Cough revisited

An 8×10 sale update!
The photo lab finished printing my order this morning, so all the 8x10s have been mailed out, except for about 6, for people who haven’t told me what to sign on their pictures.
So if you’ve ordered, but you haven’t sent me your request, get on it, man! :)
Anything going out after today clearly won’t arrive in time for Christmas, but if you’ve been waiting to order, and it’s not a gift, go ahead and do it. I have about 50 of each photo left after filling orders, and if those sell out, I’ll order more in the new year.
I’ve gotten sick, it would seem, despite my best efforts to hold off the cold which is ravaging my family right now.
Since I’m feeling like crap, I’m putting off the last-minute shopping until REALLY the last minute, and I’m spending my time the last couple of days heavily editing my book.
I gotta tell you, I’m really excited, and getting nervous. Excited, because my editor, Andrew, has given me notes that fall into two categories: “Duh. I am so lame for missing that.” and “Holy crap! This is such a great idea! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that on my own!” His notes have made the book much more readable, and clearer than it would have ever been if I’d done it all on my own.
Nervous, because as it gets closer and closer to being released to Real Life Readers, I worry that it just isn’t good enough. This is normal, though, for me. It happens with everything creative that I do. I guess it’s just my nature.
Back to work!

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  1. It sounds like there are a lot of people who would like to see Wesley on Star Trek again. Since we, the audience, ultimately pay the bills for Star Trek there is no reason why we shouldn’t demand Wesley Crusher as a regular character in the next series (which is rumored to have some of TNG cast members). If you would like to add your support, follow these instructions:
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    I’ve read that if your letter does not say Star Trek on the outside then it is more likely to be read. I don’t know if this is true. I have also heard that handwritten letters tend to carry more impact than typed letters these days.
    If someone wants to spearhead the effort and make a web page or something, please do so. I don’t really have time to do any more than this post.

  2. Working on the book? Great!
    And while you are at it, please remember that Star Trek is spelled S-T-A-R–T-R-E-K
    Although I did get a really good buy on eBay. Someone was selling a vintage 1960’s TV guide with “Those two guys from Star TRACK”
    Merry Christmas all!

  3. Hi.. If it is your nature.. i think it has to do with your upbrining as a child actor/star. It’s like you constantly need approval and praise from those around you. If often appears in your posts as a motivating factor in many things you do. Don’t take this as a criticism, it’s probably just the nature of the beast.. To constantly have to go on auditions and then be told that you are or are not good enough. Im not sure it has lead to a sense of insecurity from you, but i’m sure it has shaped who you are today. Both good and bad.

  4. Wil,
    As one who just turned in the manuscript for her 8th book, I can attest to the fact that editors ALWAYS come back with great stuff in the form of suggestions to make the work better. That’s what editors are for — you always have to have that “independent” viewpoint to help you see where you’re going. Every writer does, whether she/he/it wants to admit it!
    Keep up the good work!
    And happy holidays… and don’t let that cold get bad…
    take care

  5. Hey, Wil. I just wanted to comment that I think it is way cool that you take the time to offer autographed photos of yourself for sale, though if my impression of you is accurate, I suspect you initially cringed inwardly at the thought of doing so. I haven’t taken the time myself to order one, but it is only a matter of time. Oh, and I look forward to purchasing your book. I love your prose and am eager to read your collection of tales.
    Merry Christmas from Texas!

  6. Wil,
    My cure for the cold (or at least to minimize it drastically): Two letters: OJ
    You’ve probably heard this one before but most people make the mistake of buying the wattery stuff in the big palstic jug, I’m talking about the expensive stuff, by Tropicana which says “Lot’s of Pulp” on the carton and goes “glug glug” when you poor it into a glass. You literally have to chew it first before swallowing cause it’s so thick. Drink it ALL THE TIME. Or at least every two hours. A full glass! You’ll be back on your feet in no time at all.
    Get Better!
    – Eddy

  7. Hope you and yours get better soon. Colds anytime suck but during the holidays they suck even more.
    Now that you mention it, I need to get off my ass and grab one or two more Christmas gifts from the store before I’m done.
    Take heart Wil, if all of your fans here are any indication… your book will certainly be good enough hell better even!
    Sure any monkey can slap up a website and put thoughts on it. Said monkey could probably whip up a book of more such thoughts but that’s about where it ends.
    Your writing Wil is not just about words but about experiences… about humanity. In what you share we all can relate to on some level. We can all know that no matter what age, race or gender there are those common things that connect each of us. It is this and so much more that you help to make all the more obvious.
    And I bet you thought you were just rambling on about the day to day blahs del Wheaton when you first started all this. Now, more and more people show up here daily. Wil the cult Trek fan favorite? or Wil the ultimate everyman some of us wish we could be or just have more of around?
    I digress… best of all to you Wil and your family this holiday season and beyond.

