WWdN poker tourneys this week

After taking last week off for holiday awesomeness with my family, the WWdN poker tournaments at PokerStars are back in action.

Today, we have the West Coast Warmup number three:

What: WWdN: West Coast Warmup #3
Where: PokerStars.
When: Thursday, December 1. 7:30 PST
Password: monkey
Tournament number: 15885231
Buy-in: $10+1

Tomorrow, we have the WWdN: ZowieZ Invitational

What: WWdN: ZowieZ Invitational
Where: PokerStars.
When: Friday, December 2. 7:00 EST
Password: monkey
Tournament number: 15886396
Buy-in: $10+1

I was doing really well in the HeyKidsItsBG Invitational, right up until I got sort of unlucky trying to bust a short stack. After a limp and a raise, I was getting 6-1 on my money with pocket fives, so I re-raised all-in to isolate the short-stack. I was in the lead, but just barely, against hands like KQ and AQ . . . until the KQ flopped two pair. Ouch. Two people went broke on that hand, and two others were crippled. Nice hand, well-played. A few hands later, I found AKo, and lost a race to a pair of eights. Here’s what I blogged at CardSquad:

He raised it 4x the BB, so I came over the top for 3x his raise, which
pretty much committed me. When he went all-in, I knew I was behind, but
getting 3-1 on my money, I thought it was a good call, since I was at
worst 50-50 unless he had an ace. Oh, there’s an 8 on the flop. D’oh!

I finished fourteenth, which was pretty awful, considering my chip position right before the debacle with presto (that’s pocket fives, for you non-BARGErs.) It illustrates the reality of a no-limit tournament: you can go from first place to the parking lot in just a few hands if you get stupid, unlucky, or both. Of course, you can also go from last to first just as easily. "That’s no limit, baby!"

Hope to see lots of players tonight and tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “WWdN poker tourneys this week”

  1. I won’t know till the last minute whether I will be able to play in either tournament, but I’ll try to drop in and say hello at the very least. Good luck to all players!

  2. Thanks, Wil. I’ve been waiting for this post seeing as I can now finally play. :)
    zippos- I had the same problem and ended up using the Western Union option. For a $50 deposit, my total charge was $65 ($15 charge by WU) You can try one of the other online payment things though also but if you’re going to use WU, do it quick because it can take up to a day or more for the money to go into your account.
    GL to everybody!

  3. I use NETeller for my deposits to PokerStars. You can transfer funds from your bank account to your NETeller account for free, but it takes about a week for the transfer to happen. If you want to do it faster, you can, but you have to pay a fee to do so. I’ve been happy with NETteller so far. You can open a free account with them by going to http://www.neteller.com.

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