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  1. Is it any more stupid than wearing a ribbon to advertise a cause? No, obviously not. Just as you would raise an eyebrow at someone who mocks another for wearing an aids ribbon and wonder what that person’s real agenda was…I wonder what your real agenda is.

  2. In reference to an earlier post of wil’s:
    Hey wil, you’re right; the bushies definitely have idiocies of their own to deal with…the idiocies of left-wing appeasers like you.
    As far as this whole french fries deal goes, get over it people; i doubt that in the long run that anyone is going to care what the hell fries are named after. Renaming french fries to freedom fries is stupid, but let’s not forget that the histories of governments doing stupid things is endless, no matter who is in power; if you want proof, check out:
    This website alone shows that the penchant for governments to act stupidly, wherever they are, is UNIVERSAL. Which means that all you Europeans,51st staters…err, I mean Canadians, and other various foreigners have no right to gloat about anything. Your governments and the people governed by them are just as DUMB and PATHETIC as ours can be.

  3. I misread the article at first and thought this was actually a House Resolution. (It wasn’t, the esteemed congressmen that have the important task overseeing the kitchen just decided to do this to get some camera time.)
    So I went to the house.gov site to look over the record to see how this was done. I wanted to see if it was one of those 419-0 unanimous consent things, or if there was a real vote and if we could see who voted against it. Of course I didn’t find a resolution, but I did find other funny examples of your tax dollars at work.
    On Tuesday, for example, our House passed H Res. 122 “recognizing the bicentennial of the admission of Ohio into the Union and the contributions of Ohio residents to the economic, social, and cultural development of the United States.” ; H.Con.Res.77 “commemorating the 60th anniversary of the historic rescue of 50,000 Bulgarian Jews…”; H.Res.19 “designating the room numbered H-236…as the ‘Richard K. Armey Room’ “. The following day they passed H.Con.Res.85 “expressing the sense of the Congress with regard to the need for improved fire safety…in the aftermath of the tragic fire…”Not actually doing anything, just expressing the sense. It is just astounding how much “not doing anything” goes on.

  4. Since when is a government looking after its own interests a point of ridicule with the US Congress?
    For Shame! For Shame!

  5. Ha! I had to join the comments section. I used to live about 15 minutes from Beaufort, in Kinston, NC.
    (you know, the place where the plastic factory blew up about a month ago)
    Beaufort is a cool place to visit and is actually the birthplace of Pepsi. (lil history for ya)
    And on top of it all, ‘Cubbies’ has the BEST cheese steaks in eastern NC! It’s so funny when you hear about small town people on the internet.
    Oh, and I agree that “Freedom Fries” is freaking stupid. I mean French Fries aren’t *french* are they?
    Got to love the south!

  6. yes, but all the name changing, ex. “liberty cabbage” was because of war with the named country.
    Does this mean the US is at war with France ?

  7. Oh, for pete’s sake! What’s next? (the icecream formerly known as fr%nch vanilla?!)
    Am I to be banned from the local mickey D’s because I refuse to patriotise my fries?
    Next we’ll be eating red-white-and blue fries too.
    ROFLMAO,….”freedom-fries,”…roflmao….that slays me!Shall we ban the word swiss from the cheese industry as well?

  8. *sigh* Alright, alright,….I’ll confess,…I laughed at America once I read the posts here,….well most of them,…but one really made me think. And finally smile because someone has the right of it, thanks spudnuts, you’re thinking clearly and I agree wholeheartedly.

  9. “Please remember these Dead Americans
    when you go shopping, for the French seem to have forgotten them.”
    Having lived in France, let me say the French have not forgotten the Americans who died in France. My entire time there, I was treated with the utmost respect by the people of France mainly the Parisians. This is the kind of babble that serves to destroy rather than build alliances. The French disagree with this action of war. That does not mean they are anti-American or turning their backs on us. They disagree plain and simple. They have that right. To say they have forgotten the dead Americans buried in France is ridiculous.
    Lets all take a deep breath and calm ourselves. People are going to die. Many innocent people are going to die along with the guilty. This is no time for bashing the French or anyone else for that matter. People are going to die. Good people die right along with the bad. That should sober us all so that we take time to ponder the fact that many more cemetaries are going to be built and many more bodies placed in the ground.
    It is easy to be pro-war and brave when the closest WE will get is watching it on CNN or Fox News.

