Emerald City ComiCon Memories

I do the 48-minute work thing, and I’m as swamped and panicked as I think I’ve ever been as I prepare for a screen test tomorrow and a convention this weekend. This is certainly the worst since I was working on my PAX keynote, but I work well when I’m terrified. During this panic, blogging falls into the "do fun stuff for 12 minutes and then GBTW" part of the hour, so please forgive me if this is a bit . . . unfucosed.

Here goes:

Emerald City ComiCon was @!#$!%&(*ing awesome. It. Was. Just. Awesome. I met many people who I know online but not in real life, including Ed Brubaker and Cherie Priest, who are awesome. Ed even asked me if I’d come play in his D&D game during my Q&A . . . if I’d play a lesbian Druid. Apparently, he was bet a large sum of money that he wouldn’t do it.

I also got to finally slime Jeph Jacques in person and give him shiny gold rocks in exchange for some awesome QC shirts. He also gave me NUMBER ONE of the limited edition print they made for the show. NUMBER @$!@#%^&ING ONE!

I met some people from Wizkids, who heard through the geekvine that I’m a pretty big fan of HorrorClix and Pirates of the Spanish Main. They gave me many wonderful presents, including a Great Cthulhu HorrorClix dude and a complete set of Pirates ships. If you felt the Earth move in Seattle this weekend, (and you were alone, natch) it was likely me exploding into a geeksupernova.

My reading on Saturday and my Q&A on Sunday were also awesome. I had a ton of fun, and I think the audience had a good time, as well. I hope they did, because OMG they had to turn people away when both of my panels filled up and were standing room only. I know! I can’t believe it, either.

I got a lot of super great books that I don’t have time to read right now, but I’ve started (and totally love) Top Shelf’s Super Spy by Matt Kindt. I’m going to do my best to list and one-line review the other stuff I got, because everything I got looks really, really cool.

Shit. I only have 6 minutes. Shit shit shit!

I was asked to write for [Comic that I love] and maybe write an introduction to [Comic that I love]. I may be writing something for [Game that I love.] Again, geeksupernova + geekgammarayburst + geekgasm. It was very messy. Sorry about that, Seattle.

All the people I met this weekend will be crushed when they
find out the horrible truth about what a terrible person I am, but at
least we all had 48 glorious hours together.

Very Memorable Moment of the con: I was talking to Ed Brubaker, who waited in my line to give me copies of Criminal. It’s one of my favorite books in the world, and I asked him if he would sign it for me. Ed and I kind of know each other because Warren Ellis introduced us (I know, it feels like name dropping to me, too, but I swear it’s how it happened) and Ed’s given me a ton of reassurance and advice as a writer.  I was attempting to thank him for casting Dispel Fear and Self-Doubt when I failed my save vs. insecurity just before I started my second Star Trek manga story, and this really angry guy in my line yells at him for talking to me for so long.

I think we’d be talking for about 5 minutes, which is about how long I spend with everyone who waits to talk to me at a convention, because that’s just how I roll.

For those of you who don’t know who Ed is, he writes (and killed) Captain America, and that’s not even the coolest stuff he’s done. Yelling at Ed Brubaker at a comic convention is like yelling at Wayne Gretzky at a hockey convention.

When Angry Yelling Guy got to the front of the line, he just wanted to talk to me about Star Trek. For five minutes.

I ate lunch with Jamie Bamber and Julie Benz on Saturday. I felt really out of place with the two of them and desperately wanted to get back down with the other writers where I felt like I was among peers, but they were both very, very nice to me. Julie Benz is just as beautiful as you’d expect, and Jamie Bamber was an incredibly charming and friendly fellow.

I sold out of all of my books before 11 on Sunday morning! Happiest Days is now officially in its second printing, which is supposed to arrive tomorrow in time for me to take new books to Super-Con.

I’m working on an awesome new limited chapbook for Super-Con (and the 2008 Geek Tour) today. Details later this afternoon.

1 minute left! Which one is the blue wire?!