  8. Wil,
    No,it will never be done. That is just the nature of art. It just means you care about your work and you should. Speaking of art, Jackson’s new Rings movie is back and awesome.

  9. *Feel better soon mojo*
    I always feel exactly the same way you do: there is so much satisfaction to be had just from knowing that you have the professional skill and expertise to (e.g.) fly in for 24 hours and do a live TV show off-the-cuff; but as soon as it comes to a longer-term project with more vague objectives, the temptation to say “I suck so badly” grows proportionally.
    My training in education should tell me that it’s all a boy thing – we are supposed to like things that are short and clearly defined – but in reality I think it’s because when you can’t go back and change anything, then you have to look at the good points; and if you see any bad points you can only chalk them up to experience. When you *can* go back and change things, the crappy bits all scream out at you.
    Which is why in 5 years’ time you’ll take the last unsold copy of the book off your shelf and see the qualities that made 50,000 monkeys buy copies. :)

  10. Hello Wil,
    Best thing to keep colds at bay for me has been Emergen C–little packets of viatmin C filled goodness that you can get at health nuts stores everywhere (in Oregon, anyway :-)
    And since I’ve never posted here or emailed you, I figure I should mention that Wes was my hero on TNG. Your character, as well as most of the show, made it OK to be smart/interested in science.
    Thanks :)

  11. Drink some decongestant tea, and don’t skimp on the codeine! :o)
    Can’t wait for the book! My plan is to have a job by the time it’s released so I can actually buy a copy. ;o)

  12. *sends get well vibes*
    Can’t wait for the book. It’ll be a belated Christmas present to myself I think. Will you be selling autographed copies here? or do I have to wait until I can afford to go to a convention again?

  13. It must be in the air around here. Two days ago I started coming down with a cold, and today I am in full blown misery. Yesterday was the last day of school before Christmas break, and I had 7 kids absent (which probably explains why I’m sick). So much for a pleasant 2 weeks off.

  14. Ack!
    I too have a cold and I too have put off christmas shopping until the last.
    We, the collective, have no doubt that this book will be an enjoyable piece of work.
    We are not holding out for a masterpiece and anything above average to good will be a bonus. Anything from your creative stable is welcome.
    Dont put too much pressure on yourself.
    You have a loyal fanbase who you have never let down in every form of self expression you have gone in for, from tv, film and through to Radio Free-Burito.
    I have no doubts that whatever you end up publishing will be welcomed with open arms.
    Whoa. I have never typed anything *nice* before.
    I need a shower…

  15. bahahaha!!!
    so, everyone receiving an 8 X 10 glossy of the senior himself…woohahahaa will also receive a genuine Wheaton Cold!!!
    “No! no!! not the Lysol!! you’ll ruin the autograph!!!”
    “Damn, Get this thing sealed behind glass immediately!!!”
    what? that wasn’t funny??!!
    OH COME ON!!

  16. Colds suck the big one!
    Being married and having a cold is actually very cool. Some one is always there to make sure you are constantly doped up while they go shopping.
    Being married, house full of children, and having a cold sucks! The kids still run into the bedroom asking how to do this or that – or more than likely, to rat on the other one.
    Get well soon!
    Relax about the book gig! When it is published we will all buy it, not a bad start to any major publishing career, and rate it. That is when you need to get nervous!
    I personally am looking forward to reading it! If it is good enough I may even read out outside of the bathroom – just kidding!

  17. Wil,
    Right now I am getting over a cold. All I have to deal with at the moment is a bad cough. Feel better Wil.
    By the way, I’m sure your book will be terrific.

  18. Wil,
    lots of feel good MOJO your way…..I personally have heard so much about people having colds that I am now in fear of becoming sick…lol…anyway maybe the cold bug will not fly my way.
    About the book can’t wait I know it will be great.
    About Lord of the Rings Two Towers…seeing it tommorow I trust your opinion and know that it will be great. I have seen trek x it was a wonderful movie and I am saddned that it did not rock the box office and that a simplistic movie like Maid in Manhattan whipped treks ass at the box office, but those romantic comedies just are what people wanna see I guess. Went to see the Hot Chick, loved it very funny.
    Well enough rambling..
    best to you and your family this holiday season Wil, you deserve the best……
    Happy Holidays
    Merry Christmas……

  19. I hope you feel better soon, and that the virus doesn’t ruin the holidays. One side note though: you might want to take a look at your “8×10 Sale” page….I viewed it at 1024×768 and it spills off the screen and I can’t read it all. I’m probably going to get some for being too picky, but I think presentation matters. The rest of the sight looks very professional, so you prob just have a missing tag somwhere….
    Oh yeah, and I’m definitely looking forward to the new book. Penguins rule.

