Nowhere Fast

Oh man, I am so $!@%^&ing sore from doing the yard this weekend. I gave myself tendonitis in my right arm (yeah, the poison oak one…I swear, this arm is going to try and secede from the rest of my body) so it is swollen up to almost twice the size it normally is…I look like a freak, but in a good way.
In the continuing saga of writer-slash-actor: My manuscript is still with my editor. He’s given me some very useful notes already, and I’m hoping to have the whole thing back by the end of this week. Sadly, it will not be ready in time for Xmas. :(
On the actor side, I have an audition today for “The Polar Express,” which is being directed by Robert Zemeckis, and stars Tom Hanks.
Yeah, I’m thinking the same thing you are, “Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis? Why the hell are they asking to see me?!
I have no idea, but it should be an interesting experience…I haven’t auditioned for a major motion picture like this in quite some time.
Oh, and I have punk rock blue hair right now, because I figured there wouldn’t be any auditions until after the first of the year…uhh…oops.
The second shipmeent of 8x10s goes to the post office in about 30 minutes. If you ordered last week, you should get yours in a few days. I’ll get to work on the third shipment (orders received since Thursday) when I get back from my audition this afternoon, and they should all go out tomorrow or Wednesday.
UPDATE 3:53 PM PST: Well, I totally punted the audition. The pain in my body from the weekend is so severe (my arm is so messed up I can’t even grip my steering wheel in my car, and my back has been spasming all day long) that I just couldn’t focus, at all, and I sucked.
I saw the tests for the movie while I was there, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not allowed to talk about specifics, so I’ll just say: this will be an amazing and beautiful movie. What I saw was a perfect 3-D rendering of the art in the book.
When I left, I walked down the hallway with my head hung. I’m really sad, not because I’m missing out on a job, but because this movie is just going to be so beautiful, and so amazing, I really wanted to be part of it.

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  1. Wil, keep you’re hair blue, unless you get the part and they tell you to change it, but then, dye it back! (though, if it’s CGI, don’t see how it would matter what color hair you have.)
    I’m jealous, I

  2. I have blue hair too! Now me and Wil can be hair-buddies. Woot. Blue hair rules the school. Dont let anyone tell you different.

  3. Oh, well, maybe the blue hair won’t matter if they’re filming you in front of a blue screen.
    But… wait… does that mean when they go to CG you, part of your head will disappear??
    There’ll be just Wil’s eyes and eyebrows and smile, and the computer geeks working up the motion-capture will laugh their asses off…
    THIS I gotta see!

  4. Yay, congrats! And your local colorist should be able to clear that blue hair right up in time for the audition.

  5. I can sort of visualize what you would look like with the blue hair, but I’ll admit it, I want to see it. I want pictures! Yeah, I’ll fess up, I want pictures of you in anything, I dont care if you dye your whole face purple, I want to see it! Now that I have upped my status to raving, flaming, frothing, crazed fan, as opposed to the casual fan I was before I started reading this site, I want to see you in something! Movies, TV, in a book on a hook I dont care. (sorry, I just went all Suess there for a second)
    That reminds me, any news about when the tv flick will air on PAX? I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  6. I just think it’s awesome that you’re a 30-year-old stepfather with blue hair. What does Anne think of the ‘azul tresses’?

  7. Oh yes, and you absolutely must show us picture of your Smurfness. You can’t tantalize your monkeys with “I have blue hair” and then refuse to let us see it!

  8. Okay, so if it’s digital imaging in front of a blank screen (aka Blue Screen) won’t Wil’s hair disappear?

  9. I saw Zemeckis speak a while back at USC, and it looks like he’s got BIG plans for this movie… I REALLY hope Zemeckis and his partners are able to handle the copious amounts of talent and hair dye you’re about to unleash on them.
    BTW, I’d like to thank you again for the autographed photograph. I can’t tell you what this means to me. If I ever become a presence to be reckoned with in the Hollywood scene (and I’m already taking steps to make this happen ASAP), I hope you’ll consider considering to consider considering to consider being a part of it.
    Major Audition Mojo from “the far off hamlet of Burbank.” =)

  10. Dude, The Polar Express!!! That is THE Christmas Eve read (nothing against “The Night Before Christmas”) Tell Tom and Bob I said hey…

  11. Man, you got to post a pic of your blue hair. I gotta see this. HA! I for one think you should leave your hair blue today because it shows that you are willing to do different things and you are bold. Good stuff. And Good luck and much mojo to ya!

