…and a little good news

Before I get to the good news, I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me kindness yesterday. While not getting invited really felt like a slap in the face, it is certainly not the end of the world, by any means.
Now I’ll be seeing the movie for the first time with my friends, in a regular theatre, with a “real” audience, which will be cool.
The good news: a few months back, Chris DiBona approached me, and asked me if I’d be interested in joining the Board of Advisors for a new game company he was forming.
I said yes, and I’ve managed to be useful already, which is cool. Their first game is a MMORPG called Rekonstruction.
Anyhow, the press release went out today, and I thought I’d pimp it.

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  1. Perhaps what I recently realized will be of value to you. It finally occurred to me that what I do for a living is not what I’ll be remembered for by the people who matter. One day, in the distant future when you’re gone, the marker on your grave won’t say Wil Wheaton, “TV’s Wesley Crusher”, it will probably say something like, “devoted husband, father, brother, son, friend”. What more could one hope for in a life? You’ve got something worth more than all the movies ever made; family and friends.

  2. When we allow others to make us feel less than we are, we’re saying that their opinions about us matter more than our own. Not true, my friend! Being hurt is one thing — you’re entitled. Just don’t allow people whose opinions you don’t even respect affect how you feel about yourself. Way to bounce back.

  3. The future is online gaming. Just watching my 12 year old nephew play Starcraft for 10 hours straight online tells me that.
    Cool that the place will be in my neck of the woods (SF, Bay Area). Let me know if you’re hiring for someone to Microwave Twinkies or to massage your ego. I sure we can arrange something after that last big PAX movie paycheck.
    P.S. I don’t play a lot of the recent Online games, but when I did briefly work for Sega Phantasy Star Online blew me away!!! Check it out sometime if you haven’t already.
    K. Enough already. Congrats!

  4. congrualations on the new game company!
    I’m glad you’re feeling better.
    Like I said before after you left the show I stopped watching it, so did alot of fans.
    Just goes to show you how much we liked watching you.
    Anyway congrats to you.
    Oh yeah I live in wisconsin, do you ever think you’d come here?
    Give my love to your family and that encludes your mom, dad and the rest of the clan.
    “Nanny rasberries Will”
    sharon nanny

  5. Hey Wil! I haven’t been able to get online in a few days and I just got all caught up on your blog.
    Oh man did my heart sink when i read about the premiere. That was so terrible to not be included. You’re such a great person, you deserve only good things and not stupid crap like that.
    I’m happy to see that things turned around… congrats on your appointment at Damage Studios!!

  6. Wil,
    Good to hear about the game co. Damn it, make sure they write an X11/*nix) version, eh? Yes, Linux geeks WILL buy software, especially an awesome game. Hell, I’d even playtest the thing, and I think gaming peaked with Commander Keen! My boy, now, that’s a gamer . . .

  7. NEWS FLASH: Just saw the Nemesis screening. Wil/Wesley DOES appear in the movie; he’s in the wedding scenes in the opener, on the left side of the wedding table, in Starfleet dress uniform.
    No speaking parts, though.
    Wil Wheaton is credited as “Wesley Crusher” in the end credits, at the bottom of the cast credit list.

  8. So this is just one step closer to loosing your monkeys and eventual world domination eh? Good for you Wil! :)
    Seriously though, Congrats on the Board of Advisors, that must be a lot of fun when you guys get together. Maybe you could drop us a few hints of games that get the Green light but haven’t been started yet, like with Rekonstruction. Anyways, it’s time to start work. Later man.

  9. Hey Wil,
    There I was, trying to wake up this morning and I said to myself, “you know, I havn’t checked up on my pal, Wil, in a long time. Lets see what he is up to.” Yeah, sometimes I really do talk to myself outloud. But anyway at the top of the page were my two favorite things. Thongs and Games. No, I dont wear thongs, but I looked to see if you had some hot Hooters girl modelling one. Imagine the dissappointment when there was no pic to be found. If I may plug myself right here .. I have beta tested many games in the past including Anarchy Online and both of the Asheron’s Call MMORPGs. I would love to do the same for Rekonstruction. If I say, “Uncle Willy said I can play” will that get me in when the time comes? hehe

  10. I’ve been reading for awhile, but after yesterday’s and today’s post wanted to comment. I hate sounding like a fortune cookie but in my experience there is always something good to balance the bad… I guess the bad is just there to make us appreciate the good things. I’m sorry about the “oversight” re: the premiere… but in the end I think you are much better off being surrounded by friends and really enjoying yourself and the film.
    As for the new game co venture… Best of Luck and by all means, have FUN!! Continued good thoughts and support your way

  11. Wil- Maybe a good thing you’re NOT in the movie too much. I just read Harry Knowles review, and the nicest thing he said about it was that it totally sucked.

  12. No offense to anyone here who’s a huge Next Generation fan, but Nemesis is no Khan. Entertaining as hell, one of the best Next Generation movies, but still… not Khan. Don’t think they can get that good again. But, then again, I suppose that is why they call it “opinion”.

