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  1. I just keep remembering the mom from ‘Better Off Dead’ (who was also ‘Mattie Ross’ in True Grit).
    “We have…Franch bread and…Franch fries and…Franch dressing!”

  2. No, Will, what is really stupid is that we are thinking about giving Turkey $30 billion for their help with this stupid “war”. Now, we have been fighting to get the space station built for twenty years. The cost has just about reached $30 billion and there is a fight every damn year to keep funding.
    Why in the hell should we give this money, without appropriations thru Congress, to the Turks???
    Dana Curtis Kincaid
    You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, would it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.
    “A Late Delivery from Avalon, Babylon V” – Marcus

  3. So, let’s put this into perspective…
    The US has blown off Kyoto, ABM treaty, international justice, UN, consumes 25% of global oil, contributes 30% of global pollution despite making up 4% of the world’s population, consumes more drugs, legal and illegal than any other nation on the globe. And now we’re blowing by the UN to erase a couple hunnert thousand Iraqis to secure fuel for our SUVs for 6 more months. The US suffers epidemic levels of morbid obesity because of its addiction to fast food and Must-See TV and what is the focus of our Congress?
    Fried potatoes.
    Beacon on a hill?
    Try nation of raging, substance-abusing assholes.
    We’ve become the Chris Farley of nations, except when this Tommy Boy lies down in his own pool of vomit it is funny to no one. And like most substance-abusing assholes, it’s funny for about three minutes until that substance-abusing asshole gets in his car or sets his house on fire.
    America, you have a problem.
    We need an intervention.

  4. And yeah, I’m calling you an asshole and I’m calling me an asshole. If you’re a sober, left-leaning, clean-cut taxpaying father of four, you’re an asshole. Do you coach soccer and recycle your pop cans and use your SUV to get there?
    Maybe you drive a fuel efficient compact and grill with propane instead of charcoal.
    You’re still an asshole.
    Gee, I’m sorry to be so down, but the rest of the planet is sick as shit of watching us gorge at the trough while they suck our exhaust and duck our Righteous Christian Cruise Missiles of Democracy.

  5. Bush is right, but he has not made his case very well. This is not about oil. It is about nonproliferation.
    The purpose of the U.N. is not to promote peace, it is to counteract American power. Even though there are major accountability problems in US foreign policy, as it is the only major policy area that the people have almost no control over, the USA is damned no matter what it does.
    If the French and the Germans think they know how to handle Iraq better, then let them try to handle it on their own if they are so smart. If it were the Eiffel tower that got blown up, rather than the trade centers, they might have a more direct interest in stemming this thing. Then again, I’m sure they paid a nice price to ensure that THEY did not get hit.

  6. They had “freedom fries” on the menu at the cafeteria at the NASA Ames Research Center — a friend who works there made an alternative suggestion for what to call a plateful of artery-clogging fat & carbohydrate fried potatoes.
    Check out this menu item for Monday:
    Turkey, Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom Melt W/ Peace Fries

  7. You want a perfect metaphor for America in 2003?
    Here it is…
    “Unlit bonfire collapse at Texas A&M kills at least 4, injures 25″
    Drunk-ass Texas frat monkeys waste time and money to erect a fool’s edifice which will burn for five minutes all to dazzle and distract their cheerleader girlfriends long enough (“Look, Ashleigh, burning logs!”) to slip roofies into their Zimas.
    Log pile collapses, people die.
    But then…
    “We gotta build another log fire as a tribute to that other log fire!”

  8. Abe: (Wearing a headset and twiddling knobs on a control panel) “Come in, come in…Mayday! I’m losing your transmission…”
    Man at the Krusty Burger drive-through window: (Yelling) “I said FRENCH fries!”
    Abe: (Surprised) “What the…? We sell… french… fries?”

  9. Bush is a clown and a fuck-up.
    I mean that sincerely and not one word of the above sentence was put there without careful consideration. I know presidents are called many nasty things during their tenure, but I have no doubt that this president most thoroughly embodies “clown” and “fuck-up” in ways to which presidents within recent memory can only aspire.
    This whole freedom fries thing would be a sad, sick joke if this kind of shit didn’t happen THREE times a day with the trail always leading back to Bush and the GOP.
    Here’s Powell’s latest shovelware at the behest of our Fuck-up-in-Chief.
    Iraqis: “Smoking gun” made with duct tape

  10. In reaction to France’s declaration that French Fries originated in Belgium, the Belgium Embassy has declared Belgium waffles are of Frech origin.
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  11. So the actor French Stewart is now Freedom Stewart? He’s in a bad Inspector Gadget sequel AND he has to change his name? Poor guy.

