We Close Our Eyes

We are in Santa Barbara. It is November, and Anne and I are here for our anniversary, walking back to our hotel after the first romantic dinner we’ve enjoyed in months.
Though it is Saturday night, this normally crowded street is nearly deserted, because it is pouring rain. A cold, relentless rain that soaks into my shoes and clings to my body. The cold cuts straight through me, numbing my hands and feet.
The few people who have chosen to brave the storm are huddled in doorways and under awnings. Anne and I share a too-small umbrella in a futile attempt to stay dry.
It has been a wonderful evening, ending a wonderful day. We haven’t gotten to spend much time just enjoying each other’s company, just being together for several weeks, and I am cherishing every rain-soaked moment.
The storm intensifies as we hurry back to our hotel, turning downspouts to waterfalls, and the street into a small stream. Normally, the urge to stomp in puddles is irresistible to me, but the numbness is creeping up my legs now, and I need little encouragement to leave the puddles alone.
After a few blocks, the cold and rain is too much for me, and I suggest that we stop, and hail a cab.
Anne stops, and looks at me, her blue eyes gleaming. She says they’re green, but they’re blue…I see them whenever my mind wanders, so I know.
She steps out of the small shelter our umbrella is providing, and stands unprotected in the rain.
“I want to walk in the rain!” She declares.
“But it’s 40 degrees!” I remind her, shivering. A few passersby look at us as if we’re having a fight, and I chuckle to myself. They couldn’t be more wrong.
“I don’t care,” she tells me, her hair falling down and clinging to the sides of her face, her jacket darkening as it absorbs the storm. “Someday, I’m going to want to walk in the cold rain, and feel it on my face, and I’m not going to be able to. So I’m going to do it now.”
She reaches out and touches my cheek, and pulls my face to her. She leans towards me, kisses my nose, and walks away, her face cast upwards, her palms turned up to receive the rain.
She stomps into a puddle, and turns around.
“C’mon, you weenie! Walk with me!”
She is so beautiful, so joyous. The storm threatens to draw a curtain of rain around her, obscuring her from my view. Though she is twenty feet from me, I can see her beaming and feel her joy. She positively loves this.
I watch her, happily standing in the rain. In this moment I know why I married her. I know why she is the other half of my heartbeat.
But it’s 40 degrees. There’s no way I’m giving up this umbrella.
I lean against the rain, and close the distance between us. When I draw near her, she reaches out and knocks the umbrella out of my hand.
As it falls to the ground, she takes me in her arms. She pulls me to her, and kisses me.
“I love you,” she says, rain dripping off her nose onto my face.
She does love me. It’s one thing to say it, and one thing to hear it, but it’s another thing to feel it.
“I love you too,” I reply.
We stand there in the rain for a moment, looking at each other. We are soaking wet, freezing cold, and desperately in love.

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  1. I had just finished watching the episode of TNG where everyone gets intoxicated and Wesley takes over the ship. I think Wil caught some of that before posting this, but I’ll take some of what he’s got.

  2. The situation sounds like something that would be cheesy, but comes across as mature, intelligent, and full of beauty. Nicely done.

  3. i’ve been told that i’m pretty damned cynical about love and all that stuff, but that little excerpt of writing made me smile, and makes me wonder if there is hope for love afterall…

  4. Enjoy your love, for in many years you will
    look back and wonder at what you had.
    And if you are as lucky as I am you will
    look at each other after 15 years and know
    that love can and does last.
    Happy Anniversary Wil and Anne
    and anyone else here who are celebrating

  5. “Where is my mind” just happens to be the name of one of my favourite Pixies songs…Black Francis wants to know where his mind is; turns out his mind is in the river – “in the water see it spinning” – cute lyrics…

  6. Is it sacrilege to say that the post was one of the cornier things I’ve read in a while? Not that it’s bad, your prose is well done, I just have to say that I almost strained my eyeballs from their constant rolling.
    by the way, you’re linked to my extremely modest blog…I’m a fan despite your sappiness.
    as a wise man once said:
    wesley: “How can a chemical substance provide an escape?” Yar: “It doesn’t. But it makes you think it does.”
    Wesley and Lt. Yar
    ahh, epic cheesiness…

  7. yesterday was our anniverary. I know how you feel. we’ve been married for 4 years. I congratulate you.

