I don't know the original source, but I saw this at Reddit and couldn't not share it, because it's so totally awesome. If you haven't gotten your USRDA of Nerdfight today, you may want to read the comments over there. It's wonderfully amusing.

Edited to add: Oh. I'm an idiot. If I hadn't been enjoying the nerdfight so much, I would have read further down and seen the link to the entire Mini Star Wars set at Photobucket. My bad.

I should also take this opportunity to link to one of my favorite 365 projects at Flickr, Troopies365.

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  1. Cute. I saw the photo out the corner of my eye without noticing the source and my first thought was, “Damn, I wonder if Wil’s seen that?” Don’t know if it means you’re predicable or it’s just time for me to go home on a Friday…

  2. Ah, a beautiful sight. Thanks for sharing this. How many similar offensives did I mount in my own yard back in the day? Of course, mine weren’t so nearly as formidable as the person’s in the picture. I did have both the AT-ST and AT-AT toys but only a smattering of snowtroopers and other Imperial figures to assault the rebel scum. At various times I would even deploy a Wampa against the valiant yet vain frontline defenses thrown up by the overwhelmed rebel forces by the patio. The fact that I lived in Southern California at the time, where snow seemed almost as fictional a notion to me as the Star Wars universe, also gave the scene of exciting interstellar struggle among the snowy wastes of Hoth a slightly less exotic cast.
    Still, the photo captures a glorious recreation of the fun and memories a boy could make with various pieces of molded plastic and his own imagination.

  3. For some reason this reminds me of the GI-Joe commercials from when I was a kid. They always had the coolest terrain and what not in those commercials and it made the toys look that much more awesome in context.
    It was never as neat using the GI-Joe laser cannon on my coffee table or setting up the base in my friend’s garage. It was much better when you saw it positioned on some desert terrain or mountaintop. Also, they always had legions of Cobra troops in the commercial. Like my parents were going to buy me the same figure eighteen times over!
    We did do some fun stuff with the GI-Joe jeep (aka VAMP) though. A friend and I would go to the top of a nearby hill that was mostly dirt and put good ole Clutch in the driver seat and then see if he could hold on as we gave the VAMP a push down the hill.

  4. I love that sort of stuff. A friend of mine has gobs of Star Wars “toys”. It’s like Ralphie touching the leg lamp, I just can’t help but touch everything Star Wars.

  5. Well, the nice thing about Star Wars figures was they made all the different stormtroopers….. Mom would say “Didn’t I all ready buy that one?” and I’d say, “No Mom, you bought the BIKER SCOUT, this is the HOTH STORMTROOPER.”
    Living in Canada I got to do this a lot, but it never worked out so well. I would invariably lose someone in a snow bank, and have to wait until spring to get him back.
    My dog once chewed the leg off a stormtrooper, but that was okay, he just got shot a lot.

  6. I’m so bummed that I never thought to do this with my action figures. It’s late but by God, I am grabbing my action figures, going outside and filming something!!
    Seriously, awesome creativity on the part of this person..and to take the picture from that angle gives it a cool perspective. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Too true, too true. Though I did have three or so different versions of Luke Skywalker that invariably went untouched.
    The Hasbro people could learn something from the Kenner folks when it comes to diversifying the generic Cobra forces.
    I never had snow living in Hawaii so there were no Hoth battle scenes unless it involved that plastic playset with the probe droid and turret.

    wil, you know my little troopies?! I was wondering where all the traffic was coming from, but now I know!
    thank you so much! this is so cool for me as I am a huge fan of yours!!!
    be safe mate!

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