Not I, Robot?

I just found out that the director for I, Robot “didn’t respond to any” of the tapes he saw, including mine.
In the mysterious Hollywood lexicon, this can mean a number of things, but it usually comes down to one of the following:

  • My interpretation of this character and his vision don’t match up.
  • I don’t physically look like what he has in his mind.

These are both very valid, and totally understandable reasons . . . but it doesn’t make me feel any less sad. It’s frustrating to hear “the director didn’t respond to you,” because it’s so nebulous. It’s like being told, “You’re not getting this job. Why? Because. Next!” It also has a sort of negative feeling to it, doesn’t it? It doesn’t help that I have heard “the director didn’t respond” without any real elaboration countless times in my career .
I was very happy with my audition. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I know that I could have done a great job with this character, and I would have been really good in this movie.
Whle I didn’t sit in my living room for days, not eating and agonizing over getting this part, I was genuinely excited about the opportunities it presented. Working with Will Smith and Alex Proyas, and getting to play a robot would have been awesome.
Thanks for all the support, everyone.
The journey continues . . .

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  1. Hi Wil,
    The posts to Alex Proyas’ forum haven’t bee ‘too’ bad, but I would probably slightly annoyed if I were the director. No worries though, I’m sure he’s got enough perspective and experience to distinguish you from your fans. Anyway, sorry about I, Robot – I was really hoping you’d get it.

  2. ummm
    sorry wil, but it does look as though a fan or two has been a tad zealous on Proya’s site..
    nothing rude or anything..
    but a tad zealous…

  3. Hey Wil… I’m really sorry to hear about the director not even looking at your tape. It is a very frustrating feeling, I have felt that way with many endevours in my life… I hope things work out for you… these things happen for a reason, most of the time to make room for bigger opportunities.

  4. Sorry to hear that Wil! But I bet there’s gonna be bigger and better things in store round the corner!
    I’m looking forward to reading your book :)

  5. Wilster
    Sorry to hear about I,Robot. I think everyone here
    agrees, that we would love to see more of YOU on screen and that we share your hurt.
    We love your website. We love hearing from YOU.
    On the bright side of life you still have
    4)Comedy Community
    6)Future Auditions
    7)Future Projects
    8)Your list of things to accomplish
    We love you and WE will continue rooting for YOU!

  6. I agree with a couple of previous comments. This is just my opinion! Take it or leave it. No offense intended as I also have admired your work. But, if I were in your place, I would not, in the future, post about a “potential” gig on this site (especially with some of the overzealous fans who lurk here)until I actually HAD the job.
    It seems to me you will either get the part or not get the part based upon your own talent and ability and not through a few fan’s post on the director’s website.

  7. Whilst the role could have been one of the best ever, it may also be one of the worst. Here’s hoping the film tanks at the box office due to terrible Direction.
    Good luck in future endeavours, Wil!

  8. Hey this story/entry thing was quoted in the Daily Telegraph here in Sydney, Australia. The daily telegraph is perhaps the second biggest paper down here, so I thought it was pretty cool.

  9. I am sorry to hear that you didn’t get the part. I am very much looking forward to seeing your work again – your book, as well as in an acting part. I wish you the very best.
    On a personal note, I just had a pretty severe disappointment in my life. I thought that I had finally become pregnant after so many years of trying. However, it was not to be this time. Anyway, I understand how disappointed you may be feeling – even though you try to ‘chin up’. Broken hopes or dreams hurt for a little while, and that’s okay too. We pick ourselves up and move on.
    Take care, Wil.

  10. That Hella Sucks!
    Look at the bright side, your not in a WB show with Vince Neil & a Survivor Spare.
    Rock on Wil!

  11. I’m glad that you’re happy with the audition. I admire you for being able to look on the brighter side of things, esp. in respect to this situation. *hugs you* You rock, Wil!

  12. Dude,
    At least you got a shot at it. Some of us could only dream of trying to get into acting.

  13. Hollywood history is replete with examples of opportunities missed that opened doors for other projects, and previous commitments that prevented involvement in grander productions. There will always be opportunities, and opportunities denied. You’ll have your share of castings and acclaim, and it’ll probably come from where you least expect it.
    Btw, you’re the same age Harrison Ford was when he did American Graffiti. Hang in there.

  14. Wil,
    Keep your head up. I know the saying of “as long as you did your best…” is cliche’, but it’s true. You felt good about your audition, you know you did your best. Hey I think everyone here knows you did your best, just by the energy that was conveyed through your posting about the audition.
    We’ll keep the mojo flowi’n your way.

  15. It’s been my experience that everything happens for a reason…
    something better is coming your way…hang in there dude!!!!

  16. I wonder how much influence Will Smith has??
    It’s amazing you weren’t considered for a part in this movie??? ARE THEY STAR TREK FANS??? I realize, that previous roles as other characters don’t necessarily have an impact on future roles. But I would at least thought that would be considered when you auditioned!
    By the way, I wanted to let you know how much we thoroughly enjoyed “THE BOOK OF DAYS” (PAX)
    I MUST CONFESS.. I was switching channels from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION to BOOK OF DAYS.. (both programs were airing at the SAME TIME!!!) So I was watching you (Wesley Crusher) on one channel and you as an insurance salesman on the other channel!!!!
    IT WAS FUN!!!!!!! :=))
    Best of success to you, Wil

  17. Hi Wil, sorry to hear about your rejection. I’ve been writing and acting for over 13 yrs and still haven’t gotten my first breaks. I’ve been in commercials and once in a film that got booted, I feel that giving up is the best thing for ME. After all, I, like yourself have a beautiful family who extends full support of me reguardless. Anyways, keep on doing what you do best. I remember you from earlier movies, even ‘TALES FROM THE CRYPT’, starring along side, KEVIN DILLON and MEREDITH SALLINGER and you could take any role in my book.

  18. Hey VIN DIESEL IS A HOTTIE!!!!!!!! AND VERY SEXYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I’ve been reading WWdN off and on for a couple of years now, but I missed this entry. I only found out about it when I read the trivia page on IMDb for “I, Robot” after seeing the movie last night. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get the part, I think you would have done well. But then, I hadn’t read this when it was originally posted, so I didn’t say anything. By the way, I wrote about your work in Deep Core a while back. A friend of mine suggested I try writing to you, but I never did. Ah well.

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