  8. Blogs are wierd. I’d heard much about them, but, after sampling a few, could not see the attraction. A few months ago, I happened on this one. Something caught my eye, I revised my opinion of Wil Wheaton. I came back.
    Notes like this are why, though this is easily the sappiest, and, yet, most beautiful I’ve seen here to date. This post captures the essence of new love that remains despite its’ age.
    Bravo, sir. Happy anniversary to you both, and many happy more. I believe I will go and spend some time with my own wife, and recall how blessed I am to have her.

  9. My best friend just got married this past weekend. After reading your post Wil, my only hope is that Nicky and her husband are as happy as you and Anne are. Incidentally, whoever says guys can’t be romantic have obviously never met you or my boyfriend.

  10. I haven’t had a romantic experience in the rain since 9th grade (19 years ago). It makes me long for Mr. Right and some rain in Southern California soon.

  11. I have a smile on my face that’s so big it hurts. This is one of the sweetest, most romantic, and most uplifting things I think I’ve ever read. I’d like to think that, one day, I could feel like this on my own behalf. It’s wonderful to know that there are real people who can be so in love – not just fictional characters and daydreams. The writing is incredibly vivid and gives a wonderful sense of immediacy… If this doesn’t truly capature the moment, I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like.

  12. That was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. I actually got misty. You have a way of doing that to me Wil. I feel the same way about my husband, and while I don’t really know if he feels the same way most of the time (because he doesn’t express how he feels most of the time) it is nice to read these sorts of things and hope that he feels that way about me.
    Plus, I can totally relate to what Anne said about walking in the rain, because I feel that way about it too. Especially summer rain. 40 degree rain is a little too chilly for me, but its still fun.

  13. Anne wanted to coment on this, but she couldn’t figure out how (one of the things I love about her is how computer-illiterate she is…it’s a nice balance to me :)
    Here’s what she emailed me:
    “This morning, I read your story about our anniversary trip to Santa Barbara. I read a few of the comments and wanted to say something as well.
    I have to admit, when I read your story, even I got all teary-eyed. Yes, my GREEN eyes were holding back tears. Mostly because the way you wrote it was like living it all over again. But it also reminds me of how much I love you. You are my best friend and I plan to walk in the rain with you for the rest of my life.
    No umbrella buddy!
    I am so proud of your writing ability. You make
    everything come to life.

  14. Damnit TV’s Wil Wheaton, THIS is why I want to have your love child!
    Que romantico…
    *swooning sigh*

  15. That was so gorgeous, Wil. I had a huge smile on my face while reading your story. Happy anniversary!

  16. That is sooo sweet!!!! *sighs* Its great to be in love. I know because I currently am. =o)
    Youre such a cutie, Wil. Anne is lucky. Or are you the one whos lucky? Hmmm….*cheesy grin*

  17. *wipes tears from her eyes*
    I am such a sentimental fool, but that was just so sweet I can’t help it.
    You and Anne are so great together.
    I must admit I am a little jealous, I wish my soon-to-be exhusband had felt the same for me, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the love you two share for each other.
    Truly beautiful Wil.
    I wish you and Anne many more years of walking in the rain together and, of course, of her calling you a weenie.
    Oh, and one of you has got to be color blind…and its usually the man…after all woman are always right anyway.

  18. Excellent post, and I got a little misty , felt some of the romance, too.I have none right now but there is always hope !
    I keep seeing that scene from the English Patient when they take Ralph Fiennes out to enjoy the rain… in my mind… I could see the cinematic quality of this scene.