  12. Major mojo from PA for the audition! I’ve read all the comments, and while I personally would keep the blue hair for the audition, I think I would, to be more conservative, dye it…..all except for one lock! That would give you something to discuss at the audition. Hope all goes well! Karen

  13. Wil,
    You can always put the blue back in the hair. Good luck. I never read the book but most of the time when Tom Hanks is involved, it is a great script.

  14. I really have to see a pic of you with blue hair, that’s one for the gallery. I agree with everyone else though that you should keep it that way then die it if you get the part. If they REALLY want you then they’ll have to take you as you come not as they want you to be *wink*
    God bless

  15. Don’t listen to ’em, Wil! Blue hair rocks…mine was blue up until a week ago, now it’s black and red. :) Kick ass on the audition!

  16. Something great happens when you least expect it.
    Well, Congrats on your audition.
    By the way, you should post a pic of yourself with blue hair.

  17. That sucks about the audition. Mebbe there will be some Weirdass Cosmic Turn Of Fate(TM) for you, though.
    Stranger shit happens; Kelly Osbourne, for example.
    I wanna see the blue hair!

  18. I’m sorry Wil.
    Guess what I just saw on tv? You on Double Dare…it has to be the best episode. It made me laugh quite a bit.

  19. Sorry to hear it man. But you never know, maybe the blue hair and giant arm hypnotized them, and even if you don’t get a part in this movie, they’ll think of you and your giant arm when they do the next Popeye remake.

  20. wow Polar express, that’s like nostalgia city for me. In second grade the teacher had it in the back of the room and you could go and listen to it on tape while reading the book. I can’t wait to see the movie! I really wish you coulda been a part of that movie.

  21. Geez Louise! The Polar Express? When I was 12 (I’m 19 now), I volunteered at the public library and I used to clean the covers of the books in the children’s section. I remember the librarians would always scold me when they found me in the corner with several Chris Van Allsburg books. He is an incredibly underrated children’s author and even if you don’t get the audition, you’re still extremely lucky to have a shot. Good luck!

  22. So is this a definite no, or just your impression? You never know and they might want you anyway. If nothing else the blue hair must have made an impression and given you some good small-talk fodder.

  23. Sorry, Wil. That sucks that you don’t feel good about the audition. I wish you’d put off the lawn until next weekend!

  24. Uncle Willie,
    Love to see a hair shot.
    Um, I hope you explained or called to let RZ and TH know that you were not exactly at your best, and why. Get yourself another crack at auditioning when you are up to snuff. I hope these guys realize that life happens, and can roll a bit.
    Good luck,

  25. Look on the bright side….with an optimistic smile….at least they wanted you to audition, and there will be more to come….

  26. Just so you know, blue hair rocks. I have blue hair also. Keep it. Just remember to be loyal to it, and rebleach and redye when it begins to fade.
    Especially during finals.

  27. Gosh, Wil, I am soooo sorry about the jerks that exist in your neck of the woods! What else can I say? Seems unreasonable to me, is all! Chin up, buddy! Karen

  28. Awww much sadness on the audition.
    I did a gig with the flu the other night and died in the most spectacular way.
    To clarify i was not performing with the flu, i had been infected by it.
    Bright blue hair!
    Must….resist…temptation…to ….imitate……arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  29. Wil – I’ve just started reading your journal, and I’m entirely taken by you. Your last paragraph of this entry is exactly why you *didn’t* mess up the audition. As long as you can treat this work as making art instead of just another paycheck, that will show. Have faith, friend. The right parts will find you, and this might even be one of them.

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