  10. We Americans seem to think we won WWII single handedly; we didn’t, and it’s doubtful we could have.
    It’s true that our grandfathers made an important contribution and were a great help to their grandfathers, but that hardly means that France must forever march in lockstep to whatever orders we give them.
    The fact is that poison gas technology is a century old, nuclear technology is nearly sixty years old and long-range missile technology is fifty years old. It is going to be impossible to keep a lid on this much longer.
    We need to adopt a policy that consistently favors human rights, so that we don’t end up constantly using military force to destroy the monsters we created.
    Osama bin Laden, Manuel Noriega, and Saddam Hussein all received massive amounts of military and monetary support back when they hated the same people we hated. The new millennium demands a little more foresight than that.

  11. Okay, stupid indeed, but I doubt it cost much. Maybe a couple man-hours of trying to think of a name. “Spanish Fry? No, too close to something else. British Fry? No one will eat it. American Fry? Hmm, catchy movie title.”
    This is the about the same calling your friend stupid names because you disagree. It’s childish behavior that undercuts the love-hate relationship we have with the French. Where would we be without the, “Oh, those French are so snooty.” and the, “Oh, those Americans are so obnoxious.” back and forth.
    My opinion, if we want a war, we only do it with the U.N. If we can not convince France and they veto, we don’t go to war. If they are wrong, we rub it in their face with the ashes of our dead, do a little dance, and say, “I told you so.” thus continuing the fine tradition of mature relations with those who disagree with us.

  12. Someone should send them a used “freedom letter”.
    Type “French military victories” into the search field of Google.com and hit “I’m feeling lucky”
    Raised By Chaffinches blogging away in good olde Englande.

  13. Are they going to be “freedom-kissing” in their office closets and running off at lunchtime to get their “freedom-manicures” too?

  14. I didn’t read the 200+ comments, and no one probably reads these comments after a few days like me πŸ˜› But French Fries were supposedly named that as an insult to the French. From what I heard they were called that by British soldiers in North America who were fighting the French. They imagined their French rivals floating in boiling oil. So renaming them is really a compliment!

  15. Wow. I am now officially disgusted with our government. and am once again tempted to move to New Zealand and be a sheep farmer.

    Don’t ask, I don’t know.

  16. I live in Canada and have to say that the “Freedom Fries” thing is one of the most pathetic things that the United States has done in, well, weeks.
    Personally, I think that the France should take back the Statue of Liberty in retaliation. I think it would be the perfect one-up-manship.
    And no, I am not French Canadian. I’m Anglo Canadian and proud of it.
    I’m glad to see that the United States does worse things with their people’s tax dollars than Canada does.
    – Gail

  17. Freedom Fries huh?!?
    Sorry – but “French fries” are in fact not French, and if you were to order “French Fries” in France, you would only cause your waiter to be quite confused. They call this what is actually an American dish “Pommes Frites”. Furthermore, I am sick and tired of my fellow Americans constant emphasis on “Freedom”. How ignorant and naive!!! Do some traveling and see the world. Having been to over 90 different countries all over the globe, I can assure you that we are not the only “Free Country”, and in fact there are a few countries out there where their citizens enjoy much more personal and economic freedoms than we have or have ever had. Example, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. We rank at number 6. Wake up America!!!

  18. Lighten up. It was a joke…It is good to see that congressmen have a sense of humor. Besides the French are an easy target: all the ego of a superpower, but without the bad aftertaste…

  19. That was freaking funny. Wil, you know I love your web blog and your website and will forever be your monkey but I gotta tell you a little something….I have stopped buying Pierre (excuse the spelling) mineral water, etc.
    In find it funny what they did.

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