Phoenix Comicon Rock Band Video Roundup

Crazy ideas that may or may not be crazy are taking up pretty much all of my free time this week, so my Phoenix Comicon trip report will have to wait until Monday, but since I promised to deliver a Rock Band roundup before the end of this week, here we go.

First up is Karen B., seriously rocking to You Oughta Know. Funny story about this: right before we started playing this song, I said to her, “You know, you have to sing ‘thinking of me when you fuck her,’ even though it’s going to say something like ‘think of me when you carebears’ on the lyrics.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” she said, clearly uncertain about using the potty mouth.

“I will totally take all the wrath if anyone gives you shit for it,” I said. “Trust me, you have to do it.”

“Okay,” she said.

When the appropriate moment arrived in the song, she belted the FUCK out of that lyric, and I peed a little. Awesome.

Next, we have a little story that I told the kids after struggling through Give It Away, which is totally not a “1” on the Drums, contrary to what the game claims:


Tararebeka shared this picture of me pretending to be cool at the end of the night:

And this picture of me not even trying to hide what a total dork I am just before I pretend to be cool:

Check out Joe’s awesome rock face and stance behind me! FTW, Joe. F.T.W.
You may want to check out Tararebeka’s Phoenix Comicon Rockband photoset, especially if you’re me and you had so much fun that you want to remember what it was like. If you were there, and want to tag yourself, that would be awesome.
Okay, next we have another angle on the now-legen…wait for it…dary Livin’ on a Prayer:

I find it moderately ironic and exceptionally funny that the song I really didn’t want to do ended up being the one that’s viewed the most times, and is actually my best performance of the night. Now I’m stuck with it. Damn you, Bon Jovi. (Not really. Call me. Mean it!)

Here’s a short clip that Ken from XCast put up. It gives you an idea of how much fun we were having, even when we weren’t getting the rock on:

Here were are nearing the end of the evening. If you ever wanted to: 1) Hear me make a Star Trek joke about an Offspring Song or 2) watch a bunch of guys dressed up as EM EFFING GHOSTBUSTERS play that same song, this is the clip you want to see:

And, finally, here is the finale. I can’t sing Steve Perry to save my life, and I wish the vocal track from my Mic was turned all the way off, but at this point, it’s not even about sounding good or even looking good; at this point it’s all about having fun and finishing an epic night with motherfucking JOURNEY, goddammit:

One last time, I want to thank Sean from Harmonix for supporting this event, Lee and Joe and everyone else at Phoenix Comicon for giving us the room and the time to make it happen, but most of all, everyone who came out to be part of the event. It was something really special to me, and though we’ll certainly do this at future cons, this is where it all began and you were part of it. Tell your kids and make them jealous.

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  1. I was just in Best Buy at lunch today, and, over at the Rock Band display, two guys were playing guitars on “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Of course, I immediately thought of you, and part of me so wanted to run over there, grab the mic, and rock it Wheaton-style. :-)

  2. You know, not twenty minutes before this post, I was having a crap afternoon. Thanks for sending me into the weekend on a dork fangirl high… ha, just like last weekend!

  3. oh, I will be talking about this for the rest of my life… so much that my kids, grandkids, and their kids will want to smother me with pillows.

  4. But we didn’t get to hear the nerd joke (star trek joke about offspring). The video starts when the people laugh and you say “yeah, I made a nerd joke, whaddya gonna do bout it?”
    boo. :( sad face. I wanted to hear the joke. :(

  5. The ladies seem to love rocking the mic even harder than the guys do. My best friend’s wife recently demolished the clip on their mic stand during one set in what she claims was an “accident”. She also enjoys playing the guitar part and singing simultaneously (sometimes even on Hard difficulty). That’s pretty hardcore considering I haven’t even mastered the guitar on Hard yet. The rock sauciness does not run too thick in my veins apparently :(.
    I still love these videos and envy each and every person who got a chance to participate in that most primal display of public catharsis.
    Rock Band 4 lifez.