  13. Hey Wil, sucks about the premiere and cameo getting cut. What? They could get you AND Patrick Stewart’s big bald beautiful head in the same frame or something?
    Ahhh, to heck with it.
    And big congrats on the new gaming venture. And for being “rather remarkable”! Hehehe.
    Rock on!

  14. Uncle Willy, I’m confused. How come people say you are in the movie, speaking or not, and are listed in the credits but not invited to the premier? That doesn’t make sense.

  15. It takes a small man to say one thing and never mean to follow it through. It takes a big man to take this in his stride (even when it hurts) and be able to get on with things and not let it deter him. Good on you Wil.
    Remember one of the best meanings of life: Be happy and contented with what you have, but never afraid to dream and see what it brings you.

  16. Hey Wil…
    Well, the sting from a slap in the face inevitably goes away. At least you can look forward to your new venture. B^)
    And hey, just think, watching the ST movie in a real theatre with real people and annoying the real crap outta them…hey that should be fun! Just remember, when they finally crash the ship for the final time, yell to the geeks in the front row, “TIME TO MOVE OUT OF YOUR PARENT’S BASEMENT! IT’S OVER! REALLY!”
    Now could you do that at some big premiere? Of course not? And what kind of movie going experience would it be without your feet sticking to the floors and people trying to keep their kids in their seats through most of it? It’s all in the atmosphere man…it’s all in the atmosphere…
    Madd Luv You Big Pimp!

  17. Congrats Wil. That’s really cool.
    On another topic… There is something to be said about seeing movies with your friends and the masses. If it is a good audience then you get the benefit of all the positive energy they bring to the showing…

  18. Might be a bit late, but we were talking about you on fametracker wil, and this is what one fan had to say regarding nemesis:
    “It annoys me that Wil Wheaton isn’t in any of the movies. I realize they can’t age progress him quite the way they can the other characters, but please! Or at least some explanation as to where he is. His damn mom is still there. Is he traversing the universe with the interdimensional traveler guy who told Picard the kid was one genius in a million?”
    thought you might get a slight chuckle out of that one…
    excellent news about rekonstruction, by the way and all the best for the holidays…

  19. Some asshole posted earlier. Sign [email protected] up for all the spam you can. I’ve always thought that Rick Berman’s an asshole since he’s just generally whored out the franchise, and fucked over Gene’s vision. Now it turns out he’s a stereotypical Hollywood grassfucking cockmongrel. I’m sorry to say that I won’t not see the movie and eventually buy the DVD in protest, I’m too much of a fanboy for that, but I will happily pirate it, without the guilt that I would otherwise have.

  20. ((re: yesterday’s post: i’m surprised to read at how consistently poorly you’ve been treated by the star trek people. this isn’t gene’s vision, by a longshot.))
    BUT, you’re consistently being treated sweetly by the fans, which i’m sure more than makes up for it. I’m sure Gene would approve. after all, you can’t always solve the past, but you can damn well ride on the benefits of it.
    fuck Berman, the rest of the cast views you as family, and they really enjoy being with you. He can’t change that, and when they find out why you didn’t come to the premiere, they’ll obviously think less of him, if they don’t already.
    the bastard’s gonna be real lonely in his egomaniacal position.

  21. Wil,
    Random thingies:
    I remember watching NextGen as a kid, I’m 21 now and though I’m a bit younger than you, I totally identified with Wesley and still do. Whenever I felt critically about the character (and I did at times) I always knew it was the writers’ fault and not yours, because very few actors have the privilege of input into their own character. I loved the way your character developed in later years. Is there any “extended universe” stuff (books, games, etc.) to explain whatever happened with Wesley and the Traveler?
    Your website is awesome, I have so many new insights now into you, the entertainment industry, and the Star Trek franchise. I find myself wondering if Mr. Berman is all he’s cracked up to be. I’ll always be a fan of Braga and Piller though.
    Going to see Nemesis this Saturday, though after reading the review on http://www.aintitcool.com , you may be glad that you are not a part of it. Though if you are on the DVD I will definitely buy it.
    Have you heard of Peter David’s book “Imzadi” ? Best Star Trek book ever. Wesley has a cool role in it as a captain which is pretty neat. He’s definitely still viable as a character in the Star Trek universe — by being linked up with the Traveler he has the potential to appear in any future production, though I guess that more up to the production staff than anyone else.
    As of now I don’t feel comfortable leaving my email for some reason, but I’ll email this to you as well. I left your email address in the post thingy, I think you said somewhere that was okay…

  22. Hey, Wil. Didn’t catch that yesterday (Finals week) but thought I’d send some love today.
    You rock and they suck, and that’s all there is to it.

  23. First time poster here. Nemisis. I don’t get it. Maybe it is just the trailers but it’s better to cameo than to be faulted for a train wreck.
    I’ll probably just be watching LoTR. :)
    Now, if you could get an appearance as your great-great-great-whatever grand father in a prequel where you get to get down with the female vulcan science officer during that sonic shower scene… I’d pay to see that.
    If Shatner can do it… so can you bubba.