Comic Book Resources wrote a very kind report about my reading on Saturday. I also posed for some pretty cool pictures with some pretty cool people. I was mauled by a bunch of Suicide Girls. Sigh. Poor me. How will I ever recover?

Seattle was, as it always is, just wonderful. Every single person I met was kind and friendly, and I’m going to put this con down as a HUGE SUCCESS by every metric I use to determine this sort of thing: selling stuff, meeting cool people, having fun, getting cool stuff.

I know I’m forgetting a lot of stuff, but I’m out of time. More bloggy happy funtimes in 48 minutes . . . ish.

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  1. Hey Wil,
    As someone who met you two weeks back at Stone Brewery, and as someone for whom you took five minutes (more, maybe?) to inscribe my three Wheaton books (one of them to “number one,” my geeky poker nickname, to which you added “May you always suck out on the river”) and to pose with a t-shirt I’d brought as an in-joke for a buddy… anyway, as someone like that, I want to say thank you for taking the time you do with the fans who meet you and making us feel like, for that moment, you are giving us your full attention and are not in a rush to get us out of the way and on with your life. Too bad that, I guess, some people don’t get that. Well, one guy doesn’t get it. Screw him.
    BTW, the guy in line in front of me was chatting to you about Iron Man, and I was thinking, “Get on with it! I want to meet him!” And then I had you spend twice as long with me. But at least I kept my hypocritical thoughts to myself. And was able to chuckle at myself on the way home.

  2. Just wanted to stop in and thank you for the time you spend with the people in your line. My hubby and I were glad to wait so that I could meet you and he could watch me be the happiest geek ever when you gave me your sharpie pen. (in the “to be bronzed” in-box now.)
    It’s a really good feeling to grow up and realize that someone you loved on t.v. as a kid also grew up – and is even more fun to be a fan of now. Well done, sir!

  3. I stood in line for about an hour and a half on Saturday afternoon to speak with you, and could have cared less about the wait. It was very nice to see that you did actually take the time to be personable, and warm to each and every person that came to the table. You took the time to make everyone feel like they were the only person in the room as you talked with them. We spoke, laughed about how old I felt, and I was honored when you signed a copy of “Happiest times” for me. a Thank you so much for making that Saturday truly one of my “Happiest Times” just by being yourself.

  4. Cool report from what sounds like a cool con. I have a data point that indicates Jamie Bamber lives by the Wil Wheaton Credo: A friend of mine created and maintains the LJ Bamber_News community. Before DragonCon 2007, she’d contacted his representative hoping for a long-shot interview with him at the con. If I’m recalling correctly, there was some back and forth, but then the ball was most definitely dropped on his end. She boldly brought it up when she was getting his autograph at the Con, and he ended up giving her a 40-minute interview later on at the Con.

  5. Wil, I’m so glad you had a great time at the con. Given the chance and the wherrewithal, I would spend every weekend at one…only taking time off to take my charming lovely and intelligent wife to lunch in Gstaad. But I just saw one of the pics from the weekend, and I must seriously urge you to change your photo at the top right of the main page. Rock the facial hair!!!!

  6. Dude, this is totally unrelated, but I wanted to share it with you.
    There is this new online community called Raverly for knitters and crocheters. Anyway, one of the groups I am in is called Ravel Trek (a group for trekkies/trekkers who knit/crochet). I found a thread today titled “Least Favorite Trek Character”. When I saw it my first thought was, “Oh great. Let the Wesley bashing begin. Sigh.” Well, after going thru all the posts only 2 out of 59 people said they didn’t like Wesley (and it was very politely put…no major bashing) and those two people were quickly disagreed with! How cool is that?! I was quite wonderfully happy. I did a little “Woo Hoo! My knitting friends don’t hate Wesley!” dance.
    Anyway, that is all. I wanted to share my happiness.  Not sure that you care, but I thought it was cool.

