Voice and Fist

Yesterday, I marched through Hollywood with my mom, her friend, and about 100,000 other people. We raised our fists and joined our voice to millions of other voices around the world. We sent a clear message to the Bush administration: This is just the beginning. We will stop your war machine. Your policies endanger America, and enrage the world.
I hope you are paying attention, Mr. Bush. The masses are speaking — the world is speaking — and we are rebuking you, your plutocracy, and everything you represent. Your time is over, Mr. Bush. The Supreme Court can not silence the voice of the world, as it silenced the voice of the American people. It is time for you to fade into history.
I hope that those who politically oppose Mr. Bush are also paying attention. There is a minority, on the cusp of becoming a majority, who are anxiously awaiting your leadership. Rise to the challenge, and give us representation in our government. Greens? Libertarians? Democrats? Who will represent the people? This is your moment. Do not squander it.
UPDATE: Thank you, Senator Byrd.
UPDATE: I understand the visceral reactions that come when reading a post like this. If you’d like to comment or discuss, you are welcome to go to the Soapbox.

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  1. What ever happened to the simpler days, when Quaddafi was the middle-eastern problem child…
    I agree that something needs to be done about Saddam. I won’t argue with anyone on that fact, even those that think Saddam is not a threat, for the simple fact that I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    I don’t necessarily think that a full scale war is really the way to go about it, but seeing as how Saddam has had 12+ years since the Gulf War to clean up his act, and obviously hasn’t, war may ultimately be the only option left at our disposal.
    While I agree that something needs to be done, I don’t necessarily think that a fully unilateral decision on the part of the US to attack without the support of other nations is the smartest move, however at the same time, I doubt that many other countries would be too willing to go to war with the US simply because the US acted without their support. To some of these countries, being at war with the US would be close to a worst-case scenario for them. Of course, I do not actively follow the militaristic and financial state of every country in the world, so I may be wrong in that manner of thinking.
    I believe that North Korea is definately a country that the US, as well as other countries in the world, should keep a close eye on. Unfortunately, it looks to me like the world is more focused on Saddam right now and not watching N. Korea as closely is it possibly should be. That agian could be an error on my part, as I’ve not been spending endless hours watching CNN but instead have been trying to live my life as normally as possible in spite of world turmoil, making every attempt to go about my business as best I can without completely ignoring current events.
    And finally, I think that no matter what happens, this entire thing is more or less one big catch-22. No matter what happens, there will be both good and bad results. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. If nothing is done at all, other countries around the world may begin to think of the US as a country run by cowards. If we go all out at Saddam, other countries around the world may begin to think of the US as a country run by a warmongering tyrant with dillusions of world domination.
    This is one of those situations where it is extremely difficult to determine the correct course of action. People of the world will always be divided over what the next step should be. There will always be those that think the US should say “to hell with the rest of the world” and do whatever it feels it needs to do. There will always be those that think going to war would be the worst possible thing the US could do. In spite of that, this could very well be a major turning point in world history, a turning point that could ultimately make the world a better place for all humankind, or lead to virtual destruction of civilization as we know it.

  2. “There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.” The more we dick around while people develop WMD’s the more trouble it is going to get us into. When things were conventional and our adversary’s had to bring their armies over in boats taking a defensive posture was A-Ok.. Now that armies aren’t needed to wipe out lots of people, a defensive stance no longer works quite as well. Does anyone here really think that, if left to his own devices, Saddam will play nice? And don’t get me started on North Korea.. That is one dangerous situation with no good solutions. Nuclear blackmail is a frightening thing. Look I don’t very much want a war either, but at the same time I don’t want to wake up dead because some foreign financed terrorist finally figured out how to get a nuke/wmd into America. The world is a dangerous place and everyone has to play for keeps.
    Oh.. What we are seeing from certain countries in Europe is a case of penis envy. When it comes right down to it America has a really big dick.
    “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” Make no mistake, the world has changed. Too bad most of us slept through it. When you are the lone super power and there is no one left to play chess with, you have got to come up with a new game.
    “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.” Jefferson said it best.
    God I hate politics.

  3. How to stop war 101:
    Any questions????…
    Bush is bored. Why else would he start a war with a country that hasnt threatened the US?(The REASON to bring on this recent conflict.) If you have proof of it being otherwise, then you need to be in the Soapbox, not HERE.
    And this Dev Brown person needs to pay more attention to the afghan news. Women are being abused by the soldiers. But being a GUY? maybe he doesnt really CARE about that.
    After all, that IS a part of war. Someday women and children will be the MAJORITY of the world’s population and WE will stop stupid wars, just like this one. Been to any War-Monger marches lately anyone???