  19. I KNEW reading this page was going to cheer me up – Wil, you are the man! I hope you and your wife stay so happy for the rest of your lives – you both deserve it! Man, that is one cool, story.
    Oh, and Annie – I know exactly what you mean, I’m a 20 year old Christmas junkie too!! Hahaha!!!!

  20. The women:
    “Awwww he’s so cute, I want to have his babies.”
    The men:
    “Smooth bastard.”
    😉 Nice post, Wil.

  21. Sounds great. So when are you guys gonna have kids of your own then ?? Sounds like your marriage is perfect to bring a family into !!!

  22. Wil, that was a really sweet post. I can totally relate to it- my husband and I have the same sort of relationship. I’m glad you had such a great anniversary, and I think that you and Anne are both very lucky. People say that marriage is hard work, but honestly, I think that if you really found the right person, it’s very easy. Happy Anniversary, Wil and Anne, and many, many more…
    Love, Alicia

  23. I hope that I can be that happy one day, you sound like you’re really in love, and better still enjoying it.
    I sware it must be the season for love, all my friends have paired off and stuff (either that or people want to make sure they get decent prezzies for xmas).
    Since I am not in love and certainly am not going to be in love in the forseeable future I only have one thing to say
    *Pass the bucket I think I’m going to be sick*
    There’s just to much fluffiness and cuteness going a round. I don’t like it.
    (Well actually I do I’m just really jelous).
    1.30pm GMT

  24. Reminds me of my college days with my now husband up in Oregon. Now I’m in Minnesota and it’s like -11 degrees with wind chill and I’m freezing my ass off. God, I miss the Pacific Northwest…
    Loved your entry. Better than most romance novels out there. :)

  25. wow. that was so amazingly beautiful it brought words to my eyes..I only hope I find love like that someday. :-) (ps you made my day warm and fuzzy..thanks!)

  26. DOH. as I just got done with third shift at work I am not very coherent at the moment… I meant “it brought TEARS to my eyes” 😛

  27. Soon, wil…very soon, you will be known as one of America’s finest writers. I predict it now, today. You have this intuitive sense of what is exactly the right style to use to describe what is in your heart; it flows from that child within you to the page, perfectly smooth, perfectly timed, and perfectly prose/poetic. Each word draws the eye to the next; we cannot stop reading your heart’s face, for it binds our own hearts to it, and we merge into one experience, one commonality, and one timeless consciousness. I don’t think that you realize yet the power that you possess, Wil. You are beginning to sense it, though. Thank God your heart is pure, mostly. To me, you are sublime!

  28. SB resident here. Damn, I could’ve run into Wil downtown last month! There was indeed quite the torrential downpour in November, the likes of which I haven’t seen here since El Nino in 97/98. The streets were indeed empty. And while we Santa Barbarians may exaggerate about how cold it gets, it definitely wasn’t 70 and sunny! Nice story though, Wil.

  29. This was too beautiful for words… you both are so fortunate to have found one another. It gives me hope that someday, I too, may be fortunate enough to find the love that you both share. I’m overwhelmed with emotion… would have been so fricken funny if Anne threw you into one of those puddles…heh, heh. :)

  30. wow, my wife is a bitch. She likes to accuse me of “cheating with my heart” whenever they show someone moderately attractive on TV. Heaven forbid they should show Elizabeth Hurley. I know I’m getting an ass whoopin for sure if that happens.

  31. I’ve been lurking for a while, but this post was so beautiful and inspired me so much that I have to comment.
    After reading your beautiful prose yesterday, I took advantage of the evening snow storm we got here in St. Louis and went out with my husband for a walk. We strolled along the snow covered sidewalks, batting snowflakes from our eyelashes and just reveled in each other. Cuddled up to one another for warmth, my breath fogging up his glasses, we truly felt at one with each other.
    Thank you Wil for a truly inspiring post, and reminding us all how lucky we are to have love. It’s so easy to take things in life for granted and anything that causes us to slow down and reflect on the good things is truly wonderful.
    Happy Anniversary Wil and Anne! May you have many many many more love-filled years ahead of you.

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