30 thoughts on “fish should be dead 5 hours before deboning”

  1. I remember seeing that on TV years ago. Yeah, it’s real. Never caught the double meaning, though.
    Aww, the joy of innocents. Actually, it was pretty boring.

  2. I wonder what would happen if you don’t wait long enough. I remember, one time, me and my Dad tried to clean a catfish that was only mostly dead. Lets just say that there’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.

  3. I always wonder about the marketing meetings for products like this…
    Marketing guy: “So, who has an idea for a name?”
    Others: “How about ‘Fish Bone Remover?” “Guts-be-gone!” “The One Deboner!”
    Marketing Guy: “What was that, Ted?”
    Ted: “The One Deboner?”
    Excellent! “All in favor of Wonder Boner?” “Aye!” “Yep!” “Me too!”
    Ted: “No, what I said was–”
    Marketing Guy: “Ok, the ‘ayes’ have it. The Wonder Boner. Excellent work, team! Now, who’s got a good name for this fishing pole grease gun?”
    Ted: “Oh, God help me.”

  4. A. Yes that was definitely my hero, Mike Rowe.
    B. In the beginning, (“I’ll do it!” “What gives?”) I thought he said “Fuck you!”.
    C. That is the most disgusting tool I’ve ever seen.

  5. Derek, I heard that, too.
    Notice that it’s not just a Wunder Boner (because you can’t trademark “wonder boner”), but it’s a SPINELESS Wunder Boner!

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