  4. without expressing my political views, how am I supposed to wash my clothes with all you people standing on the soapbox?
    boy, I hope I don’t get a religious lecture now but Jesus Christ!!

  5. Wil,
    I was going to write a long letter to you pointing out how wrong you are but frankly…I CAN’T WASTE MY TIME. You’re not just unwilling to listen but blind as well. If people like you were around in the forties, we’d have german accents and not a lot of kosher delis around.
    Still like ya though. Work on the book more.

  6. How to stop war 101:
    Oh wow, you must have a PhD…
    Any questions????…
    Plenty? Like how many mgs per day you are on…
    If you have proof of it being otherwise, then you need to be in the Soapbox, not HERE.
    But it is perfectly fine for you to rant here, right? 😉
    And this Dev Brown person needs to pay more attention to the afghan news. Women are being abused by the soldiers.
    Kindly point me to where I wrote Afghanistan is a wonderful, idyllic palce where women are overjoyed at being alive?
    But being a GUY? maybe he doesnt really CARE about that.
    Wow, you sure jump to conclusions, don’t you? Just because I don’t agree with your views I must be a guy and an uncaring one at that! On the contrary, I DO care, that is why I was for DOING something in Afghanistan and I am for DOING something in Iraq, not endless handwringing and shows of “sympathy” with the oppressed there which does ABSOLUTELY nothing to help their plights…
    Someday women and children will be the MAJORITY of the world’s population and WE will stop stupid wars, just like this one.
    Sigh… Women aleady ARE the majority of the world, at least slightly and due to the fact a species tends to reach an equilibrium point of the sexes, it is going to remain constant where it is. Thanks for showing your sexism, however. Women are just as prone to lead wars as men. Remember Thatcher?
    Been to any War-Monger marches lately anyone???
    Nope. But I have seen a lot of “There must be another way but we really don’t have any idea what that might be” marches.

  7. Susan H,
    Lay down your arms? You mean the US? Do you realize that means to surrender? You want us to surrender to Saddam? Whoa!
    Saddam hasn’t threatened the US? What are you on? It must be a dumbing down agent of some sort. Saddam tried to assassinate former President Bush. Saddam organized celebrations for September 11th. Saddam threatens our troops and allies daily, in his newpapers and broadcasts. Do you read?
    Afghan women NOW have more freedom than they have had in the past. Under the Taliban, then were beaten daily. They couldn’t go to school or vote. Now they can. Again, read a little. Apparently we care more than you about Afghan women, after all you don’t even care enough to actually read what has changed for them. That said, of course more needs to be done, there and nearly everywhere else in the world especially the other Arab countries like Iaq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, ect into ad nauseum.
    War-monger rallies? What, where what the hell are you talking about. It is nonsense. Peace is a noble thing, something to strive for, but not to the point of demanding it until we become slaves to the like of Saddam and other third world DICK-tators. It can’t be peace at any price or the US will cease to exist. This is a dangerous world and not everyone is nice. Learn that and you will grow to be a wise person, not the blind ignorant person you are.
    Also, I’m a biologist by trade, so I hate to tell you this but many children are male nearly 50%, others are female again nearly 50%. So is the general population, until we reach older ages, then females do outnumber males. That said, what difference will male/female demographics make in your pro-Saddam agenda. After all it naturally takes a male and female to make a child. That is unless you prefer Turkey basters, of course the sperm needs to come from somewhere, as of today no women have yet produced viable sperm. Maybe you want a world with no men or just a few, enough to produce sperm for reproduction? Whoa again. Hope that helps!
    No THINKING person likes Saddam, and it won’t get you very0 far endorsing him.
    Adios amiga

  8. I live in New Jersey, close to a spot that will be struck to a terrorist attack. I’m afraid! I don’t know what is right. I think maybe a war would be wrong. Am I right? Should I be so afraid? I’m having nightmares!


  10. MORON.(“nyc”?) You only see what YOU want to see.
    The women get ATTACKED. THEREFORE, they refuse to USE the “freedoms” given to them. Like, DUH. WOULD YOU???? Get raped sometime, see how far you get to SCHOOL OR WORK if thats what you get when you GO OUTSIDE. And “lay down your arms” means EVERYBODY lay down your arms. Kurt Cobain used the metaphor GUNS for penises. NO GUNS means NO FUCKING GUNS. GET IT??? Lay down your ARMS.(ALL weapons, ALL COUNTRIES) EVERYBODY…must I spell it out for you too???

