Christmas 2002

The scent of balsam fir and spiced cider permeates every corner of our house.
Wrapping paper and ribbons, tags and tape litter the living room floor. Our cats chase bits of ribbon and bows, tearing around the floor like they are kittens again.
Ferris snores heavily by the fire.
We turn out all the lights, and stand together in front of the fireplace.
Candle and firelight play across our faces. The only other light in the house comes from the village atop the piano and the lights on our tree. We share a Christmas kiss, before settling our brains for a long Winter’s nap.
Merry Christmas, everyone. May peace prevail on Earth.

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  1. A very merry Christmas, a happy new year, and joyful holidays to the Wheaton’s, all WWDN’rs, and the whole world. May the coming months and years find you all peace, happiness, and joy! :)

  2. Hey Wil, did you talk to your friend corey feldman cause I did and he told me that he would talk to you about “_-*JeSs*-_” and how she was right and your administrator Cherish was wrong and all that stuff well I gott go Merry Christmas Love Ya

  3. Dear Wil
    You have filled our lives with laughter and deep and those deep and meaningful moments which make you appreciate life that little bit more.
    Thank you.
    Meryy Chriastmas to you and your family and to all WWDN fans and may we have a great 2003
    9.52pm GMT

  4. I’d just like to say that through everything that has happened this year, it can all be forgotten on one day of the year when you can spend your whole day appreciating your family and friends who surround you.
    Please appreciate everyone around you as time is precious with the ones you love.
    So wishing you all a very merry and joyful christmas and a peaceful and hope filled new year…….

  5. Merry Christmas to the Wheatons and best wishes for the New Year…
    And more of the same to the rest of the gang!

  6. Are you dreaming of a white xmas, Wil? Your post reminded me of that song, written in LA way back when. Have a fun day. No snow here either. Just lots of wind and some rain. :)

  7. hey wow this year went by so fast i can’t believe it. this is the first white christmas long island has had in quite a few years.
    MeRrY ChRiStMaS everyone!

  8. Merry Christmas to ya Wil from a long time fan and a lurker of your site. :) Hope your journey in the new year brings you an even better understanding of life and yourself then this year has.

  9. Wil, Merry Christmas to you, Anne, Nolan & Ryan. Thanks for all you’ve provided for us Monkeys this year and congratulations on all your accomplishments in 2002. It has all been fun to watch and encourage.
    And love & peace to all the Monkeys from us here. Rob

  10. My best gift was watching my ten-month-old son experience his first Christmas, and seeing Christmas through the eyes of my two-and-half-year-old daughter. Helping my daughter make sure that Santa’s cookies and milk, and Rudolph’s carrot were set out just so.
    I believe in Christmas again, and there is no better present.

  11. Merry Christmas from all our family here in GA to yours. We hope you have the excitement and enjoyment of a child on this wonderful day. Peace be with you all!

  12. merry christmas to you and your family wil, and to all the rest of the posse here!
    happy new year too :)

  13. Merry Christmas, to everyone out there. Even though it’s not Christmas anymore in most places around the world as write this. :)

  14. Actually, thats pretty much common knowledge as far as religion goes. Jesus was a pretty good Jew, those following him later became Christians.

  15. Merry Christmas, Wil! (with 31 minutes to go!)
    I hope you and your family had a happy one!
    By the way-that poster is sooo cool-would that it was true!
    Did anyone see all the good shows on TV tonight-including Wizard of Oz that was not listed?!??!?!
    Makes you sorry Christmas is only once a year!
    Have a good Boxing Day everyone!

  16. Wil-
    Well its been a great *WHITE* Christmas on this end Wil… 8 inches of snow here in Indianapolis!
    For Christmas, I finally got a DVD player, so I’ve rejoined civilization.
    Happy holidays everyone!

  17. Like posted before.
    Merry Christmas to you Will and all of your family.
    Happy New Year, may your new year bring you nothing but happiness.
    Don’t let anyone tell you different,
    You rock!
    A fan forever!

  18. Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you.
    It’s been years, but where I live in Wisconsin we got NO SNOW on Christmas day!
    what a record!
    lots of love,

  19. Wil,
    I got a picture of you from my boyfriend this Christmas, and it was the best present yet! Thank you for making my holiday wonderful.