  12. OK. I came in earlier today thinking you guys are mostly reasonable, if a little “left” in your thinking. However, I have, after reading all 208 posts, come to the conclusion that either a) you all come from Canada (love the beer, can do without your Celine Dion) or b) did not vote in the last election.
    Facts are facts people. This is our country, and I am the last one to suggest you aren’t entitled to your opinion. However, like certain vegetarian friends of mine, I have to take issue with the high moral stance a lot of you are taking. We are America, we contribute the pollution and make decisions (like Kyoto) that aren’t popular, but guess what, we do ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING around the world.
    Someone is burning the rainforest, call America, someone is killing Serbs, call America,
    AIDS is a problem, call America….
    The list goes on and on. Unless you have NEVER driven a car, eaten a Big Mac, folded a twenty dollar bill and put it in your leather wallet, we’re all responsible. Do you own Nike shoes Mr. Liberal Ivory Tower dweller? Then guess what, you are part of the problem too. How would you like it if I spent my day camped out in front of your house protesting the sweat shops that your shoes were made in?
    Fact is people, it’s our government. We don’t have to like what they do, but in order to do it, they had to have some sort of mandate from (gasp) us. I know what you’re going to say…G.W.B. didn’t have a mandate in the first place…OK, fine, but he’s here now and that’s that. Do something about it in 2004, like teach the disenfranchised to work a damn voting machine and quit your bitching.
    As for me, I’m a gun owning, sports car driving, former Texas resident who wears leather shoes, eats steak twice a week, and enjoys the hell out of French wine, Belgian beer, and taking the piss out of liberals who are blinded by the dogma of their political religion. Part of the problem with this country is that neither liberals nor conservatives (my chosen group for therapy) are willing to take responsibility for making a real difference.
    But I tell you what, I disagree with all of you. But I am glad you are all here. Keep embracing your right to express these views, and do this 28 year old conservative a favor – keep in mind that if you didn’t live in a place like America, you could be shot for doing so.
    Long story short, treasure your views and beliefs, but understand from whence they came, and be proud to have the freedom that comes with being an American.
    But I still don’t like Celine Dion.

  13. >> Part of the problem with this country is that neither liberals nor conservatives (my chosen group for therapy) are willing to take responsibility for making a real difference.
    That’s ALL of the problem.

  14. If only Congress would restrict itself to such petty foolishnesses; their larger, more frequent, and much more expensive follies are not nearly as entertaining.

  15. There are 11 American Cemeteries in france
    maintained by the US Government
    Honoring 66,033 Americans Killed fighting for the
    Aisne-Marne Cemetery France
    3,349 Americans Killed
    Somme Cemetery France
    2,177 Americans Killed
    Brittany Cemetery France
    4,908 Americans Killed
    Oise-Aisne Cemetery France
    6,253 Americans Killed
    Epinal Cemetery France
    5,679 Americans Killed
    Rhone Dragungnan Cemetery France
    1,155 Americans Killed
    Lorraine Cemetery France
    10,933 Americans Killed
    Meuse-Argonne Cemetery France
    15,200 Americans Killed
    St. Mihiel Cemetery France
    4,437 Americans Killed
    Suresnes Cemetery France
    998 Americans Killed
    Normandy Cemetery France
    10,944 Americans Killed
    66,033 Americans are Buried or Missing in France. Thousands more who died fighting for France are buried or honored in the US.
    Thanks France
    Please remember these Dead Americans
    when you go shopping, for the French seem to have forgotten them.
    The British, Italians, Spanish and many others in all parts of the world are supporting
    the US and its leaders during a very difficult time. The USA is in danger and now France will stand to protect us and free people around the world from a man who would see millions die in chemical, biological, and nuclear attack.

  16. I can’t believe this is real! French fries nor french toast are even French. They must be laughing like crazy at us right now. So am I. How are we the most powerful nation in the world when our leaders are such idiots?
    People please remember that this war has NOTHING to do with freedom. It is about oil and Bush remaining president. If it were about freedom we would be going after people who actually had something to do with September 11th.
    PS Is anyone else surprised that Bush didn’t somehow blame the Columbia tragedy on Saddam Hussein? I am embarassed that he is our president. He is such a *%&$#&” idiot!

  17. It’s not a flamewar, Wil. People are passionate about this. It’s not about french/Belgian/freedom fries. It’s about the idea that we would turn to something so ridiculous to hurt a country’s feelings (which isn’t going to happen anyway). It’s about respect, wasting our time, and a hundred other things.
    Besides, you started it.