  24. Dear Wil:
    Getting left off the Premiere-just as bad as not getting picked for Kickball/softball teams or your classmates birthday party-it hurts only until
    you realize the jerks aren’t cool enough to carry your ice!
    I hope you have fun at the screening today-have some Raisinets on me!

  25. Wil: Completley and utterly off-topic, but you really should get around to getting a picture of yourself up at the IMDB :)

  26. Wil, This is BIG… and I mean B I G. As a *nix admin and beliver in Free Sofeware I can’t wait to see where this all goes. Again congrats my friend, keep us posted.
    As always,
    Rock On!
    Cyber Monkey

  27. This has probably been mentioned, but take a look at this, Harry Knowles’ review: http://linux10985.dn.net/display.cgi?id=14008. Now, I doubt you’re really dying to hear such blatant disregard for a film you acted in, but from what I’m hearing so far (and judging by his previous work), Berman isn’t worth your time or your grief–he’s a talentless hack who should never have been allowed to shoot anything other than a TV show. Cheer up man, your better off without the prick.

  28. If I were you, I would have called Rick Berman myself and said, Remember the deal?? Well, FUCK YOU. Believe me we want to see your part in the movie…..Rick Berman sucks and he should be cast out. I would throw Majel Barrett Rodenberry in charge of Star Trek. I like her.

  29. He’s an “Even Steven”!
    Go going, Wil.
    In the newspaper yesterday I saw a photo of Patrick Stewart at the premiere and felt a pang of sadness. Shafting people is not cool.
    But now there’s good news. This makes me happy. None of THEM are on the board of advisors of a new game company. They can kiss your board-member ass.
    One more thing for your resume.
    Wil seems to like acquiring new titles. :)

  30. Yup, it’s me again. I’m gonnabe around for a while no matter how bad most people are gonna hate me and my comments. Wil man, you have a lot of nice comments so you probably don’t mind having someone like me around. My department is to tell it to you straight man, without the sugar coating. First of all, I think it’s cool that you do your own site. Second, I know it’s because you’re a lame ass. If you were actually doing good, you wouldn’t have time to do this website. You will hopefully eventually look forward to my posts.
    Yada yada, lots of happiness is being sent your way from everyone. Not me. Why? because I know you’re not where you want to be professionally. You have to chase after it dude. Hard. No more posts about your friend’s gaming company, and no more conventions dude. Believe me when I tell you your trekkie fans will forgive you if you’re chasing something more down. Wil, set some goals man. Give yourself a time limit to have achieved some particular acting goals. This is YOUR career dude. You are the only one who can make this shit happen. Be honest, you’re not doing as much as you could be. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
    Talk to you soon,

  31. Right on! Out of the frying pan and into the AC for once! Sounds like a good deal, Wil! Just make sure your friend doesn’t let his gaming company get bought up by Micro$oft. That would just… *shudders*…

  32. Hiya Wil, as I’m sure you’ve already seen the movie, I just wanted to congratulate you on your scenes at the wedding reception :) I thought I had read here that all of your parts were cut, but there you were at the table during Picard’s speech, and socializing (with a Bolian I believe) during the dance, and even wearing Starfleet formal dress with an ensign pip.

  33. Hey Will, I know this is a bit late to be chiming in. I was never crazy about the Wesley character, but you sound like a great guy and I love your web site. Star Trek is an aging franchise and you are a young guy. The best revenge is to move on and be hugely successful at the other things you love doing. Move on guy, I’m sure you will be great. I can’t believe you cranked out a book just like that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried and failed. Keep on keeping on bud.

  34. Well, I just saw Nemesis tonight, and was totally peeved.
    At least we got a chance to see wes/you, even if there wasn’t any dialogue involved.
    Good to see you, though…

  35. This is a it off-topic, but relating to the title of your parent post.
    It is good news indeed that you are not really associated with that piece of sci-fi garbage known as ‘Nemesis.’
    I saw it Friday night with my ex-girlfriend, and she asked me ‘was it supposed to be that bad?” as well as “where was wil?”
    I mean, that was Patrick’s movie, with a few other characters thrown in for good measure. Made for a boring movie… and… ramming speed? Puhlease!

  36. so, i wasn’t too sure about the game… but now that i have read the summary via the link… i think that i’m in… i’m like excited to play ‘god’ in a computer game…
    … buddha knows i can’t play ‘god’ in my own stupid life… **sigh**
    anyway… thank you for the super swank site. and thanks for being on the screensavers. that was righteous.
    swing on, brother… and long live the fifth force.
    eric maixner
    fargo, nd

  37. Keep slanging the dope commentaries on Arena and when are we going to see you play some Counterstrike? Peace

  38. My bad on the last post the co-host and his buddy suck you where on the ball on the play by play especialy on the mech and the cs matches.
    sAlot the dismayed

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