  20. Merry Christmas Wil!
    Peace will prevail on Earth after we remove certain people…..Saddam, UBL, etc, etc…

  21. Merry Christmas Wil!
    May you and your family know the love and abundance of Christ on this day, and all throughout the year! Hope to see you again soon.

  22. Merry Christmas Wil
    I’ve seen this poem around, this day in age it brings a tear to my eye. Makes me remember that our freedom is not free…
    ……..Twas The Night Before Christmas……
    Twas the Night Before Christmas,
    He lived all alone,
    In a one-bedroom house made of
    Plaster and stone.
    I had come down the Chimney,
    With Presents to give,
    And to see just who,
    In this Home did live.
    I looked all about,
    A strange sight I did see,
    No tinsel, no Presents,
    Not even a Tree.
    No Stocking by Mantle,
    Just Boots filled with sand.
    On the wll hung Pictures,
    Of far distant Lands.
    With Medals and Badges,
    Awards of all kinds,
    A sober thought
    Came throught my mind.
    For this House was different,
    It was Dark and Dreary,
    I found the of a Soldier,
    Once I could see clearly.
    The Soldier lay sleeping,
    Silent, Alone,
    Curled up on the floor,
    In this one-bedroom Home.
    The Face was so Gentle,
    The room in such Disorder,
    Not how I pictured,
    A Active Duty Soldier.
    Was this the Hero of whom I’d just read?
    Curled up on a Poncho, the floor for a bed?
    I realized the Families,
    That I saw this Night,
    Owed their Lives to these Soldiers,
    Who were willing to fight.
    Soon round the World,
    The Children would Play,
    And Grownups would Celebrate,
    A Bright Christmas Day.
    They all enjoyed Freedom,
    Each Month of the Year,
    Because of the Soldiers,
    Like the one lying here.
    I couldn’t help wonder,
    How many lay Alone,
    On a Cold Christmas Eve,
    In a Land far from Home.
    The very thought,
    Brought a Tear to my Eye,
    I dropped to my knees,
    And started to Cry.
    The Soldier awakened,
    And I heard a Rough Voice,
    ” Santa don’t cry,
    This is my lifes Choice;
    I fight for Freedom,
    I don’t ask for more,
    My life is my God,
    My Country, My Corps.”
    The Soldier rolled over,
    And drifted to sleep,
    I couldn’t control it,
    I continued to Weep.
    I kept Watch for hours,
    So Silent and Still,
    And we both Shivered,
    From the Cold Night’s Chill.
    I didn’t want to leave,
    On that Cold, Dark Night,
    And this Guardian of Honor,
    So willing to fight.
    Then the Soldier rolled over,
    with a Voice Soft and Pure,
    Whispered, ” Carry on Santa,
    It’s Christmas Day, all is Secure.”
    One look at my watch, and I knew he was right

  23. I can’t even begin to describe how thoroughly fucked up and wrong that stupid-fuck soldier/Santa poem is.
    Get this straight…
    American soldiers do not die.
    They kill.
    Cram it sideways with walnuts, Patton.

  24. I had forgotten how funny your journals were but then I read July-September and ROTFLed. *grins*
    Right, well…expect much ramblings from me.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Wintersolstice or whatever you celebrate.
    Oh, and military only makes me think of Stargate SG1 nowadays…yummy, yummy, green BDU’s and black T-shirts. *drools*
    And my fave geek of all times, Dr. Daniel Jackson.
    Why can’t he be real?
    How difficult can it be for a geek girl to find a geek guy? Opps, maybe I shouldn’t have written that…
    Marriage proposals should contain Movie and TV-show preferences. *snickers*
    God Jul from Sweden. 😉

  25. Watched “South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut” last night, and sadly it was pretty eye-opening in this day.
    Recommend that everyone watch this again and think of the thousand Iranian immigrants who may have been whisked away to “Happy Camps” in Arizona. Remember your inalienable rights.
    Hope everyone had a good Christmas, and Hanukah, and Kwanzaa, and Yule, and every other Solstice Holiday you can think of.
    May the frost be gone soon.

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