  7. Your reading was FANTASTIC at ECCC, and although I know you didn’t intend it, your having to stop mid-Vegaspants story is going to induce a flood of people buying your books. Seriously.
    Also, you were wonderful to talk to in line, and I’m infinitely grateful that you were so kind regarding my inability to speak or form sentences when meeting you. (I was the one who called your beard ‘rugged’, and I stick by that.)
    Now, because of you, I must ditch all my other actual duties for the last weekend in August and come to PAX. As I told all my friends, “I have to go – Wil Wheaton said so.” And, of course, they clearly understood. :)
    Rock on, man. Thanks again.
    – Moni

  8. Dear Wil,
    I am finally prompted to actually sign up and leave you a note here. It was fantastic seeing you again this past weekend, and you just seriously made our day when you said you kind of remembered us (from PAX I guess?) You are one of the nicest guys my husband and I have ever met, and we truly appreciate the time you spend with your fans. It makes it definitely worthwhile to wait in line. Besides, the line ride is fun of it’s own accord too! The guys behind us were quoting the entire Family Guy Blue Harvest episode! Anyway, thanks again, and just for fun here’s the link to my flickr page for the con, complete with bad photography. I really need to take a class. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nwc_orca/sets/72157604990821318/
    Thanks again and we’ll see you at PAX!
    Sarah (You signed my pink DS and I love it!)

  9. Agreed, ECCC was awesome – and I’m glad you had a great experience in Seattle (aside from the one retard). Next year I’ll attend both days so I don’t miss as much as I did this year. I was so overwhelmed with geeky bliss that I missed a few key things I had meant to do – like standing in line to say hi to you and probably end up dumbstruck just like I did when I met Thomas Dolby.

  10. Hey, Wil…
    This is Ryan. You probably remember me with the Admiral Ackbar shirt that said “It’s a Trap!” and also probably remember me from the autograph request I had. I hope it didn’t upset you that I asked for that classic fun quote you said to Keefer in “Stand by Me.” You’re a man of good integrity and totally understand.
    I sat in on your Sunday geek panel and was actually very inspired by the things you said about people and trying to get in the business. I really admire that you haven’t let the fame get to your head and that you really are a well grounded person. It was after being completely blown away how cool of a person you are with the fans I really felt kinda like a dick for even asking for such a personalization on the Gordy photo and just hope you weren’t slighted by the request.
    Meeting you in person was really great even though it was only a couple minutes. I was actually extremely nervous and didn’t want to take up your time much with all the other people in line, but I really want to thank you for coming out to Seattle and being so nice to all the fans and talking with everyone as well as taking a picture next to my lame self, hehe. I admire the person you’ve grown into and very glad to hear things are going so well for you in your life. Happiness is what we all strive for.
    Thank you very much for the opportunity, Wil. Even though it was just a couple moments getting to meet you it was very cool to finally meet you and hope I didn’t come off as Bantha Poodoo for asking you to personalize that photo with those words. It was just always one of my fav parts and that is in my library of favorite growing up films that I still enjoy to this day.
    “IT’S A TRAP!!!!!”

  11. Hi Wil,
    Just wanted to extend a thank you for taking the time to come to Seattle. It was great meeting you and now my son (who took our picture by the way) finally figured out why I was “geeking” out at the con. He figured out these were that actual people who wrote and illustrated the comics he reads and now a future geek has been baptized. Thanks again for taking the time.

  12. Hi Wil,
    Just wanted to extend a thank you for taking the time to come to Seattle. It was great meeting you and now my son (who took our picture by the way) finally figured out why I was “geeking” out at the con. He figured out these were that actual people who wrote and illustrated the comics he reads and now a future geek has been baptized. Thanks again for taking the time.

  13. Is it just me, or does Wil bear a striking resemblance to Will Riker / Jonathan Frakes (not Season 2 of course, silly bunnies)?
    Cognitive…dissonance…must…drink coffee…

  14. Sorry I geeksploodged all over you at the con. I’ve always prided myself on being pretty chill about meeting famous people, but when I fail, I fail HARD. I promise I’m not actually still hung up on the Penguicon thing; that exchange was much cooler and funnier in my head the night before.
    In the midst of going all “omg wesley crush,” I think I forgot to mention that you inspire me as a fellow writer. Better late than never?
    Thanks for gracing our little con with your awesome. You, sir, are a TRUE American hero.