  11. I’d like to talk pragmatically about why initiating a war in Iraq without the UN or even NATO backing it up is a bad idea, but I think this isn’t the best forum for that kind of discussion, so instead I’d like to respond to one particular post that caught my attention. Here is the excerpt,
    “I choose to fight for those same civil liberties that you and your fellow protesters abuse.”
    I respectfully disagree with the notion that one can abuse civil liberties. Dissent is patriotic. I love and respect the men and women who serve in our military, and I don’t wish to see them put in harm’s way in a preemtive, unilateral military action. I think that moral certainly is extremely important for our soldiers, and I think we lack it.

  12. Saddam tried to assassinate former President Bush. Saddam organized celebrations for September 11th. Saddam threatens our troops and allies daily, in his newpapers and broadcasts. Do you read?
    ***Are you saying a country cant complain when a bunch of ppl are dropping bombs on their country? We dont need a full scale war if theyre already destroying all the places that hold the things that make Iraq a threat to this country OR any other. JAPAN and other countries dont like our military presence in their country, and you think Iraq is just being DICK-tators for THAT? Iraq isnt the only country around, why focus just on them? What did Iraq do *specificly* to get Bush’s panties in a bunch??? And why are you guys treating this WIL WHEATON comment(guestbook) section like it’s a message board??? You dont like his Soapbox or something? Ill be expecting to see ALL you pro war marchers over THERE. And bring your army boots.

  13. Definition of carpet bombing: http://www.csis.org/features/cord_011102.htm I’ll give you that point, since the plan is to use (for the most part) guided missiles rather than dumb bombs. However, a strike against Baghdad will still involve massive civilian casualties: many during the strike, and many more afterward due to the destruction of power, water, and other facilities.
    Re: women in Afghanistan: http://www.hrw.org/reports/2002/afghnwmn1202/Afghnwmn1202.pdf Schooling doesn’t mean much if you have no other rights, or if exercising your right to schooling puts you in physical danger (“Schools for girls have been attacked with rockets or set on fire in at least five provinces…”).
    Other Afghanistan links: http://www.laweekly.com/ink/02/10/new-rind.php and http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2002/12/28/MN50881.DTL&type=printable

  14. Susan H,
    Again, NO nation is going to lay down their arms. It means surrender. Iraq hasn’t done it. They won’t do it, even if we did unilaterally. All that would happen in that case is for the US to be eaten up by the wolves of the world, the Russians, Chinese, even our allies would take a slice, to ‘protect us’. It is a fools paradise, it will NEVER happen. And if it did it would be dog eat dog, it is just huamn nature, even the Great Apes have wars. To even say something so stupid is like pissing in the wind. Would you like your city to be controlled by OBL?
    Get some logical thought patterns, read, it really helps on forming reasonable opinions.
    Read Fluffy, I disagree with him most of the time, but at least he possesses logic in his arguements. At least most of the time he has a reasoned arguement.
    Go in peace. My you, Susan, never get into politics.

  15. At 8am this morning I told my husband that I didn’t think that any amount of anti-war protest anywhere, even relentless protest by American business leaders and prominent Republicans, would change the plans President Bush has to invade Iraq. (Through my husband’s company we know plenty of conservative Republicans who are against invading Iraq right now because it will be so bad for the US economy and for global trade.)
    Then I read big headlines in both Sunday newspapers saying that the worldwide protests yesterday have inspired the Bush and Blair administrations to revise their positions. I have to say that I was absolutely amazed that they actually seem to care what the protesters are saying. (Either that, or an influential group of international business leaders finally got through to them.)
    I can’t wait to hear the news tomorrow!

  16. Schooling doesn’t mean much if you have no other rights, or if exercising your right to schooling puts you in physical danger
    As I stated before: Is Afghanistan a perfect place for women now? No. Is is a BETTER place than it was under the Taliban? Without a doubt- YES.

  17. Susan,
    You take the cake. I’ve never seen anyone so far afield as you. Seriously, stay off the stuff it is messing with you.
    It is ok to try to assassinate a foreign leader, and expect no consiquences? That is truely sick.
    Take a pill. All I can do is laugh at you, I didn’t think anyone since Dukakis had as little common sense.
    Adios amiga.