  6. Thanks, Wil, for sending me into the weekend on a high note, pun totally intended! I so wish I could have been there to rock out with all of you. It looked like so much fun. And, I so envy the girl singing “You Oughta Know”. I tried it with some friends recently and didn’t have the guts to sing “fuck”. Of course, having my 2-year-old son in the room might have been a reason for that. I so hope I get to go to a con where you’re doing this, again. Rock on!

  7. Thanks for sharing these videos and letting me live vicariously!
    It’s awesome of you, Wil, to share this kind of experience with other people..particularly a room full of people who just met you!
    Rocking out in my basement is a safe environment where if I miss a beat or shriek horribly during a song, I am not judged. Kudos to you for being secure enough to just have fun with it.

  8. Never before have I witness such a geekgasmic awesomplosion. In fact this is the DICTIONARY DEFINITION of geekgasmic awesomplosion, and I thank you for it.

  9. Thank you a ton for the link love Wil, and thank you for the experiance of playing rockband it was awesome.
    Thank you for allowing us to interview you and everything else you did for the Xcast we greatly appreciate it.

  10. This is my first post. Just testing. Also, I was at Phoenix Comicon, but on Saturday and Sunday. My boyfriend and I regret that we missed the Rock Band party. If Wil is ever back in Phoenix, we’ll be sure to be there to rock. 😀

  11. this is going to sound very fangirlesque, but this seems like a safe space to express this, I sincerely enjoy reading whatever you post. i’m a recent wil convert (bless FARK for bringing me to your site!!), and now read it every day. Thanks for bringing out the inner geek in all of us :o)

  12. You of course realize that, since you rocked it so very hard, now “Livin’ On A Prayer” will be requested at whatever con you do this, right?

  13. Yes, I have made my peace with this fact, and will soon be investing a lot of time working out a proper stage presentation to go with it. I’m thinking something less White Guy Dance and more I Am Such A Sexy Rocker In The 80s And Look At My Giant Hair.

  14. That is made of one hundred percent, organically-grown, pesticide-free, limited-edition, holy-shit-would-you-look-at-that AWESOME.

  15. Before I saw the first vid to surface from this extravaganza, I had Commentary! from Dr. Horrible (it’s worth the price of the DVD for those songs alone) on repeat on my MP3 player.
    After that first vid, oh, yeah…it was Slippery When Wet.
    And now I have a whole variety of songs to choose from that will remind me of the awesomeness of this party!
    Yay for this! This is the most fun thing I’ve seen in a long time!
    Oh, and ewingsquadron? You rock!
    *runs off to blog about this and imbed pics and vids*

  16. Wil, in tararebeka’s pic, I couldn’t help noticing…you seem to have so much in your pockets I can’t believe your pants didn’t slide right off! I think you either need some serious cargo pants (or as I call them, Con-bat gear) or a murse. Just sayin’.
    Or is what’s in your pockets a uh…personal bounty we don’t know about (and should refrain from mentioning)? 😀
    The Stray Girl,

  17. Hey Wil,
    I met you at Phoenix Comicon on Thursday. I had that paper model that would make a d20 that I asked you to autograph. I just wanted to share a link to the pictures with you in case you were interested in seeing the final assembled ‘d20 of Awesomeness’. It’s just a tad bigger than a softball in diameter. A full list of everyone who signed it is under the ‘Before Assembly’ picture.
    While the ‘d20 of Awesomeness’ is well, awesome, my camera is not. Sorry, these were the best pictures it could manage for some reason. It just didn’t want to believe me that yes, the object is what I wanted the camera to focus on so it kept trying to auto adjust the focus to goodness knows what!

  18. I was expecting some of the ladies there to start throwing their undergarments at you during Livin’ On A Prayer…
    You owned it.
    And Karen… yes you frightened me a little with the authenticity of your performance of You Oughta Know…
    Note to self: Never date Karen.

  19. It was an honor for our team to rock out with you again Wil. This was alot better location than in the consuite like last year. Glad so many people got to participate and watch.

  20. This rock band concert is really awesome, i wish i could have been there but it is a little bit far from germany…
    anyway, i just saw the new episode of “The Big Bang Theory”, does anybody know this show? It’s about a group of nerds who remind me of me sometimes…^^
    in the new episode they play rock band, too, and it reminded me of the rockstar Wil Wheaton^^

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