WWdN Poker Game Schedule Changes

After two awesome months, I’m moving the WWdN Friday game at PokerStars to Tuesday, where it will henceforth be known as "The WWdN Friday Game On Tuesday."

Just kidding. It will be "The WWdN: [Donkey who outdrew me because I am so awesome] Invitational."

I’m moving it to Tuesdays in anticipation of SciFridays coming back, and so people who don’t want to give up their Friday nights to play poker with the most awesome group of future WSOP champions (and Poker Geek) ever assembled can still do so on Tuesdays.

The West Coast Warm-up will still happen at 7:30 PST on Thursdays, and is currently seeking a new name, since it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to warm up for something that happened on Tuesday, unless you’re warming up several days in advance, which is a silly way to spend your entire weekend.

So cut-n-paste this as necessary, and spread the word around:

The WWdN Friday game at PokerStars is moving to Tuesday, beginning December 20th. The game will play each week, except in the event of major holidays, starting at 7:00 PM EST. The buy-in will remain at $10+1.

A major announcement related to the Friday-but-now-on-Tuesday tournaments will come out tomorrow. Feel free to speculate wildly, in the hopes that the Associated Press picks up the story and runs with it. Also feel free to tell me I smell good and have nice hair. But don’t expect any funny business, because I’m not that kind of date.

22 thoughts on “WWdN Poker Game Schedule Changes”

  1. Hmmm… I usually play in an Amateur Poker League game on Tuesday nights. What to do, what to do? Play for free with the APLers, or play for real with the WWdNers? Maybe I’ll have to alternate. But I will try to play in the Thursday night games when I can, since all I have to worry about then is staying up late and then getting up early. I can deal with that once in a while, especially if I bust out early (which I have NO intention of doing, thankyouverymuch).
    See you at a game soon!

  2. So… since this starts next week, does that mean there is still a Friday game this week? I’m sure this is just some half-assed attempt to get rid of me, but you’re gonna have to do better than that, Wheaton! :-)

  3. Waaah! With the Friday night games it was Saturday morning here in Australia and so I could play. Tuesday nights there mean Wednesday mornings here and sadly I will be at work. So no more WWdN Invitational for me :(

  4. Man, I’m going to have to take some Wednesday off work so I can play in the Tuesday tournaments. Lousy Ireland, and it’s lousy “GMT” timezone. Grrr.
    Oh, and is it “smell good and have nice hair” day? BoingBoing had a similar sentence as well.

  5. Ooh, “speculate wildly,” them’s fightin’ words. I speculate that someone uberspecial in the poker world may join us for a future game(s). I speculate everyone but Wil will get an extra 500 starting chips from now on. I speculate that calendars around the world will embrace Tuesday as the new Friday in honor of the coolness that is the WWdN Friday-but-now-on-Tuesday invitational.
    As for you scent and hair, Wil, you’re going to have to earn that one.
    See you on Tuesday, I mean Friday, I mean Tuesday.

  6. Hooray! This means I might actually be able to play in these tournaments now. I look forward to channeling CJ and sucking out on a regular basis.

  7. I sense the end of my weekly delight
    alongside Nickerson on a Friday night
    as the game does not start until midnight
    in this far off land 5,000 miles to the right
    With it being a week day I’ll have to stomach work 6 hours after the start time, so this is an end to my weekly game.

  8. Does this make the Thursday Night Warm Up Game a Thursday Night Warm Up Game … In Exile? And even though I don’t play poker, it makes me all warm and squishy inside to know that other people are rearranging their lives for the return of SciFriday. (I guess technically, all humans are warm and squishy inside … unless they’re dead.)

  9. I’m going to third Montana Girl and MattSch. The Order of the Stick is what we in “the biz” call a good time. Don’t ask me what biz, though. I’m not sure. I just said that so you’d think I was cool. *hangs head in mock shame*

  10. (wondering whether I should admit that the first thing that the “smell nice and have nice hair” comment made me think of was reading a Clay Aiken forum… oops)
    My wild speculation is that the password is changing from monkey to something else! Like, clownsweater.
    I’m gonna play one of these days, I swear.

  11. I don’t see a tourney set up for tonight or tomorrow. Is this week clear, and things start up again on the new schedule next week? I was thinking about playing tonight. I suppose some of us can just try to take over a table and bully off any non-WWdNers….

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