s day, or yours, or … ?
    I misspoke in my first post about “being a dick”. What I should have said is “I know I’ll look like a dick for posting this”, because I don’t believe I’m being heartless–or incorrect–here. That said, reasonable people can agree to disagree, and I will say no more on the subject. It’s your site, Wil, and you should do what you want with it.
    I just thank you for taking the time to have such an interesting site to begin with.

  4. *sniffs*
    What else can I say but that you are very welcome, Bob. I wanted to help your daughter in any way that I could and Im glad what little I said helped. Love DOES indeed conquor all.
    Take care, Bob. It makes me happy to see that little Katie has a father like you. She will benifit GREATLY from your example. =o)

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