  20. Wil, I can certainly understand what you’re going through. One thing that has helped me a LOT when I’ve been sick, or on the verge of getting sick, the past few years, is an herbal tea known as echinacea. The specific brand and type I use is Celestial Seasonings’ “Echinacea Complete Care.” In addition to the regular echinacea formula, this particular blend adds extra zinc and vitamin C, both of which are known to stimulate the immune system. (I mention this because Celestial Seasonings also packages an echinacea tea that does NOT have the extra zinc and vitamin C.) As a rule, the recommended usage is once or twice a day. They specifically recommend that you NOT use more than FOUR teabags per day. This can be done either as one 8-ounce mug with each meal and one more at bedtime, or as one large (16-ounce) mug twice a day, which is what I do. You can find this tea in health food stores such as Wild Oats Markets, and possibly in many larger grocery stores, such as Kroger, Food Lion, or Publix. I have used this product myself, and I am quite certain it has either kept me from getting sick at all (when I was just beginning to feel some early symptoms), or it has helped me recover more quickly. I would suggest adding some freshly-squeezed lemon and honey to the brew, but that is a matter of personal taste.
    Let me emphasize that, like they say in the commercials, “I AM NOT A DOCTOR, NOR DO I PLAY ONE ON TV!” I am simply recommending this product based on my own personal experience. In any case, Wil, rest up, get well soon, and much success with your forthcoming book!
    Tom Nichol

  21. So Wil, is this book going to be a sort of “XLibris” sort of thing?
    Did you know that in Canada a certified bestseller is a book that sells 5,000 copies?
    Have you noticed that a lot of your readers are Canadian? Like, there are only 30 million of us, while there are over 300 millions south of the border, and north of the Rio Grande. And I’ve caught on that more than 10% of your readers are Canadian. Even if you haven’t.
    It’s sort of being a lefty social democratic sort of thing. Which you are, if you haven’t caught on to it yet.
    Hell, why not move near Vancouver in BC? There is rain, but less fuss about SORM WATCH. And your views about runaway productions might change somewhat if you were employed in them. And the boys could be sent off every morning to good public schools.
    Come over to the dark (Canadian) side Wil. Resist no longer. . .

  22. My life is sad and empty, so I fill it up by insulting people who don’t agree with me.

  23. Wil, six months after you have an actual book in hand, you’ll wonder whether or not it’s good enough. A hundred people you never heard of will email you and tell you how much they enjoyed it, and you’ll wonder. Until they hand you a Pulitzer, you’ll wonder. But maybe after that, you’ll realize you’re talented… and then you’ll write another book, and start wondering allll over again :)

  24. Man, Wil, I’m sorry. Being sick sucks. Aroint thee, nasty virus! But I wouldn’t worry about the book: anyone writing anything worries that it’s not good/professional/right/whatever enough, and it’s usually just nerves (I know from painful experience!) Just give yourself another “permission to suck” note. Judging from your writing here, it’ll be fine!
    HAppy Holidays to all…

  25. Ive read the Ethan Hawke book(the first one), and thought it was OK, for an ACTOR, but Ive liked your movies better then his so, Im sure you’ll do just FINE. Get well soon, dont stop writing, no matter what anybody says, Ive been waiting for this for years. 😀

  26. this may have already been said..
    but u r still in the star trek movie.. your lines have been cut.. but u r still in there sittin next to mommy.
    i was glad they still kept that in there at least.. anyway
    the movie was good.. was like an episode on tv.. but still good.. and killin off data was the best thing they could have done.

  27. Dear Wil,
    Wil, just remember some of the greastest authors of our time have felt just what you are right now. I know what your going through to a point. I am a new writer myself and that is my college major and I tell you, no one is more critcal of your work than yourself. I am a wordy person, I have too have just the right words sometimes, and I keep scratching things out until it sounds perfect, which in reality it never will be. I say go for it. Your audience, whether it be writing or acting is the same. You can’t make everyone happy, so don’t try. As long as you feel you did the best you could on this book, then it is your best. Later as you write more your creativty will increase, and those great ideas will flow naturally. Don’t cut yourself short Wil. Remember your a writer, you write almost daily here, and a book is just more of yourself, but in a book not on your website. You have fans here, so I have no doubt that you will have a fan base as a writer, and new fans that will like you just for your writing skills, which will be an awesome feeling, because it is new. I wish you all the luck, and personally I look forward to reading your first book and the ones that follow. Your creativity, your intelligence and your beliefs all come out in your writing, which is what I like best about your site. It is refreshing!
    Just my two cents, Marie :-)

  28. It seems that sicknesses like me. For about 5 consecutive weeks I have been sick with something. And Right now I am stuck with this bloody cold that wont seem to go away! GRR! But yeh its horrible being sick over christmas holidays, and i hope you feel better!
    People have said that you are still in the Star Trek movie, But i didnt see you. Humf. Well good luck with your book :)
    P.S. I saw a movie with you in it a while ago. It was a science fiction. I only caught the last half hour of it but it seemed good. What could the name be?

