in which i get to hurl polyhedrons


From left to right: Me, Gabe, Kurtz, Tycho.

This was pretty much as fantastic as I thought it would be, and I’m very proud of myself for never blowing a save versus "OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I GET TO DO THIS" the whole time we played.

Check this out: we had so much fun, Jerry says that if they do more D&D podcasts, I’ll get to join them, as the intern who opens all the doors and doesn’t get any gold.


(Note: This picture is © All rights reserved because Kiko took it.)

34 thoughts on “in which i get to hurl polyhedrons”

  1. So weird to see a D&D session in “public”. Usually, my brother and our nerdy friends would be in the dark basement, playing by the light of the Commodore 64 blue screen.
    But I have to mention: No Dew or Fritos on the table?

  2. It’s like the dream team! I agree with AJ, it was weird for me to see a session in “public”, with the bright lighting and observers. My experience was as a kid, either huddled in my room alone imagining how I would run this module, or with my brother and a friend huddled around my parent’s (small) kitchen table. Far from prying eyes. Wil, was it hard to immerse yourself in that setting? Or is that something you’re used to? And thanks for the link to Paizo, talk about blasts from the past!

  3. It was great getting to watch you guys play! PAX was super busy that day, but when Scott mentioned he’d be at WotC to play 4e with everyone, I just had to come watch the action!
    That’s me standing on the extreme left edge of the photo behind you Wil, repeating to myself “DO NOT INTERRUPT D&D GAME TO SAY HI OR GEEK OUT.” I, too, am pleased I kept myself together, although it would have been really cool to say hello!
    If you or anyone wants to see a couple photos from my side of the table, they’re on Flickr under /photos/genxer. Don’t know what the policy is on here for posting links, so I didn’t want to risk it.

  4. Coolest pic of the YEAR I think….a geek’s dream come true?
    And AJ-the C64 was the only computer I’ve ever owned (okay, so I *still* have it…) where the blue screen WASN’T a BSOD… 😉

  5. Hans Moleman: It’s like the dream team!
    This. I remember wishing at PAX that I had had a chance to get a photo of the four of you together.
    I remember you saying you didn’t expect a big turnout for your panel, but that prediction ended up being pretty far off. So Wil, all modesty aside, have you finally accepted that you’re a big deal at PAX?

  6. Man, I can’t believe I was playing the Munchkin Cthulhu game from hell when that was going on. I would have completely geeked out watching y’all play. It’s the PAX rockstars game. 😉
    I’m going to go home and pour over my own 4e manuals now and just pretend I was there.
    Good game, sport.

  7. I haven’t played since college but…damn if I’m not getting the D&D Jones…
    Everyone should read ‘I Kill Giants’. I have nothing to do with it, but it’s D&D related and I thought it was awesome.

  8. Why are you all looking at Hershey’s Kisses on a checkers board. And why is that water bottle hiding behind that screen. I want to know!!!

  9. Aw, so cool! I wish I’d seen you guys play. That pic is awesome too, it really captures the spirit of a game! The intensity! The action! The nerds!
    Actually, we really wanted to do a Dungeon Delve that weekend, but by the time we finally got around to having time, they’d closed down. Bah! Oh well! Next year!

  10. At DragonCon, I watched jealously from the doorway as the gaming went on and on. My con partner doesn’t play. I gotta change friends.
    I would love to play in the park like those chess players. That would be awesome.

  11. I haven’t played D&D in like 15 years and seeing it, and reading you talk about it is making me want to play. *sniff* I don’t know anyone in Los Angeles who plays.

  12. I think I just failed my savings throw against jealousy.
    Maybe I’ll work up the courage tonight to ask my wife if she wants to start a D&D campaign.

  13. Haha. This is great. I’m from Washington and have been a closet Gabe and Tycho fan for many years and recall the good ole’ days when Wil was driving the Enterprise around. So much has changed since then, but it looks like you turned out alright. 😉

  14. I had an insanely fun time at GenCon doing just this.
    Nice pic. Good stuff.
    I sometimes feel like a reeses commercial with the whole “who got their miniatures in my role playing game?” but despite that itchy nostalgic feeling, 4ed is SUPER fun.

  15. I might have missed it somewhere but were you playing the 4th edition or 3.5? because I would really like to know what you think of the 4th edition. we played it a few times and I am not sure if I don’ find it too WOWish if you know what I mean.

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