  18. And YOU never be a WOMAN, unless you are. Then nevermind. You can always get AN APE to protect you. :p (I take it youre not in politics either)…if you cant even think of a way to achieve peace, then your crime and all other “facts of life” (like the war on drugs) will never end either…WTF do we need Govt(laws) for then??? Why have people like Martin Luther King or any other dreamer around? Because theyll get shot down(literally) by ppl who dont even KNOW what peace would be like, they dont even CARE to try to achieve it. I hope you have a bomb shelter. Karma’s a BITCH.

  19. Senator Byrd said it far better than I could.
    Yesterday I walked in my very first demonstration, and I’m proud of it, for all the reasons Senator Byrd gave. I’m particularly worried about the destructive effect the US is having on the UN.
    Incidentally, read Bob Woodward’s book “Bush at War”: Colin Powell argued forcefully within the adiminstration against going after Iraq, but lost to Rumsfeld. Too bad Powell isn’t your President.
    Sadly, I think the course of events will be dictated by the lunar phases more than the force of reason: I think the war will start around New Moon in a couple of weeks, which seems to have been the timetable for awhile. I hope I’m wrong. I’ll shed no tears for th end of Sadaam’s reign, but I’ll shed some for the world that will result from this ill-considered action.

  20. Mmm Susan talk like Tarzan.
    That is right Susan me not woman, me man. Me no need ape protect me.
    I can see why you would be anti-government, anti-law, pro-drug. The drug you take have affected your mind. Go into rehab, you really need it, I can tell your a doper just by your writing on the internet, you really need some help. Go tonight, please! Or I hear that there are human shields going to Iraq, I’ll buy you a ticket. Got a deal?
    I always thought karma was a bastard not a bitch, maybe that was darma? Oh well.

  21. Sorry, folks, but you haven’t been marching for peace. You’ve been marching to keep a ruthless dictator in power. I don’t want to see a war, but I really don’t see another way of accomplishing anything here. Sanctions haven’t worked. Inspections haven’t worked. War is the last resort. We will probably have to use it.
    Peace Through Strength.

  22. I’m not going to say it again. Take it to the message board, or your IPs will be prohibited from commenting.
    This is not a BBS.

  23. All of you folks who are protesting this impending war are well-intentioned, I’m sure. However, well-intentioned isn’t going to stop Saddam Hussein from continuing to develop nuclear weapons. I do not believe there is anyone among us who is “for” war. As Captain Kirk himself once pointed out in “A Taste of Armageddon” the horrors of war make it a thing to be avoided. However, sometimes that is not possible. Saddam does not want to “make nice” with us. Please tell me any of you here truly believe that he is innocent and he is not trying to develop WMD’s. Please tell me you believe he is being completely honest, forthright and truthful concerning the development of WMD’s. How YOU feel about peace doesn’t matter one bit to him. We know the man is deliberately going to place his own people in harms way. You want to talk about a war killing “innocent” Iraqi’s? Who is going to make that possible? He is. I don’t want war any more than the next guy. However, I have several friends who are now being called upon to place their lives on the line FOR US! Never forget that people. You may disagree with war, you may disagree with President Bush. But once it starts, you’d better support our boys, because they are fighting for you and me. What some of you fail to understand, it’s either kill or be killed with someone like Saddam Hussein. There is no such thing as negotiating with these people. See how much your peace protest matters when he lobs a nuclear war-head over here, or has someone bring in a “dirty bomb”. He’d just as soon kill us than look at us, and you all know it. You say that there is no evidence linking Iraq to 9/11? Well, check out this link, if you have the courage:
    You folks are well-intentioned, but you need a reality check. Evil exists in this world, and unfortunately, sometimes the only way to deal with it is to eliminate it with the use of force.
    To Wil: You’re a great guy, loved you in Next Gen, wished your scene from ST: Nem. wouldn’t have ended up on the cutting-room floor, but I can’t go with you on this one. You, and all who agree with you are wrong. I realize this war could cause the death of many of our service men and women. Believe me, I pray to God everynight that my friends will be back in one piece. Here’s the thing: Saddam Hussein will not stop trying to develop WMD’s. A line must be drawn somewhere, and who else in the world is going to do it?

  24. Susan, Schindler was an arms dealer, and he saved many many Jewish people. What are you saying that you’re anti-semetic too? Wowsy woosy.
    Sean, mega dittos. I like the Reagan quote! God bless!