  15. It was an awesome con. It was, fact, my first ever con, so just think! You helped make my first con experience totally awesome. It was really cool to meet you, and I was impressed by how laid-back and personable you are. I’ve met a few other famous folks, and none of them ever struck me as “someone who’d be fun to go get a few beers with” like you did. Thanks for being made of awesome, and I’m sorry my friends and I kind of pounced on you for your autograph Sunday during your “me-time.” I’m temped to make you a shirt that says “Nerd Jesus” to make up for it.
    By the by, I’d also like to compliment you on your skill with words. You have an incredible talent, and I hope my writing can some day measure up to yours.
    I’m glad you had a good time!

  16. ECCC sounds totally awesome! It’s cool to hear that everyone had such a great time! No wonder I thought I felt some geeksupernova shock waves all the way over here this weekend. :)
    It’s really fun to read one of these super geeky, super rushed, super happy posts of yours. It’s like a giant ray of geeky sunshine and big smiles just blasted through my computer screen. Very, very cool.
    See you on the Geek Tour 2008! (Psst. Texas. Psst. Texas.)

  17. Wil, I’ve realized one more reason why you’re so awesome. I mean yes, you’re like a geek god, and your writing is amazing, and you’re a kickass dad that any self-repsecting geek would want to emulate, but on TOP of that, when you grow a beard you totally grow it in the same way I do… Real wiry-like. Also, you are totally not full of yourself and will make goofy faces in photos without question. My man-crush deepens – you’d best watch out for my jealous fiancee! :)

  18. James (Ernest of Cheapass Games) is happy to hear that you like “Pirates of the Spanish Main” – he designed it, you know!
    I did get down to ECCC for your reading on Saturday, but I had Little Miss Cheapass with me (and no James), so we couldn’t stand in your awesomely long line – her patience is limited. :( But I must pass along that she really dug your impression of whiny Luke Skywalker. :)

  19. Hi Wil,
    Yes, I think you can tell from other comments here that we as audience for your reading and the Q&A, did have a good time. I did as well, and am really glad to have had the opportunity to meet you and pick up your book The Best Days of Our Lives. You’ve become an inspiration for me in my own writing and keeping up on updating my blog.

  20. Didn’t notice your geekspolding shaking the earth; was too busy doing my own geeking out. Although I am shaming you through the computer for not having the chapbook ready in time for Emerald City! SHAME! Now how am I, Most Northernly Person Who Blew All Her BookCash At Emerald City, supposed to get a copy?
    Anyway, I also want to thank you for giving me what my friends have concluded is the most excellent conversation ever. Yes, I really do get a lot of crap at cons when I tell people who to ‘make it out to’, but you were the awesomest one ever about it, because you totally got it.
    (It’s so much easier to gush when you’re not standing right in front of me. Probably a good thing I suffer from social anxiety, yo)
    Mary Sue

  21. Wil:
    Poor Impulse Control across Brent’s forehead made me LOL when I finally looked at it. Thanks for a wonderful weekend, I hope you enjoyed yourself.
    Keep up the good work, see you at PAX.

  22. Just finished Happies Days. Loved it. I’m a little older than you but still a child of the 70’s. Reading your stories brings back a lot of memories. thanks for the trip, and it was great to see you again(saw you at my first grand slam in06)thanks for the great sessions at the con. Hope to see you at the next geekfest.

  23. Don’t worry, I’ll tell my hubby (the guy who handed over Cthulhu) that you are still amped about it!
    You are welcome to fight our army of Giant Clix figures any day. (Although one of our Cthulhus lives in the aquarium.)

  24. Please don’t use open parentheses when you’re simulating swearing: “ComiCon was @!#$!%&(*ing awesome.” After 42 years of writing code, it sets a little switch in my head that isn’t reset until I see a close parenthesis. So excuse me while I say this:
    ) )
    Whew! (One for your original text and one for my quoting of it.)

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