did my time, took my chances, got my geek on

YouTube user ewingsquadron put together a really cool overview of our Rock Band party at Phoenix Comicon:

And here I am doing Eye of the Tiger:

And here’s We Got The Beat, which was crazy fun and much more tiring on drums than I was expecting. It does have a drum solo, though, which is pretty awesome. The lighting isn’t great, but I think you can get a sense of how much fun we were all having, which is all that matters:

If you have a video of your own, feel free to link it in the comments here, and I’ll do a link roundup at the end of the week.

56 thoughts on “did my time, took my chances, got my geek on”

  1. Way to rock/geek out, especially with the mic-meet-ass-make-friends bit in Eye Of The Tiger. You need frickin’ laser beams and a smoke machine. *nods*
    Any chance of a Canadian con appearance, and thus a Canuck version of the Wil Wheaton Rock Band Party? Token female bass player hopes “yes”. =D

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