  25. What if you had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future? What if 3 years from now, a nuclear bomb detonated in NY, destroying the entire city? An improbable, extreme apocalyptic scenario? Hardly. This *is* what the conflict is about. How complicated do you think it would be to smuggle a nuclear device the size of a briefcase into your almighty nation?
    Would that future justify a pre-emptive attack against Iraq? Yes, it should. We don’t live in a perfect world, peace at all costs is a very dangerous thing. 9-11 was the wake up call on this.
    The chances of Irq handling a nuclear device to a terrorist organization like Al Quaeda are quite real. Osama Bin Laden’s fortune is estimated to be in the hundred of millions. Al Quaeda operates in 98 countries around the world. It is *massive* and well funded. They can easily afford a nuclear weapon. Why wouldn’t they get one? The Iraqi and Al Quaeda connection has been demonstrated lately. Unless you believe this is all lies and propaganda fabricated by the highest levels of intelligence work in your country.
    North Korea is a different situation altogether. They’re not governed by a madman bent on eradicating the world of “Zionist” and “Jew Lovers”.
    Anyways. He needs to be taken out. There are really few other options, unfortunately. Make it so! :(

  26. You go, Wil. Don’t let the Neanderthals grind you down.
    Military action is sometimes necessary, but it’s not a first resort. Good kids hit hard, but they don’t hit first.

  27. Wil,
    Your against EVRYTHING W. stands for? So your againt helping people with AIDS in Africa? Against extending unemployment benefits? Against a bigger, more powerful department of education? Against the promotion of fuel cells? Interesting, I thought you would be for these things. Huh, who knew. And for the record, your in the minority, vocal yes, but still the minority. I really don’t get the utter disdane you have for W. Oh well, I’m just gonna have to dissagree with you on this one. You still rule though!! Have a great day!

  28. Some things I will never understand. People are for war and against it. Some people like our President and some people don’t. Some people like how he was elected and others feel it was corrupt.
    I don’t see why so many people have issues with people protesting against war? What is so wrong about not wanting it? There are those who firmly believe blood begets more blood and they don’t want to have any part of it and don’t want their countryment to risk their lives for something they deem as unnecessary. I don’t understand what is so horrible about people standing up for what they believe in?
    The government is standing up for their beliefs and preparing to go to war. This is a democracy, right? Don’t all voices have the right to be heard? It is not up to any of us to decide what should and should not be said. We can say what we want, that is what freedom of speech means. Well whatever we want as long as we are not trying to cause harm.
    Anyway, maybe someone can explain to me, email or something and tell me what is so horrible about Wil disliking the president and our current government’s decisions? Isn’t that the essence of a democracy?
    To agree and disagree and to have the right to do so and to believe that changes can be made?

  29. Peace at all costs? No. If we let fear guide our judgement, we will lose, even in peace. what reasons are there for peace, other than defying George W. Bush? You think it would be “his” war? Only in the sense that he was the one with enough forsight to attempt and succeed in a very powerful decision.
    I have iraqi friends who whole hearted agree that Sadam should be removed and cannot understand the anti-war movement in this case. They have been threatened, some have lost family members due to their leaders whims. So should we mind our own business and just let them live in their land while we live in ours? Possibly, but what if they are bent on killing our way of life? what if their only true creedo is the destruction of the infidel, which is America and it’s supporters? Should we lay down and grovel and say please don’t kill us, we’ll leave you alone, please don’t bomb anything or send any biological weapons or run planes into our buildings.
    Should we bow down to the islamo-facsists who’s true goal is the destruction of Christianity?
    I think not.
    Inspectors are not supposed to be searching for weapons. The weapons were supposed to be presented to them. There is no need for another UN resolution, not a second by the way, it would be an 18th resolution not complied to. The UN continues to refuse to back up its own words mostly out of fear and greatly because of financial reasons. The UN has made itself irrelevent and will go the way of the League of Nations, as it should.
    I’m no war monger. I am a man in hopes of peace. But if someones true goal is to destroy me and makes no attempt to hide that that is their goal, I will not stand for it, be it Sadam or Bin Laden. We cannot submit to fear, even of death. Patrick Henry said it best, “Give me liberty or give me death” Our liberty depends on righting the wrongs aimed against us, not putting our heads in the sand because we are afraid to muss our hair.
    Support the cause. Support the troops. Be positive. Love and goodness will prevail.