  29. It seems that sicknesses like me. For about 5 consecutive weeks I have been sick with something. And Right now I am stuck with this bloody cold that wont seem to go away! GRR! But yeh its horrible being sick over christmas holidays, and i hope you feel better!
    People have said that you are still in the Star Trek movie, But i didnt see you. Humf. Well good luck with your book :)
    P.S. I saw a movie with you in it a while ago. It was a science fiction. I only caught the last half hour of it but it seemed good. What could the name be?

  30. Bummer about the cold, get better soon!
    Scarlet beat me to the punch, and I know you’re aware of them because you posted once about leaving a packet in a geocache, but Emergen-C really does rock. Do those packets, man!
    Reena also had a great suggestion with the codeine, ah, if only you were in the UK where you can get it over the counter 😉

  31. Can’t wait to read it.
    Whenever I have a bit of a bug, I find wearing my WWDN t-shirt helps me feel better. Free good vibes with every shirt.
    Still a big believer in the Wil.

  32. Keep chug-chug-chugging along with that book, Wil! I can’t wait to see how it turns out… now that the storm watch is over, I will twiddle my thumbs until your book comes out!

  33. don’t worry wil
    it’ll be good enough.
    it’s written by you!!
    and if you’ve noticed one thing over the last year or two, is that we can’t get enough of your writing.
    cheers wil,
    i hope you and your family have a very merry christmas

  34. Wil:
    2 words for cureing a cold say it all-COLDBUSTER-(from Jamba Juice)!
    Also Cold and Flu Coricidins work wonders!
    Hope you feel better!

  35. Hey Wil,
    I’m so sick too, it started out with a sore throat and has progressed to hacking and coughing. I feel for you big time. NOTHING is helping me so I’m just trying to ride it out. Feel better soon and best of luck with the book.
    Met you at the Hollywood Collector’s Show at the Beverly Garland a few years ago. I worked at the hotel’s front desk and you came all the over to the lobby just to say hi to me. Thanks for being so nice and letting me take a picture with you.

  36. It can be difficult to know when you need to stop working on a writing project. No writer is perfect and a good one can probably nitpick his or her own work for a very long time, but a good editor may know better than the writer when something is ready for others to read, so do not be surprised if your editor just tells you to stop at some point whether you want to keep making changes or not.

  37. Wil, and Tom Nichol,
    I agree the tea containing echinacea kick butt when it comes to helping most people get well more quickly, but one thing should be noted about it.
    Echinacea is derived from ragweed. So,if you, like myself, are allergic to ragweed…don’t go there. I have allergy related asthma and ended up in the hospital after taking echinacea when I had a cold.
    Keep in mind that herbal remdies can be dangerous. Just because it’s all natural does NOT mean it’s safe. After all, heroin could be considered all natural. If you are unsure, check with your doctor or local herbal retailer. They are always keeping up-to-date on the latest developements.
    As for the cold, I would go for lots of rest, Vitamin C and zinc. And lots of mojo…which I’m sending your way, Wil. Feel better soon….and I hope you and your wonderful family have a great Christmas!
    Merry merry everyone!

  38. I’m so hoping that the book is ready by my Birthday. Then someone nice can get it for me. Would make the best present ever.

  39. I can tell already that your book is going to be great by the way that you tell storys on here. You have a great writing style. I hope it is out soon… I’m looking forward to reading it.

  40. Feel better soon, Wil! Cranberry juice does wonders with congestion, helps you cough stuff up. I’m sure your book will be great, look how well your web site does…

  41. You gonna tell the nice folks what the book is about, or are you saving it for a surprise? :-)
    P.S. There will very likely be some parts of the book that you will never feel are “good enough.” Also, it’s likely that there will be reviewers who don’t like it, since this has been the case with even authors such as Asimov and Heinlein. I think that’s just part of writing and putting it out there. I sometimes look at stuff I’ve had published and cringe, but I remember the editor(s) really liking it. You can’t entirely win, but neither will you lose. :-)
    For what it’s worth…

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