  18. wil you brought this to your site, the war began with your opening salvo. here is a reality…
    everyday, every minute more and more countries are getting really bad weapons including nuclear ones. many of these countries are lead by unstable leaders (as opposed to more stable bomb weilding nations, ie. the orginal Soviet Union, UK, etc.). Having these weapons keeps these bad people in power. THEY create terrible living conditions and suffer for their people. THEY threaten Americans and others in free Western thinking countries with death from these weapons.
    You want to feed the Iraqis wil? You want to educate them? Give them books not war? Try with SH as their leader! For every Iraqi that might die in a US waged war their have been countless Iraqi men, women, and children who have been killed by their own goverment.
    Here is the side bet… when the US comes and liberates, when they don’t slaughter citizens in the streets… I PROMISE you the Iraqis will treat us as liberators, dancing in the streets, buring the posters of SH, and finalling be free. AND THEN we can feed, educate, and HELP the Iraqi people. And at the same time protect you, your wife, your step children, and the very economy and encourages the average American to spend their free time watching tv like Star Trek and movies like Stand By Me.
    Bush is stupid? Mindless? He is a former fighter pilot, Harvard MBA graduate, former owner of a major league baseball team who earned millions, former govenor of a major US state. Lets anti up the resumes.

  19. who really gives a shit anyway what fries are called? home fries? fried potatoes? taters? curly fries? krinkle fries?? so what??? sure it’s crazy that they did it, but it’s their cafe, their menu. y’all need to settle down. the catering service where i work just calls ’em fries. i prefer the steamed veggies anyway.

  20. Yeah, that is stupid. They did that during World War I, too. They got to calling sauerkraut “liberty cabbage.” Who knows what they did for bratwurst? And I think that’s just… a little overdoing it. And all the French said was that French fries come from Belgium. That was funny.

  21. They actually had to have a meeting and discuss the changing of the menu. With all that is going on in the world, they were having a meeting about re-naming french fries.
    I think all they really accomplished was showing France and the world that we are a nation of 3rd graders. Side with us or get bombarded by spit balls.

  22. >
    No. He faced a criminal penalty for not leaving private property after being requested to do so by the owners of the shopping mall (yes it is private property), and consequently by refusing to leave he committed the criminal act of trespassing. Inasmuch as the shopping mall was private property and not a library or some other public area, the owners are well within their legal rights to evict the trespasser. The obvious free-market penalty on the mall would be not-so-favorable publicity and/or possibly lost customer sales.

  23. “Oh my god.
    You’re having a flamewar over fucking french fries?
    The terrorists have won.”
    Posted by wil at March 12, 2003 02:56 PM
    Wil, you sound as if you are surprised by this. I can’t imagine why you would be.

  24. Posted by Angelwwolf “according to an AOL poll, the majority of people who took the poll support the idea of freedom fries.”
    Yeah, there’s a completely unbiased source!
    I love it when people rely on polls for the truth.
    No I don’t really.
    I hardly expected to see this run a full second day but it has been interesting reading to say the least.
    Thanks for the oppurtunity Wil, you are a good guy.
    Vive La France

  25. If we want to take a look at Bush’s resume, lets not forget that he’s been arrested three times and only got off from a charge of corporate corruption in the Oil Company he worked for because the Investigator, who was appointed by Bushs Senior, Said there was not enough evidence…
    Oh, and he’s never actually fought in so much as a single military action…

  26. What a great nation is this, that can’t accept different opinions without going “Weeeeheheheeee, they don’t play with meeeeee! Booohohohohoooo!”?
    Ah, i forgot: There is God’s Will ™ involved.
    Heads up, we “old europeans” don’t mistake you people with your government 😉