  30. Wil,
    I think you are a very eloquent man and that you believe sincerely that war is wrong. But can you agree that Hussein’s regime must end? That the Iraqi people deserve to live in the same sort of freedom that you enjoy? After all, an Iraqi citizen who would dare to speak out against Hussein as you have against Bush would face almost certain death.
    War isn’t nice and it isn’t pretty. People will die. But sometimes force is needed to right the wrongs of history. If you and the minority who took to the streets this weekend have an alternative, we in the majority would like to hear it.
    Peace Through Strength

  31. Wil any chance of allowing us to resize the comments screen. It would be far easier to read it.
    Slorge Gridlock, my perception of this whole war situation is the same as yours. The war is against Saddam and his regime, not the people of Iraq. If you ever get the chance watch these programs for an ubiased view. href=”http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2705627.stm”

  32. “Give peace a chance”.
    OK, that takes about as much thought to say as “Pepsi – the choice of a new generation.”
    Terrorism exists, and Iraq certainly appears to support terrorism against the U.S.. And Bin Laden seems to have declared war.
    What would you do to protect the U.S.?

  33. a few fanatics?
    I’m sorry, while I think you are a great guy Wil, and have done some great acting, and done great TV/movies, I still disagree with you on this Iraq situation. I do hope that there is no war…I agree with you on that. But the protesting I have seen was not good protesting, actual protesters booing cops and destroying property. Why set fire to storefronts? What does that prove? To me it hurts the economy, and hurts those who have done no wrong. I hope you do read this Wil, and perhaps you will respond to it, but it’s not necessary I guess. I know you are a busy person. Keep up the great work on the site and your upcoming book. Good luck!

  34. I thought I would also add that I do feel that war is the last resort, however as time passes I feel we need to take care of the situation sooner than later. I don’t want to wake up one morning to find that a nuclear bomb was dropped on NY or L.A. There is still a chance we won’t go to war, and I hope it comes true, but a lot of this protesting I have seen has been horrible. Disrespecting cops for breaking up protesters when they are just doing their job. Amazing how police officers were all getting cheering just following 9/11/01.

  35. I was marching in Amsterdam, glad I did. I’m tired of the threats made by the American government, that we will all be victimized by terrorists. They promise to give us evidence, over and over again, then deliver… some outdated information, some vague photos of trucks, some distortions of the truth (“Saddam threw out the inspectors in 1998″ – they were ordered out after a provoked crisis), some flat-out lies (remember the IAEA’s 1998 report that Hussein was months away from making an atomic bomb? Bush remembered it. It never existed, though) and of course lots of “if”s, always followed by “it’s not if, but when”. Cue some terror alerts, followed in a few days by the announcement that some of the intel leading to the alerts was unreliable.
    I find that insulting.
    And it gives me the idea, that they’re evading the real reasons they have for war with Iraq. They’re searching for an excuse, and they’re not too good at that.
    Inspections are working. The pressure on Iraq to cooperate is high. This must be kept up. But tens of thousands of dead Iraqis are too many casualties for the removal of one dictator, whose power is effectively contained.
    War is an option when all else fails.
    Not before.

  36. yet another thing to consider…
    please read; Danile, chapter 11
    it’s about the “king of the north” doing battle
    with the “king of the south”
    now the king of the south has always been referenced with it commerc and wealth, while the king of the north has been assoiciated with its
    military strength…
    but… the king of the south could switch it’s
    self, becoming the king of the north, relying
    on it’s military strengths, or greater assort-
    ment of newer weapons…
    regardless, whatever happens, happens because
    it is allowed to happen.. all this is part of the “end times” difficult to deal with…
    and men not knowing the way out…
    just trust in Jehovah God and through his
    son, Jesus Christ, now Michael the Archangel…
    it will all work out… and remember Isiah tells
    us; “Vengence is mine!, says the Lord God Jehovah!, I shall repay.”
    Bush & Saddam will get what’s due as Christ
    deals his judgement.

  37. “To me it hurts the economy, and hurts those who have done no wrong.”
    This was written here by a person that suports war in Iraq. Are you serious?…thats EXACTLY what will happen if Iraq is invaded so the US populace can drive SUV’s.

  38. Why is it that I have the right and the freedom to protest the war in Iraq, but many of your posts I’ve read here accuse me of being a moron or a pacifist or un-American if I exercise that right? I don’t need to use a slew of derogatory adjectives to demean the comments of people who hold differing ideas from mine. For many reasons I don’t believe a war is the only solution. I would like to see the united States give diplomacy and the United Nations more time to find a peaceful solution to Suddam Hussein’s violations to UN resolutions. I would like to see Saddam put on trial in the international courts for crimes against his own people, and human rights violations. I love my country, I love that I can speak out against a war in Iraq, that what freedom of speech is about. So unless some of you want to re-write the First Ammendment, don’t accuse me of being anything more or less than an American.

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