  27. Ok, they’re not the healthiest of foods, but fries (and they ARE) from Belgium taste really great when you know how to prepare them, and judging from five weeks in the New England area, you guys and girls have no clue.
    Same thing for waffles. Go to Belgium, have a waffle. Taste the difference.
    The food is more important than the war. I don’t mind its fattening properties too much, we pay $15 for a doctor’s visit or, if we’re too fat (and you beat us there hands-down), the doctor makes a housecall.
    We’ve got oodles of Brits, French, Americans and sundry nationalities parked under nice white stones in Belgium and thank you for the sacrifice but I’m not going to bleed for the poor American troops in the Iraq theater today. No soldier has ever had as good a chance of making it back alive as the US fighting man/woman today (except special forces who are taking a lot more risks but they like that short of stuff anyway). The casualties on the allied side of the first Iraq-coalition party were negligible (something the parties involved won’t think as light about).
    Do two things : stop wining about the war. It’s our natural state. The boys and girls who prefer armed conflict should zone off a nice, big piece of desert and get it out of their system. It’s a waste of money but you don’t care about that because waging war is more important than giving your elderly a decent pension after a life’s hard work.
    Second, bomb the snot out of Iraq, why don’t you. I’ve been hearing all the yammering about the fight for freedom (it’s worth a smile the first few times, I freely admit it) for months now and I’m sick of it. I want to hear some news. Newsflash (!): the war on Iraq is not news, Palestinians blowing up Israelis is not news, Israelis blowing up Palestinians is not news (in fact, that one is more like a cultural phenomenon, like Texan square dancing but without the annoying music), the Russians bombing Tchechen people and getting their heads blown off : all of this is not news. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Tell me something I want to hear. Do something useful, put all that PhD potential that makes the MOAB such an interesting proposition and make me a working star drive. Impress me.
    No apology for the long post. We’ve been yapping about nothing for very much longer than my post.
    And Will, I love you baby! Never change. Loved you then, love you now. Keep your groove thing going.
    Word, or as the French would have it: mot.

  28. Jesus….all you o’riley factor idiots get the saddam/hitler connection out of your tiny lil’ brains….saddam has been in power around 35 years he’s an OLD MAN that only keeps power by opressing his people. If he was gonna be hitler it would have been 30 years ago before his whole population HATED him. As for all the americans who have died defending france..SO? what does WW1&WW2 have to do with Iraq? NADA,ZED,ZIP,ZILCH!!!! and honestly we should have kept our snouts out of WW1 too…that had everything to do with expanding our “sphere of influence” and protecting american BUSINESS INTRESTS in europe and ZIP to do with protecting the french(although they brain washed our fighting men into believeing that, just like they are brain-wasing them into believing we are liberating Iraq)

  29. “(Cheney) is a scholar and somewhat of an academic, and has studied our history and America’s place in the world, in history, and believes that all the progress of the last century, or a goodly portion of it — eradication of tyrants and communism and fascism and Hitlerism — was a direct result of the strength of the United States of America and their willingness to use their strength for good,” said Mary Matalin, former counselor to the vice president. http://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS/03/11/sprj.irq.cheney.role/index.html
    Now THAT’s funny…
    Wait, actually, it’s tragic.
    Thank God I’m Canadian. (no anti-American slurs intended, but how can reasonable Americans put up with those “insert your own insult” that call themselves your leaders…?)

  30. I can’t believe how childish this is.
    Someone hinted that the US are the only country practicing freedom of speech.
    Then why have there been reports of black lists for actors who oppose Bush’s politics?
    It has also been pointed out that ‘dish-renaming’ has already taken place during the World Wars.
    So have boycotts and campaigns against foreigners.
    How long until French restaurants in the US have to close due to lack of customers? How long until French classes (do the US even teach their students foreign languages?) are being cancelled?
    How long until people originating in ‘Anti-American’ countries are discriminated against?
    There are already ‘Don’t buy at French stores’-campaigns on the net.
    In Germany, they treated the Jews that way.
    A country whose president doesn’t know the people living in Greece are called ‘Greek’ and whose Governor of Florida doesn’t know Spain is a monarchy should have other things to worry about than food.
    Petty and childish.
    I wonder whether the French will lower themselves to this level and start to boycott McDonalds.

  31. as i survey the carnage left behind in this french fry flamewar…i can’t help but think that JULIA CHILD “the french chef” is probably thinking about going into hiding…such a shame…she’s a great lady!

  32. This is off on a tangent, but does anybody know what the record is for most comments to one of Wil’s posts? This topic has gotten a much higher response rate than most of his other writings.
    The whole thing is just so silly. I doubt France was ever all that honored to have a potato recipe named for them, anyway.

  33. Unbelievable. This is what my own state senator is devoting his precious “representative” time to? I am sickened. Doesn’t anyone realize that France has been around a helluva lot longer than the United States and may have some greater insight into international affairs? This kind of thing really ignites my inner expatriate.

  34. I guess I see it differently.
    Since America IS a free country, they are welcome to boycott anyone they see fit in a peaceful measure.
    Other groups, both Left and Right, do it everyday for environmental, abortion, or whatever topics.
    No harm done. You got a laugh. They did too.

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